April 17, 2021


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The Widower Episode 64

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 64💜🖤

🎶Walking down twenty nights the park..
I saw you in another’s arm…
Only a month we’ve been apart..
You look happier..
You do..

🎶Saw you walk inside a bar..
He said something to make you laugh..
Saw the both of you smile,so twice as wide as ours..
You look happier..
You do..

Jack pushed every breakable china on the kitchen counter to the ground angrily and crouched to the ground in pain..

He lost everything..

He lost his wife..

Lost his daughter..

Lost his job..

Now he lost Maddie too which was entirely his fault because he decided to act like the true jerk he was..

‘You know wanting to kill yourself isn’t going to help matters at all’..Daniel snickered as he packed his ski diving gear into the cardboard box..

‘You did this didn’t you?? You planned this whole thing right?? You planned everything and now your sister is leaving me’..Jack grabbed him by the collar and shoved him behind the door…

‘Yes I did it!! After everything she did for you you decided to repay her effort by just taking drugs?! The last thing I want is for my sister to get hurt all because of your selfish reasoning!!’..He fired back and spurted blood out of his nose..

‘What are you doing?!! Let him go!!’..Maddie came out from nowhere through the back door and seprated the both of them.

‘He…He planned this whole thing Maddie!! He planned all of it!!’..

‘Shut up Jack!! Just shut up okay?!’..

‘Ma…Maddie what is wrong with you I’m—

‘I’m done listening to your excuses!! I’m done being in the middle of this masculine toxicity!! What on earth were you guys expecting?! Jack what did you think? That I wouldn’t find out about the drugs??”..She yelled and his mouth dropped in shock..

‘Maddie it’s not—

‘Spare the long talk Jack!! I’m leaving and this time I’m leaving for good!!’..

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