April 17, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 37

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(She hates him)

Episode 37


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya⚽

Mykel’s pov:
School was finally over and the girls were starting to leave except most of the boys. There’s a football game being hosted and Merlin voted me in and I have no choice but to participate in the stupid game.

Austin was able to get me new football jersey that I could put on for the game.

All I have to do now, is to tell the driver that I’m not gonna follow them home. They’ll have to leave without me.

I got to the parking lot where Rissa’s car is always parked but then, there was no sign of the car anywhere.

Her friends were gone too.
I can’t believe Rissa went home without me. She didn’t even tell me.
I sighed and went back to the field to find Austin and Merlin.

“So, what did she say?” They asked simultaneously.

“She left already – no sign of the car and no sign of Rissa” I replied feeling a bit livid.

“Call her up. Since her dad’s around, he might like to know why you aren’t home yet” Merlin suggested stretching his socks.

“I’m not sure her dad would care. You know what? I’m gonna take all the time I need and have fun. The Rissa I know would definitely get worried” I replied with a lot of bravado.

“That’s my man! Deal with her” Merlin blurted and started doing pushups.

I chuckled and sat next to Austin on the bench.

“I bought lots of energy drinks” He announced and handed me a bottle.

(At Mr Frosh’s Cabin)

He plonked himself on his expensive chair drinking from a bottle of whiskey diluted with some soft flavored juice.

His workers surrounded him waiting for orders from their well paying master. Well, Mr Frosh is the strangest of all the categories of wealthy men. He’s very simple up to the extent that if you’d see him walking past in the street, you’d think he’s a jobless loser who recently got a divorce from his wife.

He’d prefer walking around with no guards or escorts and that’s the reason Gabriel was able to get so cosy with him that day he met him at a restaurant – like a plain man, just wandering around.

A plain man with a handful of dark secrets, mistakes and a dangerous past of people he had killed or destroyed under his own command.
His smile was brainwashing and can make you think he’s a saint.

This is a short description of Mr Frosh. The wolf in sheep clothing.

The door opened and some men stormed in. His favorite gang.
He smirked on seeing them.

“The deed has been done. She’s at the basement” The leader of the gang informed with a bow.

“Good. Let’s wait till the news hits all television network. Oh! Please turn on the best news channel. I’m sure Edward won’t waste time in calling the mass media” He replied twirling on his chair.

One of his workers took the remote and turned on the flat screen TV at the left side of the office.

Mykel’s pov…
“Yesss!! We won!” Merlin yelled jumping as high as his feet could go.

The football match was over and the boys were rounding up their stuff.
Austin, Merlin and I were at the locker room changing our clothes.

“That game was awesome, seriously! I’m starting to see a bright future for us in football!” Merlin stated exuberantly.

“What? Speak for yourself” Austin replied stretching his hands.
“I can barely feel my legs. In fact, look at my glasses! They’re broken!!!” He yelled paranoid.

Marlin and I laughed as he tried to fix the broken glasses back together.

“Apart from screaming like a little girl, is there anything else you’re good at?” Merlin asked him sardonically.

“First, I don’t scream like a little girl….and yes! I will be the world’s greatest hacker!” He yelled flaunting his fingers in the air.

I picked up my bag and crossed It around my body.

“I’m done guys, see you tomorrow” I said and they nodded.
I inserted my hands in my pocket and left the locker room.

The public bus stopped at the bus stop and i got down from it. Luckily, it wasn’t crowded.

I entered the mansion and headed for the house. First, I’m gonna have a little word with Rissa. She’ll explain to me why she left school without telling me!

Like, did she expect me to walk home???

I met her mom sitting on the couch occupied with her phone.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted going towards the stairs.

“Oh, Mykel! You both are finally back…did Rissa have a good time at the field?” She asked not raising her head.

“What do you mean, ma’am? Rissa came home immediately after school” I replied folding my hands.

“No…she never came home. I called the school principal and he said you were among the boys that would play football after school. So, i thought Rissa would also stay behind and watch you play” She said still staring at her phone.

“I swear ma’am, she left the school right before i could meet her and tell her I was gonna play football” I pointed out.

She finally looked up, with a worried look.

“What are you trying to tell me, right now?? Where’s my daughter??!” She half yelled getting up.

(Some Minutes Later)

I sat close to the window watching police cars troop into the compound like a coup had occurred.

Some part of me tells me she’s with Lucas, that brat with stupid friends and the other part tells me she’s in trouble – big trouble.

I should have checked on her like I used to. I wish i did…and now, this is happening.

The school principal has been contacted and she sent a video clip of what the CCTV camera has recorded at the parking lot.

She entered the car and it zoomed out if the school immediately.
There was no sign of struggle, nothing at all…

I’ve sent Rissa’s phone number to Austin so he can track It down, I hope he’s able to do It.

Suddenly, my phone beeped and i checked the message which was from Austin. I read through the text; He said he can’t track It and that the phone has been destroyed by whoever kidnapped her.

I sighed thinking of who could be responsible for this…

All of a sudden, I thought of Selena.
I think she can help us…


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