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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 11

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(its all starting again)

(when the rich fall for the poor)
Written by Bella writes
Season 2 (episode 11)
I walked into the building, followed by my escorts though I would have preferred if I came alone.

But it is not allowed,As a king, I need the escorts and guards for protection.

“Oh your highness, this Is a surprise” The secretary said on seeing me

” Sorry , I came unannounced , I just have to see him, Is he in?” I asked

” Yes he is” She said and Immediately I went in.

” Wow, His royal majesty himself” Andrew said as he stood up to come hug me

“Sorry I haven’t made time to come see you, Its been work always ” I said as I sat down

” I understand, Am also suffering with one” He said

Ever since we left highschool, Andrew and I have been best of friends.

Have lost contact with a lot of our friends but never with Andrew

How strange life can be, I had hated Andrew at first because he had been interested in Melanie and now here we are seven years later as best friends .

” So what brings you here” He said as he offered me his drink

” Melanie ” I said and he starred at me

” She is alive ” I said and he burst out laughing.

” What are you saying, We buried Melanie, remember ?” He said

” My guts tells me that we didnt bury her”

” Alright, Why are you suddenly saying Melanie Is alive ” He asked

I turned on my Phone and showed him a video.

” who Is she?” He said

” look at her very well” I said and he starred at the video and then gasped

” She is…is…..”

“Melanie right?” I finished for him

“But Melanie is dead, Who Is she?”

” She came back with my cousin Francis, He said he is engaged to her, when I first saw her, I said to myself That she is Melanie But I had no prove , she doesnt remember me but I later found out that she had been In a coma which had resulted In her having amnesia”

“But that still is not enough proof” Andrew said

” There was a day she went to the maid quarters, Her room In particular , She broke down In tears as she remembered something’s there, I knew it had to be about her past cause she never told me anything And then I met her In my room, She had lost her way and had slept in my room, she dreamt about something and she had called out my name, When I had asked her what it was about, She didnt tell me”

” And then I told her to tell me her mother name,Which I went to confirm with my mom”

” Veronica Millburn” Andrew asked

” She told me It was Veronica” I said

” So what your saying now is that Your cousin Fiancee Is Melanie And that she is the same Girl we both knew” He said

” Yes she is, you’ve seen the video right “I said

“,Yes I have and I wont deny she looks just Like Melanie , If she had been alive, She would have looked like this but she is not Alex ” He said

” She is Andrew, I feel so sure about it” I said

” Look i know how much you loved Melanie but isn’t It time you let go, Think about Sarah, She might be a bitch sometimes but she loves you” Andrew said putting my phone down.

” You dont just get right, She is……..” I stopped when I heard her singing.

wanting to know every little thing about her, I had secretly got my guards to put a camera In her room, So I can watch her

And right now she is singing, A very familiar song, The one she sang at the competition with Rex seven years ago.

I took the phone and starred at it very well, She was standing by the window and she was singing it quite beautifully

“Rex told me that Melanie and he had written that song and that in honour to her name, He would not sell it to anyone, So how come she Is …….No I still cant believe that Melanie is alive,We buried her, Maybe Rex sold the song out” Andrew said

” Melanie is alive, She is the one try to believe it” I said

” But the body, Mrs Veronica would never have planned such a thing”

” If Its to keep me away from her daughter, She would have done more”

“So who do you think is in that grave?” Andrew asked

” That is what we have to find out”


“An autopsy would be carried out ” I said

If the autopsy confirms that Melanie is not the dead person there then it is for a fact that the Melanie, Francis had brought is the Melanie I love……..

💭Melanie pov💭
“Take care of yourself okay” I said bidding Francis goodbye.

The great king wants to bond with him and He has decided to go on a trip with him, Just for three days.

For that three days, I would be alone but calmed with the fact that that alex if a guy would be going with them.

Ever since he had come into my room to tell me those things have been sick with worry

I dont know him and yet he say I do and with each day that pass, I feel that have been In this place before and then there is Alex on his own, I dont know why but each time I see him,I feel my heart beat fast which is something am scared of

I just cant wait for the day that we would go back home, This place makes me feel strange and I cant tell Francis about it, I cant even talk about the kiss Alex gave me.

Cause I knew that Francis would get mad about it.

The great queen and I stood waving them off, Sarah had gone out with her Royal friends…..

As soon as they were gone, the queen asked if I would like to spend some time with her

But i refused and went back to my room and then I began to hum the song.

I have never heard the song from anywhere before but just recently I began to sing the song, I wish to know who sang it.

Feeling bored, I went around the house again and anywhere I pass feels familiar to me

I found myself going to the maid quarters.

I had to know,Had to think about it ……

I got to the room only to stop short when I saw him there

” I knew you would come” He said

” I thought you were also going on the trip”

“And miss three days without seeing you? Well that’s a no, Have missed seven years of my life without you, I cant afford to do so again” I said

“Why do you keep on saying that? Have told you, I dont know you and i….”

“You do know me, you knew me more than anyone else, you are the first and only person that I gave my heart to and you still are” He said

“Stop it!!! Just stop it!!!!”

” your my Melanie, My only love and if you want me to show you prove, then i will” He said meaning his words……..

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