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Girl In The Hoodie Episode 32

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💃 Girl In The Hoodie 💂
🎸 {Who is she…?} 🎸

🎧 Episode 32 🎧



I don’t think Dad know what he’s saying. I mean … he never told me that I’m born as twins.

So he can’t just tell me that Jessica is my twin sister, just because we look alike.

People can look alike but that doesn’t mean they’re twins. So what’s Dad talking about now??

“Dad what are you saying? How come she’s my twin sister? She’s Jessica Gideon not Jessica Hathaway remember?” I said as I stared at Dad confusingly

“You see Tee, I’ll explain everything to you, just calm down and listen” Dad said
“Alright, I’m listening” I said

“When you were 3 months old, your mom and I went to the supermarket and a woman helped your mom to carry your sister while she went to the washroom, before she comes back, thieves evaded that supermarket and everyone ran for our dear lives, the woman ran away with your sister, forgetting to hand her over to your mom, and since then, we were unable to locate her.” Dad explained

“Then how did you know that Jessica is my lost sister?” I asked

“It was when I travelled to Canada few months back that I saw the woman moving out of her apartment, I thought she wasn’t the one but when I asked her neighbor, she told me that her name is Nancy Gideon, am I correct?” Dad asked Jessica and she nodded.

“But I don’t think it’s the same person, her neighbor just told you her name, not her life story. I’ll suggest we go see Jessica’s mom then we’ll know if she’s truly my sister or not.” I said

“Yes, I agree with Tiana sir” Archie said and Dad took his car key.
“Let’s go” Dad said and Jessica offered to drive us so it would be easy to get there.

Minutes later, we arrived the Gideon’s residence and alighted from the car.
Jessica led us in and she went upstairs to call her mom and dad.

Mr and Mrs Gideon were coming downstairs when Mrs Gideon sighted my dad, she stopped halfway. Later on, she joined us.

“Good afternoon sir” Mrs Gideon greeted as she sat beside her husband.
“Good afternoon ma’am, do you remember me?” Dad asked smiling and Mrs Gideon nodded.

“Of course, we met at the supermarket 17 years ago, I could remember what happened vividly” Mrs Gideon said smiling.

“Thanks for taking care of my daughter for me, I really appreciate” Dad said

“I searched for you and your wife everywhere but all to no avail, so I and my husband decided to take care of the child till we see you again and now that you’ve come for her, she’s all yours” Mrs Gideon said smiling.

“But mom, you never told me that you’re not my biological parents” Jessica said, close to tears already

“I’m sorry my dear, we thought it would hurt your feelings, that’s why we decided that it’s better to keep it away from you till your parents come for you” Mr Gideon said, patting her back.

“So now you mean Tiana is my twin sister??” Jessica asked
“Yes my daughter” Dad said and went to her side, he gestured to me to come sit beside Jessica and I obeyed.

“What about their mother?” Mrs Gideon asked
“May her soul rest in peace” Dad said sadly.
“She’s dead??” Mrs Gideon asked in disbelief

“Yes ma” I replied
“Sorry dear, so how is work? Why have you not been singing again?” Mrs Gideon asked

“Nothing, actually I went back to school for some purpose” I replied

“Mom where’s Melissa, Flora and Dave?” Jessica asked
“There they are.” Mrs Gideon replied, pointing at two girls that were just coming in.

“Good day everyone, what’s happening here?” One of them asked
“Nothing, where are you coming from?” Jessica asked

“We went shopping” the other said and gasped on seeing me. I guess they didn’t see that it’s me before.

“Tiana Hathaway??” they both exclaimed and rushed towards me. They hugged me tightly and I smiled.

“How are you doing angels?” I asked
“We’re fine… you see what we’re saying sis., you look exactly just like her” one of them said
“Yeah, they’re twin sisters” Mrs Gideon said

“Twin sisters??” Both of them asked in unison
“How come?” One of them asked as they both sat down

Mrs Gideon explained everything to them and they look shocked.

“So now what you’re saying is that Sister Jessica is not our sister?” One of them asked

“Of course she’s still your sister, even Tiana is also your sister, but the differences is that they’re not your sisters by blood” Mr Gideon said

“Wow! Now the celebrity is my sister!” One of them shouted and we all laughed.
“Yes! Rockstar Tee!” the other also shouted and we laughed the more.

“Where’s your brother?” Mr Gideon asked
“He’s just coming” one of them said as their brother came in.

“Are they triplet?” I asked Jessica
“Yeah, she’s Melissa, she’s Flora and he’s Dave” Jessica explained as she pointed at them.

“Wow! Tiana!” Dave shouted as he ran towards me, he hugged me and later disengaged.
“How are you?” I asked

“I’m good as you, I can’t believe you can come to our house, big sister has told us much about you, I’m glad you’re my sister’s friend” Dave said happily.

“Well, I’m not just your sister’s friend, I’m also your sister” I said smiling
“What are you saying? I don’t understand” Dave said

“I mean I’m your sister’s twin sister, we’re twins” I said
“Are you for real???” Dave asked in surprise
“Yes” Jessica replied

“Mum is it true?” Dave asked, facing Mrs Gideon and she nodded.
“Wow! Tiana Hathaway is my sister!” Dave shouted and we all laughed.

“Now that we’ve found out the truth, will Jessica change her name to Jessica Hathaway?” Archie asked

“No, her real name isn’t Jessica, we named her Clara, she is Clara and her sister is Christiana” Dad said
“Clara???” We all asked in unison
“Yes, Clara” Dad replied

“So now she’s Clara Hathaway??” Monalisa asked
“Yes” Dad replied
“Alright” Chris said and we chatted like the day won’t come to an end.


To be continued…

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