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Befriended A Ghost Episode 15

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Befriended a ghost
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 15’
What happened to Daphne?
Declan Davies
My heart churned again , this time from trying to digest what I just heard …….
Chief police sealed up the case as sucide! But why?
I stared gobsmacked at the detective , rapt in my own thoughts ..
But why? Sasha continued with with her questions but it sounded so distant …..
I tried to imagine the pain Daphne felt and shuddered at the thought of it.terrible anguish struck my heart , I felt a dreadful ache as if something was being torn inside me and I was dying ………
Oh Daphne! It must have been so hard for you, but what exactly happened to you? Did you ….
Declan! Sasha called snapping her fingers in front of my face and I quickly composed myself….
Erm erm what were you saying! I stuttered and she sighed
I know it is difficult to take it in but you really need to strong . She said with a hoarse voice , I could tell she was trying so hard to hold back her tears….
Strong! Did you just say strong! how more strong can I be , my twin sister death was so gruesome, her face was ….. I paused and broke down in tears , I couldn’t hold it any longer……
Please don’t cry Declan. Sasha pleaded, she stood up wrapped her hands around me and pulled me closer …….
It is going to be fine . She assured wearing a sad smile……..
I released myself from her grip and stared into her face , there were traces of tears on her face and I wiped it off….
Thanks . I muttered and without saying anything, she sat down back on the chair next to mine …….
Just then, the detective who had being watching us quietly cleared his throat …..
I understand how you feel Declan but like she said ,being strong is the only way you can get to the bottom of this ….
I nodded slowly
So what prompted you to do this, I mean I thought Daphne family never cared about her. he started
Of course we do but I guess we were just too selfish,. I drawled, but Sir is there any way you can help us….
Sinclair . he corrected
Oh! Sinclair is there anyway you can assist us? I repeated
he was quiet for a moment and then sighed
Actually I have been secretly working on the case on my own . he informed and I stared at him wondering why he was so interested in the case, and as if reading my mind he said ……
Like I said earlier on , I believe in justice and I believe your sister needs one……
oh! I nodded, So did you get anything from your private investigation? I asked urging him to continue
Yeah , but all the investigations I carried out lead me back to the same person…….
Person! I repeated and he nodded
Yes, the girl who told the police about Daphne lover ….erm erm what is her name again?
Cory ! I completed
Yes Cory Abel.
I exchanged looks with Sasha , Are you trying to say Cory murdered my sister? I asked with a miff
No, but I have a strong feeling she knows what happened to your sister! I mean I was the one who questioned her that day and she acted so strange…
Strange! I muttered
Yes!her hands were shaking , her voice was quivering, it was as if she was scared about something. he explained…..
But why didn’t the police do anything about it? Sasha butted in and the man smiled
The chief police orders!
Damn! This is really so frustrating! I retorted angrily
Of course it is , and that is why I will implore both of you to tread with caution. he advised… and lest I forget!
he brought out his card and handed it to me …..
Call me whenever you need my help , I will be right behind you. he said with a light smile
Thanks you sir .. sorry I mean Sinclair . I corrected myself and he nodded
I stood up and gestured Sasha to do the same and when she did , we both walked out of his office…….
We got to the reception room just in time to see the chief police walk into the station
I scoffed , so he wasn’t even on seat?..but wait a minute! his face look kind off familiar, have I seen before!
I tilted my head a little as I tried to recollect where I have seen him before…..
hmmh hmm That should be the school , yes the school, he is a friend to the principal and often visit the school…..
Jeez! how did the principal get involved with this evil man? I wondered…..
Let us go. Sasha said softly and that was when I realised I have been staring like a fool ……..
Sure! I said as we both headed to the parking lot ……..
Opening the car door , I got into the car and Sasha also did the same at her own end ….
Why were you staring at the chief police like that? She started
And how was I staring at him! I retorted
Like you wanted to eat him raw. she said trying to be funny and I faked a chuckle
I was in a pensive mood and had no time for jokes …..
I started the car and drove off heading to her home…….
And where are we heading too? She asked
Your home. I responded dryly and she scoffed
Are you for real! this is barely 10:00am , do you want my mum to skin me alive? She asked in a huff
I sighed! So where do you want me to drop you off? I asked lazily…
School. She answered and I nodded
Stepping on the brake, I made a u- turn and zoomed off to school……..
On getting to school, I parked in front and signalled her to go in …..
She furrowed her eyebrow
What do you mean by that, aren’t you coming in? She asked with a frown
No. I answered bluntly
But why?
Enough with the questions and just go in. I instructed but being the stubborn girl she is , she didn’t budge instead she crossed her arm across her chest and maintained a straight face ….:
If you are not coming in with me , then I am not going anywhere…
And without saying anything, I started the ignition and drove heading to my home….
