April 14, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 10

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(its all starting again)

(when the rich fall for the poor )
Written by bella writes
Season 2 (episode 10)
💭Alex POV 💭
I sat in the dining room patiently waiting for Melanie and Francis to come down for dinner.

Well I was really waiting for Melanie, Have decided that I would make her talk tonight

But on seeing Francis coming down the stairs alone I got so very angry

“You would have to pardon Melanie for tonight ,she is not feeling well enough to come down stairs ” Francis said

The maids brought the food and we all began to eat

I wasnt really paying attention because I was thinking about her.

If she is truly my melanie, I had to know, I have to ask her why she is pretending , Why she pretended not to know me.

“Its a pity to know that Melanie had gone through all that alone” Sarah said suddenly

“What had she gone through” I said starring at her

“That is not a matter to be discussed here Sarah” Fancis said quickly, trying to get her not to talk but I pursued the topic.

“Tell me why You said that Sarah?”

“Well Francis here told me little things about Melanie life”

“Things like what?”I said

“That she been in a coma for five years and that when she had woken up it was not to remember anyone” she said

That was why she could not recognise me I thought.

“Is this true Francis” my mom said starring at him

“Yes it is but please lets not talk about this again, Melanie wouldnt like it” he said

“But you need to…..”

“Enough Alex, Francis has asked us to close the subject and that is what we would do” My father said and having no other choice, I kept quiet

Through the whole meal, I kept on thinking about her.

She had lost her memory, but she is still alive, If she is then who is the one buried there and how come this Melanie is more rich and sophisticated, there are a lot of things that I had to find out.

As soon as the dinner was over anfmd Francis had been taken off by my dad, I quickly went to her room

I had to talk to her, to confirm some things .

On getting there I saw the maid about to take her food to her but I stopped her saying I will do It myself .

“But your majesty, I cant let you do that?”she said

“Dont worry okay, just let me take it and do one thing, stay In front of this door, No one must come in, no one” I said and she nodded

I walked in with the tray and saw her on the bed still sleeping.

I set the tray down and gently sat on the bed beside her starring at her face.

She was only putting on her night dress and the covers had moved away from her showing her body

I couldn’t help but to stare at her body and just then I noticed something.

It was the same birth mark I had saw on Melanie laps the day we made love, it was on her laps too

I couldnt stop myself from touching it, could there be different people with the same birth mark too

Just then she opened her eyes and when she saw me, she moved away

“What are you doing here?”I said

“You have the same birth mark” I said still starring at her laps

She quickly covered herself up ” please I want you to leave now” she said

“Not until youve answered my questions Melanie ” I said

” i dont have to answer you” she said as she scrambled out of the bed, heading for the door

But I quickly went to her pulling her to me and taking her back into the room

“Let me go or i will scream” she said

“You scream and I will kiss you” I said as i pulled her to me

She had her back plastered to me and it felt so great, like she has been my missing half.

“Why are you doing this, your married already” She said

” If you werent taken from me, I would have married you instead “I said

And that got her jerking away from me

“What rubbish are you saying?”

“If am correct, your the melanie I once loved in the past” I said

“Your crazy, For crying out loud, I dont know you, am just meeting you for the first time” she said

“Thats because you had been in a coma and you have amnesia ” I said

“Yes I did have it but that doesnt mean that I know you, look I want you to leave or Else i will leave this place with Francis and I wont ever come Back, your harrrassing me and i bet that your wife wont like it” She said

“Fine, I will back off but before I leave tell me something?”


“Whats the name of your mother ”

“What have that got to…….”

“Just answer me !!!” I said

” veronica, her name is veronica” she said and I nodded.

Now all I have to do is to get mom to confirm it

And if it match’s, then she is my Melanie, my one true love………


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