April 14, 2021


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The Widower Episode 65

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 65💜🖤

‘So how did the confrontation go??’.. Joe asked as he cleaned up Daniel’s bruise..

‘Well she broke things off finally but—

‘Oh my God that’s great news!!’..

‘You think?? The pain I saw in my sister’s eyes shook me to the core Joe and honestly I don’t think I can do this anymore,I thought I…I was doing the best for her but unfortunately I’m not and she is beyond heartbroken right now’..Daniel muttered and a tear escaped his lid..

All he wanted to do was just help his sister but instead he only made things beyond worse..

And seeing that look in her eyes—it hurt him pretty bad.

‘What are you saying Daniel?? We finally got rid of the enemy and he can’t bother us anymore don’t you see?? He can’t bother us anymore and I can finally get your sister’..Joe patted him on the back but he didn’t find it funny..

‘So my sister is just a piece of property for you to get?? I’m starting to realize how wrong this is Joe and I am going to save Maddie’s—

‘Hold your high horses!! Just hold your high horses there Daniel and trust me you do not want to—

‘Try me Joe,just try me’.


Maddie heaved another short sigh as she zipped her large bag and grabbed her plane ticket ready to leave..

‘Whoa where are you going??’..Daniel asked,blocking her way with his hands and she sent him a haughty glare..

‘Move out of the way Daniel or else I’ll have to move you myself’..

‘Where are you off to Maddie??’..


‘Australia?!! You’re leaving so soon?! Maddie you can’t—

‘Grandpa is more than welcome to have you,I’m done with men controlling my life so move out of the way!!’..She yelled..

‘Maddie I’m sorry okay?? I know I messed up and I ruined your relationship with Jack’..He pleaded still holding her hand and she scoffed..

‘My relationship with Jack was headed for the rocks anyway Daniel and even if you and Joe didn’t cook up your stupid plans it still would’ve fallen apart!!’..

‘But he loves—

‘Pack your things Daniel and call a cab,there’s some money in your jacket so it’ll be enough to take you over to Grandpa’s…Tell him I won’t be home in a long time’..She said and walked out the door like she had nothing left to go back to..

It was time to rewrite a new chapter of her life and that didn’t include the widower..

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