April 14, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 36

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(She hates him)

Episode 36


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Rissa’s pov…
I opened my eyes as the light in the room reflected on my eyelids. I blinked rapidly and turned to the other side of the bed.

I shuddered when I saw Mykel lying right next to me with his eyes closed..

The memories of last night flooded my mind and I remembered him bringing me to the bedroom in his arms.

I can’t believe he actually carried me.

His eyes flickered open immediately and his eyeballs met mine.

“Hey” He whispered with a smile.

“Morning” I whispered back.

He raised his hand up to my face and pushed the hair strands that sprang out behind my ear.

“We have an half an hour to get ready for school” I interpolated and left the bed.

He watched me as I took my phone and entered the bathroom shutting the door.
I quickly locked it and stepped under the shower.

…(Half An Hour Later)…

Mykel and I were done with breakfast and had gotten dressed for school.
Mom was downstairs talking to the maids and gatemen.

I think she increased their salary or something.

I got up from the table and headed to the kitchen to grab a bottle of yoghurt from the fridge.

I saw Pineapple lying next to the fridge.
Naughty dog…
I wonder where she slept last night.

I opened the fridge and she jumped up startled..
I chuckled watching her waggle her tail.

I stooped to her level and rubbed her fur.

She barked excited.

I noticed a paper under the fridge.
Don’t the maids sweep the kitchen daily??

I shrugged and picked the paper up and glanced through the words.
Oh my God! This is the note from Mykel’s fortune cookie. The one Pineapple took from me, or did I give it to her. I can’t really remember what happened.

I read the golden words;

**You have found love where you are**

I scoffed.
So, this is actually what I spent my precious time fighting for???

The people that make this things are lunatics! Completely delusional…

I sighed and squeezed the paper in my hand.

I got up and left the kitchen with Pineapple hopping after me.

“Rissa. Your dad’s going to Washington DC tomorrow. Please, be home real quick so we’ll all have another dinner together” Mom said when she spotted me walking in.

I knew it!!
They aren’t gonna stay up to a week!
I was so stupid to get excited in the first place.

“Yeah, whatever” I replied wearing a frown.
I picked up schoolbag and started walking towards Mykel who was wait in at the door.

“Rissa?” Mom called and I paused.

“I’m here for you. I’m sorry for traveling so much, but I’m here now and I’ll always be. I don’t want you to turn bad. I love you so much” She professed and the least I could do was shrug.

I don’t know if she meant it.

I caught up with Mykel and we left together.

I decided to ride with him to school.
Almost everyone knows we know each other. So, what i tried protecting is now out In the open..

The ride to school was super quiet and I just looked out the window.

I tried to think about what happened few years ago. Mom and dad thought of putting me in a boarding school.

They sure wanted to get rid of me.
The first day I stepped foot into the school was the day I attempted to commit suicide.

My phone was taken away from me, I was giving a stupid set of pink stripped clothes meaning no jeans and tops. And the worst part was I had to tie my hair up into a ponytail.
How lame!!
So, I went to the balcony of my room which I’m sharing with two other creepy girls and tried to jump from it.

God! It was humiliating.

I had no idea when I started laughing out loud. The driver and Mykel stared at me like I was some crazy teenager.

I kept laughing till the amusement seized.

I turned to Mykel and handed him the paper – fortune cookie note.

He took it and slipped it in his pocket.

“You’re so annoying” He remarked rolling his eyes.

“Really?” I asked as my lips perked up.
“Yeah…so, your mom’s staying” He replied coyly.

“I don’t really care. I’m gonna be eighteen soon. I’ll then leave on my own” I muttered with a crumpled look.

“How are you gonna survive?? You can’t even turn on a gas cooker” He pointed out sardonically.

I gasped and hit his arm softly.

“Stop discouraging me. I can still hire someone to do all those things” I scoffed stretching my hands.

“I’m sure you can” He chimed smiling.

I laughed recalling the whole suicide stuff again….
There’s no doubt – Life is good!

(Lunch Time)

I walked through the school garden with Lucas. We held hands and he kept talking about how awful Madison snores.

This is the craziest thing I’ve heard today.
What could be funnier than a brother talking about how weird his sister acts.

Well, I won’t give up this juicy detail for anything!

“I like you, Rissa” He suddenly asked and I froze.

“Lucas?…You like me??” I picked on his words and he nodded.

“I can’t hide It anymore. I’d die if I see you with another guy, Rissa. Will you be my girlfriend?” He squeezed my hand softly and I can’t stop hyperventilating.

What would mom and dad think?
In fact, screw them!….
I’m now the bad girl they raised. I’ll break all the rules they’ve laid down for me.

“Yes, Lucas. I’ll be your girlfriend” I replied smirking.
A smile crept on his lips.

I can tell his super happy.

“I love you, Rissa”.

Happy new month, babies😘

What do we think about boarding school?

Who do you think is Frosh’s target??

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