I had no time for stress!
Sasha Alfredo
Rude spoilt brat! I cursed under my breath, yes that is what he is….
I glanced at him as he drove us to only God’s knows where and scoffed…..
he is not only rude , he is also proud!.. I mean is he expecting me to talk to him first! No way, I am the offended one so he should be the one to talk to me first……
And to my surprise, he pulled up at the side of the road and began to sob ……
I stared at him gobsmacked not knowing what to say …….
Daphne! he called as he bang his fist on the steering wheel and that was when the realisation hit me, he was still thinking about what the detective said …….
I bit my lips trying to control my tears , I have been so selfish!
Declan! I called softly but he kept on hitting the steering wheel…….:
Please Declan look at me! I pleaded and when he did , I saw the pain in his eyes ……
I leaned over to caress his cute face and he just stared at me without making any attempt to stop me…….
You have to be strong Declan , Daphne wouldn’t want to see you this way so you have to be strong for her . I said trying to bring him out of his shell and I guessed it worked …..
he looked around the car and then looked back at me
Is Daphne here? he asked softly and I shook my head negatively
She doesn’t ride in cars!
was she at the police station? he continued
No! I told her not to follow me , you know I was worried she might hear something that would make her hurt . I explained…..
Oh! then where is she? he asked calmly
At your house, she said she wanted to see her mother’s face . I said picking at my words …..
he was quiet for a moment and then took a deep breathe
composing him self , he started the car and drove off to …….
Where are we heading to? I asked
My house. he answered and I smiled lightly………..:
We soon got to his house , he drove into the big compound and parked in front…..
We came out from the car and walked to the front door….
Is your mum around? I asked and he nodded
Jeez! I was really nervous without knowing why, I guess it was because I was meeting his mum for the first time or should I say second , no she was unconscious the first time I saw her …….
he knocked on the door and it was opened up by a very beautiful woman..
Wow! I can see who Declan and Daphne got their good looks from !
hi Mum! Declan greeted
She looked at Declan and then at me…….
Is there a public holiday today? She asked fixing her gaze on me ….
Can’t we please come in first before you kill me with your questions. Declan said with an eye roll and the woman scoffed before opening the door wider …..
Entering the sitting room, I saw Daphne standing beside the sofa , she was staring at a tray of food on the stool in front of the sofa
hi! She mouthed at me and then shifted her gaze back to the food
Crazy! I muttered
So why are you home early, is there a public holiday? Declan mum repeated
No mum , I got tired of class. he answered dryly and I widened my eyes in surprise…
Is he for real!
I shifted my gaze to his mom to hear her response but she just smiled and caressed his face ….
Dang it! no wonder Declan is so spoilt!I bet my my mother would have grounded me for a week if I had told her same …….
So who is the beautiful girl with you? his mum continued and I swallowed hard waiting to hear Declan response……
My girl friend! he answered nonchalantly and his mum grinned
she moved closer to me and cupped my cheeks
You must be Sasha right? She asked and i nodded slowly
You are so so cute! She remarked and I blushed
Thanks ma. I said in appreciation
And before i knew it , she held my hands and dragged me along with her …..
I will be going to my room . I heard Declan say and I turned back just in time to see him climbing the stairs…….
I was about making Lunch so I will be needing your help . his mum said excitedly as we got to the kitchen
I looked around , it was so big and spacious….
Are you okay with that? She asked and I swallowed hard
Actually erm ma I don’t know how to cook. I confessed and she smiled
I understand, Daphne was like ……she paused and chuckled nervously….
Let us get on with lunch , you can drop your backpack over there .she said pointing to a big cupboard and I nodded
I passed through Daphne who was standing right behind me to the cupboard………
I placed my backpack gently on the cupboard and Joined Declan’s mum in cooking, actually I was just watching her as she cooked …..
Can’t you see my mom is so beautiful. Daphne said and I nodded slowly……
Tell her she is beautiful like Snow White. She said but I shook my head negatively
Please Sasha I just want my mom to be happy. She pleaded and I sighed
Ma! I called
Yes baby. She answered without looking at me
You are beautiful just like Snow White . I said and she froze
She turned back slowly to face me as I noticed she was tearing up……
Are you alright? I asked and she nodded slowly
Snow White! that name reminded me of someone. She said softly and I glanced at Daphne
Who is that ma? I asked and she sighed
You wouldn’t know her since you are still quite new at Diamond high , she is my daughter and Declan twin sister ……
Daphne !right? I asked and she nodded slowly
how did you know? She asked with a bulging eyebrow
Actually erm er Declan told mr all about her . I answered and she furrowed her eyebrow
Weird! he doesn’t like talking about her, you must be so special to him. She said with a light smile…….
