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Girl In The Hoodie Episode 33

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💃 Girl In The Hoodie 💂
🎸 {Who is she…?} 🎸

🎧 Episode 33 🎧




School has resumed already, we have to prepare for school now.

Clara has started living with me since we came back from their house that day. She insisted on living with me, so that we can flow along together as twin children always do.

“Wake up Clara, it’s morning already and we have to prepare for school, I don’t want to be late” I said as I tapped her gently and she groaned.

“Let me sleep a bit, you know we just resume school today, so late comers can’t be punished today and throughout this week” she said half awake

“No Clara, you know others will be waiting for us, so let’s make it quick” I said pulling her up.

“Please give me just 10 minutes more” she said. This is so frustrating, I never knew she’s so bad when it comes to sleeping.

“Come on Clara, get up” I said and pulled her up.
“Oh no! What kind of a sister are you?” she groaned as she sat up on bed.

“A good sister to the core” I said smiling and she kicked me playfully.
We got prepared for school and Nathan drove us to school.

“Where’s your hoodie?!” Clara shouted as I wanted to alight from the car. I quickly sat back and close the door, when I realized I truly didn’t use my hoodie.

“Where’s it?” Clara asked, fidgeting
“Come on stop worrying yourself, it’s here with me, don’t freak out” I said and brought it out.

“Thank goodness” she said and heaved a sigh of relief.
“But why are you so worried??” I asked

“You know it yourself, come on get down and don’t start teasing me now” she said and we alighted from the vehicle in smiles.



We walked into the class hand in hand. Archie and others has already arrived.

“Hey Clara, what’s up? Good morning” Monalisa greeted as she hugged me

“Good morning Sam” she greeted as she hugged Jessamyn too.

We all exchange pleasantries and sat down. Archie walked up to the front of the class.

“Hi guys, happy resumption” Archie said and everyone replied happily in different responses which caused noise.

“It’s okay guys, stop ranting” Archie said but the noise persisted.

“Will you stop shouting and listen to what I have to say?!” Archie shouted and they all kept quiet.

“Mr Charles said you all should send your personal info to his email account” Archie said and came back to sit.

Mia, Ria, Ashley, Babita and Jenna all came to meet us. We exchange pleasantries except with Jenna, who stand two steps away from us.

We were still chatting happily when she came to join us.

“Guys will you please listen to what I have to say??” She asked and we all diverted our attention to her.

“Please I came here to apologise for what I did to you guys especially Monalisa, I’ve realized my mistake and I want you to forgive me, please accept my apologies” Jenna said and we all stare at each other.

“So you came here to apologise?? After what you did?? What if you succeeded in killing her then?? Would you be here to beg for forgiveness?? Uh?? Answer!??” Wisdom shouted

“Keep it cool Wisdom, it’s okay” Monalisa said
“Is that what you’ll say?? It’s okay??” Wisdom asked facing Monalisa.

“Just simmer down okay?… And you Jenna, I’ve heard what you said, you’re forgiven, but don’t you dare try doing something like that to anyone again okay??” Monalisa said and Jenna nodded.

“Thank you so much” Jenna said
“Won’t you guys say anything to this? She’s asking for forgiveness now” Monalisa said

“What can we do other than to forgive her?? She offended you and you’ve forgiven her so why won’t we forgive her” I said

“Hope it’s all cleared now?” Jessamyn asked and we all smiled
“Come here dear” Monalisa said and hugged Jenna.


Mr Charles came into the class and we all sat quietly.
“Good morning guys” he greeted
“Good morning sir” we responded

“Let me go straight to the point, If you here your name, just stand up and come out here, I need to clarify some things” Mr Charles said and started calling the names.

“Babita Richard”
“Davison Jenna”
“Kaima Wilson”
“Ava Derrick”
“Katherine Norris”
“Ria Sylvester”
“Mia Sylvester”
“Archie Myers”
“Monalisa Kings”
“Wisdom Kingsley”
“Chris Morris”
“Jessamyn Roy”
“Clara Hathaway”

I went out on hearing my name and everyone stared at me.
“Clara Hathaway???” everyone exclaimed in surprise except Archie and co.

“Were you not Jessica Gideon?? Why did you claim to be Clara Hathaway?? Are you related to Tiana Hathaway?? Why using her surname to cause confusion for me??… Answer me now!! Why bearing the same family name with her as if you’re her sister??!” Mr Charles shouted

“Well that’s because I’m her sister” I said and everyone diverted their attention to me.
“How come?” Mr Charles asked

“It was discovered that we’re twin sisters, and I happen to be her lost twin sister” I said smiling

“No wonder, you look exactly just like her” Mia said
“Alright, that’s why I came here, I’ll go now… don’t make noise okay?” Mr Charles said and went out.

We went back to our seats and everyone gathered around me shouting and asking various questions.

“Are you sure you’re Tiana’s twin sister?”
“Hope you didn’t cook up a story now?”
“You want to do April fool with us, right?”
“Will you please bring Tiana along when coming tomorrow?”
“But why didn’t you tell us?”

“It’s okay guys, I’ll answer your questions with just one thing, then you’ll satisfy your curiosity” I said

“One thing??” they all asked in unison
“Yes, one thing” I replied
“And what’s that?” Ava asked

“Hold on” I said and brought out my phone, then I showed them the pictures I took with Tiana at home.

“Wow! It’s true” Babita said
“But we can’t be sure, she may just take the pictures with her when they cross part” Kaima said

“Why not check Tiana’s Instagram account? She might have posted something that will lead you to the truth” Jessamyn said and I stared at her, Archie and others were just smiling and I don’t know the reason. I think they’ve done something again.

“Alright, Kathy, where’s your phone?” Ava asked and Kathy handed her the phone.
She went through Tiana’s Instagram account and there, they saw Tiana’s recent post.

“Wow! They’re really twin sisters, Tiana just posted some pictures 2 minutes ago” Kaima shouted and I stared at Archie and others. They keep on laughing.

Now I get why they are laughing, Tiana just posted the picture and told the girls to check her Instagram account.

I smiled at them in return and faced the girls again.
“What did she wrote there?” I asked

“She said *Thank goodness I’ve found my lost twin sister, Clara. I’m so glad to have such a compassionate sister*… Clara I’m so happy for you” Ava shouted as she hugged me.

“How I wish I’m her twin sister” Kathy said
“Even just a cousin, I’ll be glad” Kaima said
“I’m still happy, because her twin sister is in same class with us” Ava said and I smiled.



“You guys are real badasses, you made me look like a fool” I said as I hitted them one after the other playfully.

“But we can’t tell you there, you know they would figure out who Jessamyn really is if we did” Chris said and I wanted to hit him but he dodged it and pulled me to himself.

“Guys I think it’s reading time after this break” Monalisa said
“Yes” Wisdom replied
“Can we just go to the garden?” Monalisa asked

“But we have to read” Jessamyn said
“Do we really have to read? We can always do that when we’re together alone, you know??” Archie said

“Yes as we always do.” Chris added and we all nodded.
“Alright” I said and we continue eating.



“Tiana just remove your hoodie, no one is here” Monalisa said
“No, we don’t know when they will come here” I said

“But they’re all in class, no one can come here until closing hour” Monalisa persisted
“I agree with Monalisa, remove it, I want to be staring at your beautiful face” Archie said

“Lover boy” Wisdom said and we all laughed.
“Alright, but if anyone comes here, you’ll be the one to cover me up, okay?” I said
“Okay ma’am” Monalisa replied and we all laughed.

We were still having fun when some students came into the garden.

Oh no!

What’s this?


To be continued…

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