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Rude Mr Popular Episode 17-18

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Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him)
Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 17&18
Sofia POV
I woke up the next morning feeling very weak, I got up lazily and headed to the bathroom..
I quickly brushed my teeth and had my bath and went straight into the room .. I put on my uniform , grabbed my bag and headed downstairs ..
I saw Shayne in the sitting room talking to his mother, he was already dressed
“ Good morning “. I greeted
“ Good morning dear”. his mum responded
Shayne walked towards me grinning
“ baby”. He called me and hugged me from behind
“I planned having another hot sex with you this morning”. He whispered in my ears
“ what?”. I asked him in surprise, I can barely walk and you thinking of another one.
He chuckled and sat down on the dinning with me
The maids served my food and I started eating immediately,
“ You should be crowned queen of food”. Shayne said teasing me
He sat there watching me as I eat
“ it is not my fault I like food”. I said
“ I know, but don’t rush it”. He advised and I nodded
Shayne offered to take me to school and he held my hand throughout the drive
he soon got to the front of the school
“ I can see your school is looking much better”. He said
I smiled at him
“ Thanks to you”. I replied
“ I can see your principal couldn’t keep his mouth shut”. He said
“ don’t worry baby, he told only me”. I said and I leaned forward and kissed him..
“ see you in the evening”. He said and drove off
All eyes were on me as I walked to my class, I was always known as the poor girl but now I am rich all thanks to Shayne……

Shayne POV
I was already missing my Sofia as soon I dropped her off ..
She really made me to see things differently . Ben was right, I am really in love with her. I was glad I married her, I am glad she agreed to be my wife
I had no schedule for today and decided to call at Ben’s

I watched as Shayne drove into the compound.
He came down from his car and he looked handsome as usual .
“ Buddy”. He called
“ Hi Shayne”. I greeted
I studied him and he looked so happy,
“ I finally realised my feelings”. He said, I really love Sofia
“ Did you just realise?”. I asked faking a laugh
He nodded
“ well, it is a good thing loving a woman you married”. I said
“ how is lexy?”. I asked
His countenance immediately changed
“ I don’t know”. He said
“ what?, That lady is claiming to be pregnant with your first child and you don’t know her whereabouts”. I asked
He remained quiet
“ I really don’t know what to do”. He said , I just don’t want to hurt Sofia..
I smiled
“ ok then”. You can forget about lexy then
“ excuse me, he said , I need to use the rest room
“ ok bro”. I said watching him as he goes
I immediately picked up his phone and copied Sofia’s number ..
It was obvious that Sofia is Shayne happiness and if you want to bring down a man you start by taking away his happiness…

Sofia POV
I was in the cafe having lunch with Tina when my phone beep, it was a message from an unknown number
I clicked on it and it was blank
“ weird”. I said and kept me phone inside my pocket
“ what is that?”. Tina asked
“ it is a blank message from an unknown number”. I said
“ maybe it was a mistake”. She suggested
“ yeah”. I said waving it off
It was soon time for closing and when I came out my driver was already waiting
“Bye friend “. I waved at Tina
I got into the car and the driver immediately moved
My phone beeped again and it was a message from the same unknown number, I clicked on it and could not hold my tears as I read it
“ Shayne got a girl who he loves that is pregnant for him, he does not love you . If you don’t believe you can ask him.
“ is this real?”. I asked myself whimpering
“ what is wrong madam?”. The driver suddenly asked
“Nothing, Just drive faster”. I said trying to stop the tears from flowing …
I got home and ran past the sitting room ignoring every body
I heard Shayne mother calling but I was not in the mood to face her

I pushed the door to the room opened and saw Shayne busy with his laptop as I walked in
“ Shayne”. I called
“ Hi baby”, how are you…. he paused when he saw the look on my face
“ what is wrong?”. He suddenly asked
“ I walked towards him in tears
“ Why did you lead me on when you know you don’t love me”. I asked
“ what?”. He looked confused
“ You could have just treated me the way you treated me when I first came here”. I continued sobbing .
“Sofia what the hell are you talking about”. He yelled
“ yes, keep on yelling”, I said that is what you are good at
He looked shocked
“Do you love me?”. I suddenly asked
I do. He said ,I love you Sofia
“ really, then who is the girl that is carrying your first child”.I yelled
He looked at me in shock
“ who told you?”. He asked quietly
I scoffed , he didn’t even try to deny it
“ I can explain”. He said
“ I don’t want to listen to you”. I yelled
“ fine”. He said and stormed of the room
I sat down on the bed and broke down in tears…
My heart is really hurting
Sad mood

