April 17, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 12

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(its all starting again)

(when the rich fall for the poor)
Written by Bella writes
Season 2 (episode 12)
💭Melanie POV 💭
“I dont want to see any prove okay, Just leave me alone” I said wanting to leave but he pulled me back

“You know it too and that’s why you dont want to admit it”

” i dont have anything to admit because am not the Melanie you knew okay, am someone else” I said

“Lies, Those are lies fed to you by your mother” he said letting me go to close the door.

“This is crazy, Am not your Melanie why wont you just leave me alone” I said

“See this, this is an autopsy report, I had an autopsy done on the corpse we buried thinking it was you and it came out negative, it shows that you never died”

I took the paper from him and starred at it

“This doesnt prove that am the Melanie you knew in the past”,

” it does okay,you talk like her, look like her, do things just like her, there cant be a mistake in this, you are my Melanie” He said

” Am not yours okay, I dont even know you !!!”

“You might not remember because your head cant but your heart can” he said touching my chest.

I moved away from him,starring at him in confusion

Part of me knew that he was saying the truth because I felt it, when I heard his name, I knew that have heard his name from somewhere.

But it cant be true, I cant possibly be the Melanie he loved.

“You came here with your mom to work years ago, You know this place by heart because you lived here and this room, this room was the one given to you, You felt it the very first day you came here right, That was why you were crying that day”

Yes, I had remembered some things im this room but I couldnt really pinpoint them.

But I possibly couldnt be believing this man, He is only looking for someone to replace his dead love.

“It was here that we first made love” immediately he said that I starred at him.

I remembered seeing myself In this room with a guy making love but It couldnt be with him, it just couldnt

“I had held you in my arms and made sweet passionate love to you only to wake up and found you gone” He said

Its not the truth!!, I thought and suddenly getting angry I walked to him and slap his face

“Stop with your lies okay, have never slept with you and I cant believe that you would stoop so low just to make me believe your lies, For crying out loud you have a wife” I said

” A wife I never loved, Its only been you Melanie, They’ve taken you away from me twice now but not anymore, not anymore ” he said pulling me into his arms

Hugging me tightly ” let me go, let me go” I said pushing him from me but he was much stronger than me.

“I still love you, Have never stopped thinking about you my love”

” am not your love and I certainly do not love you” i said

He pulled me to him and kissed me, I tried moving away but he held me closer, plunging into my mouth.

Never have I been kissed this way before not even by Francis.

He kissed me until i could hardly breathe and then he let go of me

“Have really missed you my love ” He said

“Am not your love” I said cleaning my lips

“Just leave me alone” I yelled at him going to my room and shutting the door

Why didnt I push him away, why did I let him have his way with me

“That’s because he is saying the truth” My conscience said to me

“No he isnt, Am not his Melanie, I need to talk to mom” I said as I went to dial her number

But It didnt go and then I tried Francis number and it was the same thing

I threw the phone away angrily and layed on the bed crying.

“It cant be true, It just cant be”

💭Alex pov 💭
“Just send me the pictures Andrew ” I said as i spoke to him on the phone

“Do you want to show it to her” He said

“Yes I do, I need something that trigger her memory and anything would do for now”

” okay, I will send it but wait Alex, If she do remember are you going to take her away from your cousin, Remember she is his fiancee and you are married to Sarah ”

” To hell with Sarah, I made a mistake by marrying her and As for Francis when the time comes I will talk to him But am not willing to let my Melanie go, send me the pictures asap okay” I said

” okay”

I paced around the room waiting for the pictures

Just knowing that Melanie didnt die only brought me relief.

Just to get her away from me, Her mother lied and buried someone else there , As soon as have Convinced Melanie I will talk to her mom, I had to know if dad had anything to do with this, Cause if he did then this time, I wont ever forgive him.

As soon as he sent the pictures I went to her room only to find it locked

Just then a maid walked past and I asked her to get me the spare keys

As soon as she brought it, I opened the door and found her on the bed crying.

“Just go away,” She said

“Not until you believe me” I said

” There is nothing you say that would make me Believe you” she said still laying on the bed

“Take a look at these pictures ” I said stretching my phone towards her.

” Just leave” She said getting up

I sat down beside her and just the phone rang

“Mommy” she said as she went for the phone….

I jerked it away from her and answered the call

” hello miss Veronica, this is Alex ” I said knowing that she would caught the call if she knew that It was me and she did just that .

And that confirmed my suspicions the more………


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