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Dreams Episode 17

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 17
Candace Noah
There was a long silence between us after Kira left the studio .
Did he just call me his girlfriend? I wondered as I played with my hands shyly not knowing what to say or how to react
“Candy! he called playing with my hair
I looked up at him and met his gaze
What are you thinking about? he asked smiling
I am not thinking, I am just surprised”. I corrected
Surprised about? he gave me a curious look
“About you calling me your girlfriend”. I replied and he smiled
“I guess I should ask you in a proper way . Will you be my girlfriend Candy? he asked
“Yes. I responded excitedly
He pulled me into a hug
“ I am sorry for hurting you, i am sorry for making you cry and I am sorry for not picking your calls. he whispered into my ears”
I disengaged from the hug and stared at him in surprise
But I was the one who hurt you”. I insisted
No candy, it wasn’t really your fault”. He assured
Then why were you angry? I asked
“I guess it was because I was Jealous”. he smiled
I don’t want you to get angry or jealous again”. I pouted
“I won’t. he promised
Will you be chanced after class? he asked
Why did you ask?
“I want you to go with me to the airport , I need to pick my parent. Will you be chanced? he repeated
“Sure”. I replied and he smiled
I need to get to class”. I informed and he nodded
I walked out of the studio smiling and stopped when I met the angry gaze of Loretta
I completely forgot she was waiting outside
What were you doing in there since? She frowned
“I was taking to Chase”. I grinned
Oh right! She rolled her eyes
“I am sorry for keeping you waiting”. I apologised
“It is alright”. She assured me. how did it go?
“Chase asked me to be his girlfriend”. I squealed in excitement
Wow! She exclaimed, I am so happy for you
“Thanks friend”. I beamed
Was that the reason Kira was angry? She asked
“What do you mean? I asked
“When Kira came out from the studio, she looked very angry. She explained”
“ why would she be angry? I wondered
The class was noisy when we walked in as most of the students were playing their musical instruments
We walked over to our seat and sat down
I stared in awe as a girl played the violin
How I wish I can play the violin. I sighed
I felt someone tug at my clothes and turned to look
I smirked when I met the gaze of barbie
Where were you both during the practicals? She asked
“It is none of your business”. I retorted and she scoffed
“I can see you already skipping classes”.She drawled.
And what will you do about it? I glared at her
“I can report you to the school authorities”. She threatened
“Then go ahead. I dared her”……

Kira Montes
I paced up and down the empty classroom thinking about Chase words
it must be a joke… I mean… how could Chase date a commoner?how could he choose a poor scholarship student over me?
I loved him hoping he would love me someday but he betrayed me by loving that bitch. What is her name again? …….. Candace Noah
Noah?….. wait a minute! Is Candace the girl my father talked about, is she the daughter to my father’s driver……
I really need to find out
I scurried out of the room and headed to the administrative block
I walked in ignoring the greetings of my so called fans
“Is my father on seat? I asked his secretary and she nodded
I pushed the door to his office opened and walked in
“Dad. I called
“What is wrong Kira? he asked looking up at me
What is the name of your driver’s daughter? I asked ignoring his questions
“Why are you interested in her all of a sudden? he asked
“I just want to know her more about her dad”.I faked a smile
“Fine! he signed, her name is Candace Noah”. he replied
“So she is the one. I scoffed “
Chase Delgado
I glanced am my wristwatch, it was already past 6
My parent would soon arrive at the airport
I walked out of the studio and headed to Candy’s class
It was past closing and the school was almost empty
What was she still doing? I wondered
I stood at the entrance of her class and smirked when I saw her and two other girls trying to play the violin
I cleared my throats and they all looked at me
Oh my gawd! I heard one of the girls exclaimed while the other girl jolted up excitedly and ran towards me
Chase! She called smiling , it is nice finally meeting you . I am Tiffany and I really love you and your songs
Thanks, I muttered
Can I get your autograph? she asked with a puppy eyes
“Sure. I replied laughing and sighed on her clothes
Can I get ……….
“Enough of that barbie. Candy warned walking towards us
And why would I listen to you? the girl glared at her
“Because he is my boyfriend . She scoffed and the girl gasped in shock
Can we go now Chase? She frowned
I nodded
“Fine! Let us go Loretta”. She signalled to the girl beside her and they both walked out of the classroom
I followed behind them smiling

Candace Noah
I bade Loretta and ran over to join chase who was waiting patiently in his car
I opened the car doors and hopped in
“You can go now”. I frowned
What is wrong with you? he asked staring at her face
Nothing, i replied without looking at him
Candy! he called softly, did I offend you in anyway?
I looked at him and scoffed
“Please talk to me. he leaned towards while caressing my face
I don’t like the way you talked to Tiffany. I blurted out
He stared at me for a while and laughed
Are you jealous? I asked
Why won’t I be? I retorted, when she was clearly trying to be flirt with you and that…….
do you love me? he asked cutting in
Of course I do, I replied
“Then you need to trust me, you need to believe me
I was about to say something when I felt his lips on mine
he kissed me briefly and smiled
“That is how I feel about you, so please don’t feel insecure anymore……

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