Episode 18
Shayne POV
I bit my lips trying to control my anger as I drove straight to my manager’s house
I think it is the time to tell him everything, he always got a solution to all my mistakes
I was deeply hurt by Sofia behaviour, she did not even bother to listen to me
“Damn”. I cursed, who could be behind all this? Who sent the message to Sofia?….
I parked in front of my manager penthouse and rushed inside
“ Shayne”. He called in surprise immediately he saw me
“ I need your help”. I said
“ cool down Shayne, what is wrong?”. He asked
He signed as I explained everything to him..
He remained quiet and I knew he was thinking
“Do you know where this Lexy stays?”. He suddenly asked
I nodded
“ Fine”. he said , we will go over to her place
I nodded , I was thinking about Sofia , I knew she would be crying
“Damn”, I promise not to hurt her and I still hurt her badly
I just wished she can forgive me because she is my happiness……….
We drove to lexy place silently and we soon got there
We knocked on the door and a lady opened it
“ Shayne Adams”. She called in surprise, I am a huge fans of yours
“Is lexy around “. I asked
“ yes”. She replied excitedly
“ get her now”. I said pushing her one side and walked in
She nodded and ran upstairs to call the bitch
“ Shayne, calm down”. My manager said

I watched the bitch as she walked down the stairs, she had a surprise look
“ Shayne “. She called
I scoffed
“ Why did you do it?”. I asked
“ Do what”. She said
“ don’t try to act funny lexy”. I said
“ I don’t know what you are talking about”
I held her by the neck
“ why did you send the message “. I yelled
“ I didn’t do it , please let me go”. She pleaded
My manager walked towards me and held me hand
“ Shayne let her go “. He said
I scoffed and freed her
“ Damn”. I cursed
“ we need proof that you are pregnant”. My manager said
I looked at him
“ what are you trying to do?”. I asked him
“ don’t worry”. He said patting me
“ lexy”. He called
She looked at him still holding her neck
“ We don’t need you to abort the child, we just need proof that you are pregnant and if the baby belongs to Shayne , we will make sure it is taken care of”. He explained
“Fine”. I will bring the proof to you. She
“ you don’t need to bring it, we will all be going to the hospital together“. I said
“ exactly”. My manager supported
I studied Lexy look , she looked scared
We got to the hospital and a test was run on the bitch , we waited for the result
The doctor called us in, he handed the result to me and I read it
I signed in relief, it was negative
The bitch had been lying, why did I not think of it
I watched my manager scold Lexy, left for me I would have beaten her but I don’t beat ladies
I was not bothered about her, I was just happy that I was finally free..
I called Sofia line and it rang without her picking it
I signed , I have to go home and explain things to her
I decided to call Ben, I called and he picked it immediately as if waiting for my call
“ Hi Shayne”. He said from the other end
“ Buddy “, I am free . I said
“ free, I don’t understand
Lexy is not pregnant, the bitch has been faking all along and claims she did it because of love
“ Really, That is good news, he said as he ended the call
Lexy came towards me
“ I am sorry Shayne “. She said
I scoffed at her and got into the car with my manager as we drive off
Sofia POV
I started feeling guilty immediately Shayne left, I could have listened to him.
I knew I over reacted and that was because I was hurt..
I went downstairs and saw Shayne Mother sitting down lost in thought
“ mother”. I called her
“ she looked up at me
“ what is wrong dear?”. She asked worriedly, Shayne just left with anger without talking to me….
“We had little misunderstanding? I told her”.
“Is it that serious?”. She asked
“ it is something that we can solve”. I assured her
“ please settle it honey “. She pleaded, I don’t want to see Shayne like that again…
I nodded and she hugged me
I went upstair and saw my phone blinking, I picked it up and saw a missed call from Shayne
I tried calling him back but I was out of call card.
“Oops”. I exclaimed as I picked up my book and started reading
Shayne POV
I got home and saw my mother who was obviously waiting for me in the sitting room
“ Shayne”. She called, What is wrong? She asked
“ Nothing mom, just a little misunderstanding”. I replied
“ please settle it”. She pleaded .
I nodded
I opened to door when I got to the room
“ Shayne “. Sofia called as soon as she saw me
She has a smile on her face, I was surprised
“ I thought she was mad at me”.
“ I am ready to listen to you “. She said as she pulled me to sit on the bed
“ I am sorry i lied to you”. I told her , I explained everything to her and she listened
“ wow”. She said , I just got angry over nothing
I nodded
“ Sofia”. I called
“ yes”. She said
“ Please make sure you always listen to me no matter what you hear”. I told her
She nodded and I pulled her to me
“ This is finally over”. I thought
I could not believe my plan to distance them failed, so that bitch faked the pregnancy all along
If I get a hold of her I will strangle her for making me look like a fool
If I can get a hold of Sofia, maybe I can make her mine
Buy Shayne hardly lets her out his sight

So the pregnancy was all fake
ThankGod they settled their differences


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