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Only You Season 2 Episode 1

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( How can i?)


Episode 01.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
” No….ooo…

He can’t leave.

He can never leave.

He promised never to leave me.
He can’t leave me not now.

I cried.

” Am sorry ma’am..I will drop you at home now” he said.

I sniffed and cleaned my tears.

I stood up and stare at his door, fresh tears rolled down my cheeks.

I walked slowly towards the car, the driver opened the door for me.
I got in, he also got in and drove off.

Tears couldn’t stop coming out from my eyes.

I told him am sorry.
Why did he leave me?

Why didn’t he tell me he was going to leave?

Why did he lie to me?


Why Kayden?


” Please stop crying” the driver said parking the car at the front of my house

I sniffed and come down from the car.
I walked slowly towards the door.
I tried to control the tears but they flow freely.

I got into the sitting room and my dad watching the TV.

He gasped immediately he saw me walking into the sitting room.

” Brianna” he called walking towards me.

” What happened to you? Why are you like this? Why is your eyes so puffed? Have you been crying? Did something happened to kayden? He bombarded me with questions.

I hugged him tightly and cried hard on his shoulder.

I cry out my pains.

What am feeling inside of me.

My heart is broken into pieces.

My heart is shattered.
” Nooooooooo” I sobbed

” What happened Brianna? He asked patting my back.

” Dad…dad…he…he… left..” I sobbed.

” Who?

” Kayden”

He gasped.
” He left the country last night” I sobbed.

” What!?

” Yes dad..he left..he left me..he left the country last night dad” I cried moving away from him.

” I couldn’t do anything Dad and this happened because of her? If she hadn’t left that day.. Kayden won’t leave me today” I said breaking down in tears.

“Brianna” dad held me.

I stood up and ran up into my room.

I jumped on the bed and cried my eyes out.
” No……o.” I yelled hitting the bed.
🌺 Bella 🌺
” This is the divorce papers” Lucas said dropping a document in my front.

Tears dropped from my eyes.
” Lucas”

” Don’t you dare call my name” he said angrily.

” How could you Bella? You lied to me..you decieved Me into getting married to you and I lost my precious wife… because of you Bella…it’s all because of you…my only son, kayden hates me so much… because of you he left Brianna.” He yelled.

” When he was dating Brianna, I saw the happiness in his eyes…I saw how my Happy my son was..I have never seen him that happy ever since he lost his mum.. Brianna came into his life and brighten his life… And what happened now? He left Brianna…they broke up..” he said.

My eyes widened as tears gushed out of my eyes.

He broke up with Brianna?

” He was heartbroken when his mother died but now he is more heartbroken than before”

” What kind of a father am I? I was not there for my son when he needed me the most” he said.

” Am sorry”

” It’s too late to be sorry..just sign the divorce papers..I need to make things right with my son” he said.

” I can’t sign this” I said.

” Don’t get me angry Bella” he yelled angrily.

” Sign the divorce papers now” he roared.

I shivered and took the pen.
I signed the divorce papers with a shaky hands.
” I will send my lawyer to you” he said taking the divorce papers from me.

” And also..I need out of my house, out of my life..I don’t want to ever set my eyes on you again” he said walking away.

Hot tears gushed out of my eyes.
” No ooooo”

” Am sorry… please forgive”

” Am sorry” i cried.
🌺 Richard 🌺
I sighed.
My daughter is in pain.

What kind of mother is Bella?

How could she ruin her daughter’s Happiness?


I heard a knock on the door.

I guess Bryan is Shirley.
I called him a while ago maybe he talk to Brianna.
She won’t stop crying.

I walked to the door and opened it.
I saw Bryan standing.

” Come in” I said opening the door widely for him.

” Where is Brianna, Dad? He asked walking in.

” In her room…I need you to talk to Brianna” I said.

” What’s wrong Dad? He asked climbing the stairs.

I sighed.
” She will open up to you” I said.

He nodded his head climbing the stairs.

I just hope she will stop crying.
It’s hurt me to see my daughter in pain.

I know how much heartbreak hurt.

I felt it, when Bella left me.

I sighed.
Tears welled up in right.
I cleaned it and walked into the kitchen to take a glass of water.

🌺 Bryan 🌺
I got to her room and opened the door.
I saw her on the bed staring at her phone.
” Brianna” I called walking towards her.

She looked up.
I saw tears on her face.

” Brianna” I said sitting down on her bed.

” Bryan” she called and hugged me tightly crying on my shoulder.

” Shuushh..it’s okay” I said patting her back.

” He left me… Bryan.. kayden left the country last night” she cried.

“What! I exclaimed, surprised.

” He promised never to leave me” she cried.

” It’s okay Brianna” I said removing her head from shoulder.

I held her cheeks and cleaned her tears.

” Stop crying Brianna..am sure kayden will be back for you” I said assuring her.

” When? When will he come back?

I sighed.
” When? After five years? Ten years? Fifteen year?

I sighed and hugged her tightly.
‘” I want my Kayden” she said.

I patted her back gently.
She sniffed.

” It’s because of you” I heard Brianna’s dad voice.
” How could you? How could you? He yelled.

” Who is that? I thought removing Brianna’s head from my shoulder.

She sniffed.
I cleaned her eyes.
” Why? Why? I heard him yelled again.

Brianna stood up from the bed, walking out of the room.
I stood up and followed her.

” Be careful Brianna” I said following her on the stairs.

We got down and saw her mum.
” You” Brianna said pointing a finger at her.
Coined ✍️✍️ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

What’s going to happen?

Kayden’s dad has divorced Bella.
I felt pity for her though 😢😢

Now what will happen?

Bella is here?


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I love you all ❤️.

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