April 14, 2021


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Dreams Episode 16

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 16
His girlfriend
Candace Noah


Seeing Chase left me with mixed feelings. I was happy that I got to see him again and at the same time sad that he took no notice of me
Will he ever forgive me? I wondered
Candy! Loretta called distracting me from my thoughts
I turned to look at her
“We need to get to class”. She reminded…….
Alright. I sighed
Are you alright? she asked staring directly into my face
Yes, I lied
Then what is with the sad face?
“Nothing, I replied
Quit the lies Candy, I am your friend and you can confide in me”. She assured me
I stared at her not knowing if I should confide in her or not
Candy! She called again
Fine! I sighed. I told Chase about the kiss and he got really mad at me
Chase? she asked in surprise and I nodded
she stared confusedly at me
What is your relationship with Chase ? She asked
“he is my my ….” I stuttered not knowing what to say
Are you both dating?
“I don’t know”. I shrug
What do you mean you don’t know? she asked. It is either you are his girlfriend or his friend, so which are you?
“I don’t care about that, all I want is Chase forgiveness.
She smiled
Then what are you waiting for, call to tell him you are sorry. She suggested
I have done that a couple of times but he is not picking
“Then try again”.She insisted
I brought out my phone from my jean pocket and dialled his number
It rang without him picking
“He is still not picking . I sighed in frustration
What will I do now?why is he so angry? I asked as tears clouded my eyes
Oh candy! You can’t do this here”. She said looking around to make sure no one was looking
“but why is he angry? Does he hate me now?………..

Chase Delgado
I stared at my phone ringing and sighed
Why is she calling by this time? Isn’t she supposed to be in the class?
Why can’t you just pick her calls? My manager asked
I looked at him without uttering a word
Chase! he called again, don’t let your anger get a hold of you
So what do you expect me to do? I asked
“Try and listen to her, I am sure that would help”. he assured
But she ….. I stopped when the door suddenly flung opened
I turned to look and smiled when I saw Kira
hi Kira! I greeted
How are you Chase? She asked beaming
Fine! I replied. What are you doing here? Do you want to record?
No I came here because of you”. She replied
Why? Do you want to tell me something? I asked curiously
She shook her head negatively
Then why? I asked
I just want to be with my friend”. She replied still smiling
So what do you think about us hanging out this evening? She asked
“I am sorry but I won’t be chanced”. I replied
Why? Are you going somewhere? She probed
I nodded and she smiled………. my mind drifted back to Candy
Does she really love me like she said? because I think I am falling for her ……..
Nick Delgado
I sat down on my bed lost in thoughts
The words of my mother kept in playing in my head
What exactly does she mean by Chase being the rightful heir?
I tried asking her about it again but she just waved it off saying she said it to get my attention.
Why do I have the feeling that she is lying? Why would Chase be the rightful heir when I am the first son?
My phone suddenly rang, it was a call from my manager
I received it immediately
Nick! he called
What is it? I drawled
Everything is set for the concert next week except the replacement, have you seen anyone?
No, I grunted
Damn. he cursed, what should we do about it?
“I will keep on searching”. I replied
But it is taking time Nick , why can’t you just use your voice? he asked
How is that possible? I asked, I can’t even sing
“There is no other option Nick, you will just have to try”.
Alright. I drawled and hanged up the call
I was just confused about everything……
Candace Noah
I stared blankly at the board as the teacher wrote on it
He was teaching us about the vocal chords but I paid no attention as I kept on thinking about Chase
Why is wrong with you Candy? Why can’t you stop thinking about him? I signed
Are you still thinking about him? Loretta asked in whispers
I nodded
Oh candy! you really need to control your emotions
I am trying to but it is not just working
The phone suddenly buzzed, I brought it out from my pocket and looked at it
“oh my gawd! I exclaimed in surprise. It was a text message from Chase
I clicked on it and read it
“Come over to the studio when you are done with classes”
I smiled as I read it over and over again…..
What is with the smile? Loretta asked
“Chase just sent me a text message”. I replied
What did he say?
“he said I should come over to the studio after class”. I replied smiling
Oh candy! She exclaimed, you are so lucky……
I sighed in relief when the teacher left the class
At last! I exclaimed standing up
Can I come with you? Loretta asked , I promise to wait outside
“Of course you can”
But do you know where the studio is? I asked
“Yes. She replied, it is on the third floor
How did you know?
I studied the map on the notice board while I was waiting for you”. She explained
We walked out of the class and climbed up the stairs to the third floor
“What next? I asked Loretta as we got to the third floor
“Just follow my lead”. She smiled
She walked through the hall way and stopped in front of a room made with a sound proof walls
I read the inscriptions on the walls and smiled
“Delgado music studio”
“Go on in, I will wait here for you”. She smiled
“Thanks”. I muttered
I pushed the door of the studio opened and walked in
I smiled when I saw Chase seated at a corner of the studio with Kira
Why are they together? I wondered
Candy! he called while gesturing me to come closer
I walked towards him smiling
“hi. I greeted as I sat down beside him
Why is she here? Kira asked glaring at me
“I asked her to come over. Chase replied”
“What do you mean by that? Why would you ask a fan to come over to the studio? She frowned”
“She is not my fan”. he drawled
Then who is she? Kira probed
“She is my girlfriend”. Chase replied
Chase! I called softly and he flashed me a smile

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