How was daphne like? I asked trying to spark up a conversation and it worked
She reduced the gas a little and then looked up with a dreamy eyes …..
Daphne was a very lively child , she was so jovial and free and so you should know , she gave everyone one of us a special name..she paused and chuckled , she calls me Snow White , calls her brother Gwapo and calls her father …she stopped to check what she was cooking….
Silver hawk! Daphne said and I glanced at her …….
She had a far away look on her face , what is wrong with her? I wondered……
I shifted my gaze to her mother to see her covering the pot…..
She cleared her throat and then continued talking….
Ehen as I was saying , she calls her father silver hawk …..
I shot Daphne a long stare, how did she know that! I quickly waved it off , I guessed it popped up on her head……
So who did she take after? I asked….
Me. her mum answered and I chuckled softly, it was very obvious, Daphne and her mom were so friendly……
And that was why I felt so bad when I heard she took her own life . She continued as tears rolled down her eyes
Ma! I called softly and she wiped off her tears
I am so sorry , I couldn’t just hold back the tears . She apologised
I understand ma, but have you ever wondered is Daphne is capable of committing sucide? I asked and she froze
What do you mean by that? She managed to ask……
you said it yourself that Daphne was a jovial child , I mean can a jovial child just wake up one day and decide to commit sucide ? I asked trying to reason with her ….
She was quiet for some moment and then broke down in tears…..:
Oh my gawd! Poor Daphne! No my baby would never do that! she said as tears rolled her eyes…..
I sighed
Stop crying ma , it is gonna be alright. I assured and before I knew it , she pulled me closer and hugged me………
Oh Daphne ! My baby! She kept on saying as she cried…….
I patted her back as I consoled her
It is alright ma, it is going to be alright………
We stayed like that for some minutes before she withdrew from the hug ………
And without saying anything, she went over to check what she was cooking..
I turned sideways to look at Daphne and met her gaze , she flashed me a smile…
Thanks! She mouthed at me and I nodded……
Sasha! get me the tray over there . Declan mum instructed and when I did , she placed a plate of hot Raconi and Phily cheese steak on it ..
I smack my lips as I stared at the mouth watery food …..
She went over to the refrigerator and brought out two table water and two glass cups , she placed it on the tray also …..
Should I take it to the dinning table? I asked
No!take it upstair to Declan room , you both can eat there..
But why ma? I asked and she rolled her eyes
It seems you don’t know your boyfriend, once he goes up to that his room , it takes the grace of God to bring him down ……
Oh! how can I get to him room?
Go up the stairs, the second room by your right . She directed …..
Carrying the tray , I walked out of the kitchen expecting Daphne to follow me but she didn’t , instead she flashed me a smile and walked up to her mother who can’t even see her ……..
Gosh!She is so impossible!
Following the direction, I climbed up the stairs and stopped in front of the second room…..
I pushed the door opened and walked in just time to see Declan throw something under the bed but it was of no use as the smell of cigarettes filled the whole room…….
The smell was so offensive that it made me cough and retch …..
Sorry. he said softly and I scoffed
I moved closer and placed the tray gently on the stool beside him ….
And with my arms on my waist , I faced him ….
What were you doing? I asked and he scoffed
Isn’t it obvious. he drawled
Really! Then why did you hide the cigarette, you could have let me see you smoke. I said in sarcasm and he smirked
That is because I respect you , but if you want to see me smoke I can show you .he said and I flared up
You are crazy Declan! do you think smoking is a good thing!do you know you are damaging your health! I fired at him
I don’t care , I really don’t care . he half yelled
Of course you won’t but do you know how Daphne feels? I asked and he became calm
She blames herself for turning into a smoker and a stoner! I retorted and he froze
Yes Daphne saw you , She told me all about it and she pleaded with me to help you change. I said hoping my words will sink down to his brain and I guessed it worked because he became very calm….
Let us eat . he said softly as he placed the tray on the bed
I sat on the bed and we both ate together quietly …….
After eating, he placed the tray on the floor and picked up his phone from the table , he didn’t even act like I was there….
What is wrong with him! Is he still sulking!
I moved closer and sat down beside him …
Declan! I called softly
Yes. he answered without looking at me ….
I sighed deeply, I am sorry for shouting at you , i was not just happy seeing you smoking….
he just stared on at his phone without saying anything….
I am not Judging you but I can’t just cross my hands and watch the person I love do what is not right. I said softly and he turned to face me ….
I gulped hard staring at his cute face , he was so close and I swear, I could hear him breathe….
