April 11, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 9

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(its all starting again)

(when a rich fall for the poor)
Written by bella writes
Season 2 (episode 9)
💭alex pov 💭
I had been feeling restless ever since i saw the way melanie behaved at the maid quaters

I knew that she had remembered something in that room and that was why she had behaved in that way but what had she remembered

That was what i wanted to know when she ran off

Each time i spend with her, i kept feeling convinced that she is my melanie

And my fears was confirmed when i went into my room to see her there laying peacefully

I didnt want to disturb her, she might have got lost on her way to the room

Instead of leaving i found myself sitting on one of the chair just to stare at her

And suddenly she began to shake and toss on the bed

I knew she was having a night mare and i was about going to meet her when she called my name

“Alex my love dont go,please dont go”she kept on saying

I sat back on the chair shocked to the bones.

But she couldnt be melanie, melanie is dead, i thought to myself

And just then she woke up, wanting to leave but i couldnt let her go until i get to know why she called my name in her sleep

But it turned out that she didnt remember a thing

And if it wasnt for sarah arrival, i would have convinced her to tell me the truth

And then we were both locked up in the closet

Being close to her made me remember this same moment with my melanie

I had kissed her back then abd and i couldnt control myself from not kissing her

I had to know if she taste the same way like melanie

And i wouldnt deny it, she did feel the same way

There is no doubting it this time, she is my Melanie , i thought happily

💭Melanie pov💭
He kept on kissing me though i pushed him away

He just wouldnt let go and each time i manage to pull free, he would deepen it

Somehow i found the kiss to be a very familiar one

Like have been kissed by him before, somewhere else, at another place and time.

I found myself wanting to pull him close but pull myself back to reality

This is the king that am kissing, someone else husband and Francis cousin

I pushed him away angrily and slapped his face

I quickly ran out of the closet and luckily for me sarah wasnt there and so i ran out of the room

I got to the balcony and held my beating heart

What is wrong with me, why am i feeling this way?i thought still holding my chest

“Melanie” Francis called behind me and on hearing his voice, i quickly wentto hug him

Holding him tight, wanting to be reassured by the love i feel for him.

“Hey,Whats wrong with you?”he said starring at me

“Francis just hold me please”i said as the tears began to fall

“This is really serious”Francis said lifting me into his arms and taking me straight to his room

Telling some guards that i was sick and that he would be staying with me.

He placed me on the bed and began to question me.

“Tell me my love, what happened”he said kissing my brow

“Are you sure that have never been here with you before?”i said

“Never, this is my first time being here too”he said

“Then why did i remember things, i keep on remebering stuffs”i said

“Things like what ?”he said

” like me having conversation with people in this house, some are a blurry to me but i can remember one thing and that is me making love to someone,could that person be you”i said and i saw his expression change

“Its all your imagination , dont think about it too much”he said

“You just need some rest and you would be fine again, look i would even sleep with you”he said and layed with me on the bed

“Its going to be fine okay”he said and kissed my forehead

Feeling assured by him, i slept in his arms again……

I gently walked out of the room only to see the bastard there

I still cant believe that my melanie had slept with him first.

The guy just keep on taking things from me, i thought angrily

“I heard that she is not feeling well, is she okay now?”he said

“Yes alex, she is fine now, she just need a lot of rest”i said to him

“Did she tell you what is bothering her”he said

“No she didnt, if she tells me,then i will tell you about it, dont worry”i lied

“Okay then,dinner would be served later, she musnt skip it”he said before leaving

I clenched and unclenched my fingers, i will make you suffer for every little thing youve stole me, that i wouldnt skip for anything in this world…….


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