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Household Enemies Episode 16-final

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Household Enemies

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 16

Final Episode

The driver quickly drives the car to where Funke is lying and before he can get out of the car, Kenny carries her in his arms and rushes her to the car. He makes to drive as he feels like the driver will not drive fast enough but his parents stops him insisting that the driver drives because it is dangerous for him to drive in his current state of mind. He goes back to the back seat where Funke is lying unconscious and lifts her head on to his lap while he holds her hands.
Kenny: “Baby, can you hear me? Please open your eyes, look at me. I love you so much, please stay with me”, he says with hot tears running down his cheek.
Kenny’s father: “Be strong man, she will be fine.”
Kenny: “Daddy, nothing should happen to my wife, I can’t live without her, whoever is behind this will pay dearly, I swear they will pay with their lives!”
Kenny’s mother is busy praying and calling God to save her daughter-in-law. “my son”, she says touching Kenny on his arm, “instead of crying, join me in prayers. Let us implore the Almighty God who created her to keep her life. She needs prayer now more than anything. ”
Kenny: “Pray, mum did you just say pray? To which God? The same one who sat there and did nothing while my wife was shot? After all the prayers. fasting, sowing of seeds and alms giving we did before this marriage? please!”
Kenny’s mother: “God has a reason for allowing everything to happen. Who are we to question Him? I am sure your wife will be fine.”
The drive to the community clinic takes longer than usual because the road is rough. Meanwhile, Funke continues to loose blood as there is nothing Kenny and his people can do to stop the bleeding.

Funke’s mother is in her stall where she sells yam and cassava flour. She tries to concentrate but her conscience won’t allow her be. Once she had thought of going back for her daughter’s marriage ceremony but she had silenced that voice in her heart. A customer draws near her stall and she jumps up, ready to sell her wares.
Funke’s mother: “Eka’abo o, what do you want to buy? I get yam flour and cassava flour, they cheap well well and I measure am well for you.”
Customer: “So, it is true that you are in the market on the day your daughter is getting married. Ah, you are a wicked woman, in fact, you are a witch. Are you sure you are the one that gave birth to that girl?”
Mama Funke: “Ehn, wetin concern you, no be my pikin, abina you help me push for labour room? See this stupid woman wey I think say she come buy something…”
“IyaFunke, you dey market dey quarrel, they don shot your pikin for wey she and her husband dey danci o. Make God no allow us bury our children o! And her Uncle,your husband younger brother confessed to be responsible for the evil things that happened to Funke. He even said he remote controlled her from America so she would return in shame “, a woman runs to the stall saying.
Funke’s mother is also, surprised, she cannot control the tears rolling down her eyes
Mama Funke: “Ehn! Funke Omo mi, shot, my pikin die? Oluwa ooooo, Eledami o, Funke e ma ku o…”, she cries as she rushes out of the stall leaving her wares and the women behind.

As soon as they get to the hospital, Kenny’s runs down and carries Funke in, his parents follow, running to meet up with him. “Where is the doctor? I want to see the doctor now!”, Kenny screamed.
Nurse: “Calm down, sir. What happened…”
Kenny: “Don’t tell me to calm down, my wife is dying and you say I should calm down? Let me see the doctor now or I will bring down this hospital.”
Kenny’s Father: “Calm down, my son. You really need to take it easy.”
The nurses help take Funke to the emergency room and the doctor comes in to attend to her. He sends everybody out of the room except the nurses while he attends to the patient.
Funke’s father and other family members join them in the hospital reception and everyone is sober praying for Funke’s survival.

After some minutes, the doctor comes out. “Who is the father of the patient?”
Kenny: “Me, I am her husband.”
Funke’s Father: “I am her father”
Kenny’s parents: “We are her parents.” they all chorused simultaneously.
Doctor: “All these answers for one question? Anyway, she lost a lot of blood before you brought her here, we have been able to stop the bleeding but she is still unconscious. She lost the pregnancy and she needs blood urgently.”
Kenny: “What! She lost the pregnancy? God, why, why me?”
Kenny’s father: “Be strong son, let her recover and you can make as many babies as you want.”
Turning to the doctor, he says “doctor, pick as many pints of blood as needed from the blood bank, I will pay whatever it will cost.”
Doctor: “Well, its not about the money. We do not have any blood bank here.”
Kenny: “Then take my blood and give her, afterall she is my wife and she is carrying my child.”
Doctor: “We don’t just do it like that, we need to run some tests on you.”
The result of the test shows that Kenny does not have the same blood group with her meaning he cannot donate to her. One by one everyone there undergoes the test including her father and none of their blood matches hers.
Doctor: “None of you can donate blood to the patient. She is in a critical stage right now and if she doesn’t get blood in some minutes, I am afraid we will lose her. Call me when you have blood, I have other patients to attend to.”
The doctor walks away, leaving them worried and short of words. They are still thinking of what to do when her mother runs in. “Where is my daughter, I want to see my daughter, she must not die. Anybody wey say my pikin go die, na the person go die.”
Kenny’s Father: “Calm down, woman. Funke is fine, all we need to think of right now is where to get blood for her.”
Funke’s mother: “Blood? Make una carry all my own give her, I no mind to die make she live.”
Kenny: “Mama, do you have the same blood group with her?”
Mama Funke: “No be me born her? That time wey she sick when she be small pikin and her papa travel, na my blood they give her.”
The test confirms that her mother’s blood matched with hers she is given the blood, she is transfered to the general hospital her condition becomes. There in the general hospital, she is operated upon and she begins to recover after some weeks.
On the day she is to be discharged, her mother kneels beside her bed. “My daughter, forgive me, I dont know what came over me, I am sorry, I didn’t support your marriage. It shall never be well with Wahidi and for your Uncle cursed is his generation! My God go punish them. God go bless your marriage, you go born plenty children including boys and girls for Kenny”, she says amidst sobs.
Funke: “Get up, mama. I have forgiven you. Forgive me for all the pains I caused you. Thank you for donating your blood to save my life.”
Kenny clears his throat, “I also have a confession to make”, he says. “I was the one that asked my cousin to call you claiming to be my fiancee and asking you to cancel the wedding plans. I wanted to test how well you love and want to be with me. You passed the test excellently well, I owe you a car gift. I love you baby”
Funke: “Naughty you, so you are the one who almost caused me high BP, I love you too, my darling. I always will.”
Kenny: “Another thing is, the person who shot you has been caught by the police, I reported the matter to the police and narrated all that Wahidi threatened to do should you marry me, your parents confirmed the story and I showed them the messages he sent to your Phone. He was arrested on his way out of the village, and after thorough interrogations, he confessed to attempting to shoot me on that day.. He has been charged to court and will be persecuted for attempted murder and punished according to the law.”
Funke: “Ah, Uncle, I couldn’t believe he’d do that to me. To think that he had to use diabolical means to turn my mother’s eyes away from me,” she holds his hands and add, “thank you all for standing by me.”

Her Uncle died as a result of the paralysis.
A year later, Funke gives birth to twins; a boy and a girl. Her joy and Kenny’s and other members of the family’s is boundless.

Trust Nobody and we should not promise or accept marriage to someone when_ we are still young and no nothing about marriage.

Never give up when things are not working the way we want it. No matter whosoever thing the enemies are doing in order to stop the good plans of God in our lives, bear it in mind that only God has the final say.

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