April 14, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 13

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(its all starting again)

(when the rich fall for the poor)
Written by Bella writes

Season 2 (episode 13)
💭Melanie pov 💭
“Why did you do that!!!, Have been waiting for her to call me for a while now” I yelled at him

” I knew she would cut off the call When she heard my voice, This cause to show that she knows me, she knows who I am and that is why she cut the call” He said vehemently.

“Look, Have had enough of this okay, You have been saying all these rubbish for a while now, It is time you stop” I said to him wanting him to leave.

The only life I know Is the one with my parents and no one else.

“I wont stop until have convinced you, You are My Melanie and In whatever way that I would Make you remember me, I will” He replied

I stood up from the bed and went to stand by the window.

There is just no talking sense to him, I am not the person he thinks I am.

I could hear him doing some things behind me but I didnt look back.

He came towards and pulled my hand

” see this and tell me If am still wrong” He said and I stood starring at the screen.

They were pictures of me, most of the pictures were of me and the rest was me and a guy

” That is Andrew , Your best friend”Alex said

He was pressing a particular button to make new pictures appear

I saw some pictures of myself dressed in a uniform

” This is when you started schooling with me Melanie and this ……”

He said pressing the button and I saw myself with him.

He was cuddling me and I was smiling

“This picture had been taken by Andrew, It was when we were dating,we had been so In love” He starring down at me

His words could be deceiving but this picture clearly shows that I had known Alex in the past.

“If am really Your melanie then who is the dead one, You just cant bury someone and thought her dead for seven years” I said angrily

“That is something I dont know yet but what I know is that you are the same Melanie, My melanie”He said moving towards me

I didnt move back cause I kept starring at him, This whole thing Is just a mess, How can I believe all what he is telling me, Mother told me something different and then out of nowhere a stranger tell me otherwise, Who am i ? I thought still starring at him

He stood right In front of me and held my hand to his chest

“It has never stopped beating for you Melanie, Have always loved you, Can you feel the beat of my heart, It only beats for you” He said

I kept my heart on his chest and felt the beat of his heart.

“I love you Melanie,I still do”He said and that brought me back to reality

I jerked off my hand and moved away from him

“Please lets stop this, Right now am confused, I dont know if I should trust your word or my mother”

“But mine is the truth”He said

“Its enough please!!! Just leave, dont try to confuse me more, please” I said wishing he would leave me alone so that I can think

But Instead he came to me and pull me into his arms

“Have lost you once before and am not going to do that again”he said and kissed me

I tried pushing him off but he is just so strong

I stopped fighting and let him kiss me and I wont deny that his kiss felt different and that I enjoyed it a bit

He pulled me closer and kissed me deeper and I didnt stop him or push him away, I didnt even think about Francis.

He released me gently and starred down at me

“You shouldn’t have done that”I said

“I dont care Melanie, Have missed you for a very long time, I slept every night thinking about you and now that I have you in my arms do you think I will just let you go like that” He said still holding unto me.

“Your married and am engaged to the a man I love and respect” I said

“A lie, you dont love Francis , Its me you love”he said

I pulled out of his arms and went to stand by the window

“I do love Francis and I wont leave him for anyone, Even If I were to believe this someday, I just cant be with you, Your married and am engaged, So lets leave it that way”I said

Suddenly I was turned to stare at him ” We aren’t going to leave anything, You and I belong to each other, always have and I will prove that to you, I promise ” He said and left the room

I sat on the bed thinking about everything he just said to me.

It cant be true , I cant really be the girl he loved in the past, all this is just a mess.

I took my phone and dialled Francis number but it was unavailable,I called my mom again and this time it went through

“Hello mom?” I said

“This is Rose Miss,Your mother has gone for a recruit”She said

Rose is my mom personal assistant,

“Okay then, I will call again”I said

“You shouldn’t Miss”she said

“But why?”

“She will be gone for a week and there would be no means of communication” she said

“But what I have to ask her Is very Important”I said

“Then I would advice you to come home so that you can it” She said

“Fine then” I said switching off the phone.

I will just have to go back home, I cant stay here and let the questions in me eat me up.

A little while later, I got dressed and with my suitcase packed , I left the house.

If I have to know the truth then I need to talk to my mom……

“you told her and yet she didnt believe you ?” Andrew asked as we were both in the car heading back to the palace

“She didnt, You need to talk to her, Maybe if she sees you,It can trigger something In her ” I said

She doesnt remember a thing and It hurts But I wont give up on her, One way or another, I will make her remember me, I thought

“Your Majesty, I think you will need to listen to this ” James, the head of all the escorts and guards said to me as he stretched it at me

“Who Is It” I asked

“Its The great Queen “He said

I took the phone and answered the call ” Yes mom?”

“Its Francis fiancee, She has left ” She said

“What do you mean by left!”

” She said she had to find out something and that she doesnt know If she will come back, She thanked me for everything and left a letter for Francis” She said

“And me? Did she tell you to tell me anything “I asked

” No she didnt and why wou……..”

” mom please tell me, Where did she say she will be going ?”

“The airport”she replied

“Thanks mom” I said switching off the phone

” Tell the driver to take us to the airport and that he should speed on the gas” I said feeling so very angry and frustrated…….


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