Are you alright? he asked and I heaved a sigh
Yes! erm like I was saying I love you I mean I love don’t want to see your hurt. I stuttered and closed my eyes in embarrassment knowing I said rubbish…..
he chuckled loudly and before I knew it , I felt his soft lips in mine…
Is this not the same guy that was angry with me!
I opened my eyes to be sure I was not dreaming and yes , I was not dreaming….:
I kissed him back hard and deeps and he rolled me over……
We continued with the kiss and I went stiff when I felt his hands under my shirt …..
I pulled away from the kiss and frowned at him
What are you doing? I asked
And what does it look like to you? he asked with a rapt breathe…….
I swallowed hard and tried to get off the bed but he pulled me back ……
I was just joking! Let us just stay like this. he said and before I could answer, he wrapped his hands around me…..
I smiled
And as for the smoking, I will try to stop it not only for Daphne , but also because of you ………
Cory Abel
The hours dragged on until it was time for lunch break …
I stood up like a zombie and walked to Racheal who was looking at her phone like a lost sheep..:,:
Racheal! I called and she slowly shifted her gaze to me ….
Aren’t you going out for lunch? I asked and she scoffed
How do you expect me to eat when my Declan is not in school! She retorted in a huff and I smiled inwardly…
Crazy fool! I thought within
And not only that Sasha is not in school as well . She added and I shrugged
Who knows , they might be on a date or they might be somewhere cuddling each other . I said that trying to make her angry and it worked
Shut up! She barked at me , Declan can’t do that because I am the one he loves…
Oh! If that is the case , I think you should stay in class then ….
I took few step towards the door when she called me
I turned to face her
She gestured me to come closer and when I did , she asked
Are they really dating?
I scoffed , and how do you expect me to know that ! you told me to severe all ties with Sasha ,remember!
Oh! She seems lost for a while and then look at me with an evil smile…
What if I ask you to be my spy !
I knitted my eyebrow, what do you mean by that? I asked and she rolled her eyes
It is obvious you are so dumb! All I am trying to say is for you to get close to Sasha and confirm if she is Dating my Declan …….
And what if she is ! I asked staring directly into her face and she laughed….
You should know what I can do . She smirked and I shivered in fear…..
Daphne Davies
After Sasha left the kitchen , my mother immediately broke down in tears.
I had a feeling she would cry and that was why I stayed back with her…
Daphne ! Please forgive your mother for not trusting you .she said as she beat her chest in grief
I smiled, Sasha words got into her ….
Oh Sasha! Thanks so much……
Please Daphne forgive your mother! She kept on saying …….
And suddenly, I felt kind of strange !My head felt bigger, it was as if there were lot of voices in my head ……..
A severe headache gripped me and I held my head groaning in pain
Arrrrrrrrrrrrhh! but as expected , no one heard me since the only person who could hear me was with her boyfriend…..
Dad! Mum! help me dad! Oh Cory you are so funny! Declan if you don’t like Racheal then why are you dating her! Mum can I ride in your car! Gwapo i can’t help you take your test again! the words kept on flowing in and not only that , i also saw myself with my family !saw my self in diamond high school! saw myself talking with Cory ! saw my self riding in a car !
The pain soon stopped and I felt kind of ……..different,
What is wrong with me!
And in a rush, I ran all the way to Declan room….
I need to tell Sasha! I need to tell Sasha!
I walked through the walls to Declan room and found both of them cuddling themselves
Omoo! I exclaimed loudly and as expected, Sasha raised her head up to look at me….
Daphne! She called in surprise, she tried to get up but Declan pulled her back to his chest….
I smirked, my brother is sure crazy!
I moved closer to them and stood beside the bed ….
I need to tell you something Sasha . I started
What is it? She asked
I glanced at Declan who was staring at Sasha curiously before talking…..
I think my memory is coming back. I said softly and she sat up on the bed in a huff …
Memory! Are you for real! What did you see! She asked in a rush. ….
Lot of things but I am trying to place them together. I answered with a sigh……
What did she say? Declan asked and Sasha told him …..
Is she for real! he asked and sat up also ……
Then let her say what she remembers.he said to Sasha
What did you remember Daphne? Sasha asked me softly and I stamped my feet in frustration even though I could not feel the floor ……..
It is so confusing Sasha , I am trying still place it …..
She turned to Declan and told him what I said ……
Fine! he sighed, let us start with this , Let her tell us her full name .he said and Sasha shifted her gaze back to me ….
Can you? She asked
I tilted my head to the right and shut my eyes as I tried to remember my full name ……
And in a flash , I heard my name in my head…..
Daphne Amelia Davies ! I said aloud and Sasha widened her eyes In surprise
Is her name Daphne Amelia Davies? She asked Declan and he nodded slowly……….

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