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Her Boss Episode 12

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πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ HER BOSS πŸ“ πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❀️ Chapter twelve ❀️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
Well, well.. We’ve arrived at Singapore and the place is so beautiful. Alan’s guard already packed our luggages inside the boot of the car and we all hopped inside the car and drove off.
Me and Mr arrogant had not spoken to each other after the encounter on the plane. And he looked so busy. It’s either he is working on his laptop or on his phone. I wonder what he is doing.

The car halted and stopped in front of a very big mansion. I opened my mouth in awe and admired the house. Mr arrogant grinned and I rolled my eyes at him. We got down from the car and walked towards the house. Mr arrogant placed his hands on some kind of scanning machine and the door opened immediately. Hmmm!! The life of a billionaire is so comfortable. I walked into the house and I gasped softly.

The house is so beautiful and huge. The interior design are simply outstanding. Different artworks are been used to decorate the house and they are so beautiful. I looked at the floor. It was tiled with glass. White glass. Thank goodness I was putting on sneakers. The sofa was beautiful designed like a moon shaped and it’s white in color. Different flowers were also used to decorate the house, giving it a beautiful look. Gosh!!

“You like it”?? I heard him asked.
“I love it”. I answered, running my hands through the beautiful interior designs of the walls. My eyes caught the sight of a beautiful sculpture and my eyes widened in excitement. I quickly walked towards it and carried it gently because it was made with glass. It was the sculpture of a beautiful cup used in acient days.
“Don’t break it, it costs million”. He said smirking. I looked at him and eyed him and he chuckled.
All this beautiful painting and designs remind me of my father. He loved painting and drawing and taught me how to paint and draw. I learned how to paint from him and I became a perfect artist. But all that ended when he left us. I stopped painting because it always remind me of him. Now seeing all this paintings remind me of my father. Naomi don’t cry. You are stronger than this.
“Are you okay”. Alan asked, jolting me out of my revire.
“Oh!! I’m fine. Just lost staring at the beautiful paintings”. I said.
“Okay, go upstairs and change. The maid will follow you”. He said walking away.
Wait……..I hope we are not sleeping in the same room??
“No”. I heard him say and I looked at him looking confused.
“Why did you say no”?? I asked looking confused and lost.
“You asked whether we are going to sleep in the same room and I said no”. He explained and I flushed.
I never knew I said that loud.
“You are welcome ma’am. Lemme show you your room”. A maid who had walked up to me said and I nodded. I followed her upstairs still admiring the house and she led me into a big room. As she opened the door, I looked inside and gasped.
Waow!!! The room was so big and spacious, with a king sized bed, filled with beautiful pillow of different shapes. Yeah, you heard me. A small table was just beside the bed with a beautifully designed lamp stand on top of the table. I looked at the window. The view from up here feels great as I could see so many beautiful buildings and landscape from here. I walked inside and sat on my bed and removed my shoe. My legs sunk inside the rug and it feels like heaven.
“Master said you should freshen up and come downstairs for lunch”. The maid said
“Okay” I answered.
“What’s your name”?? I asked
“My name is Sara ma’am”. She answered bowing down.
“Please don’t call me ma’am. My name is Naomi”. I said smiling at her. She looked up at me and smiled.
“I can’t call you by your name, Master will fire me”. She said and I rolled my eyes. Such an arrogant jerk. And that jerk is my husband!! I thought and sighed heavily.
“Okay, just call me Miss Naomi”. I said to her.
“Okay Miss Naomi”. She said and I smiled.
“I’ll prepare your bath for you”. She said and I nodded and she walked inside the bathroom.
I smiled and looked around my room and my eyes went to the wardrobe. Curiously, I walked towards the wardrobe and opened it and I gasped. The wardrobe was already full with beautiful clothes, shoes and bag all arranged orderly. I looked and saw the mirror. I walked towards the mirror and looked down at the table filled with different cosmetics and creams, brushes and comb, hair creams and body lotions. By the time I spend one month, and I go back to New York, I will be as beautiful as a model. I’m sure.
“Miss Naomi, your bath is ready”. Cara said to me, bowing.
“Okay, thanks Cara”. I said and went to the bathroom. I pulled off my clothes and got down into the bathtub filled with soapy water. I moaned. It was so refreshing. Like I should stay here forever.
I took my bath and wrapped my body with the white towel hung on the rack. I walked out and dried my body with the towel. Well,they were alot of new undies in the wardrobe and I flushed in embarrassment. Did he also bought those for me. I quickly wor my undies after drying my skin and wore a blue polo shirt and white shorts. I combed my hair and wanted to pack it into a pony tail. But I kicked against the idea and just let my long black hair down and walked out of my room.
I climbed downstairs and I saw another maid and she led me into the dinning table. I saw Alan there, already eating and he was looking through the newspaper. He had also freshen up and wore a red polo shirt like mine and a black long trousers. His hair looked were because he had just taken his bath. Why will a guy be this handsome??
He looked up and me and he frowned. I walked towards the dinning and pulled a chair beside him and sat down. I didn’t want to sit beside him but I didn’t want any suspicions from the maids, so I sat beside him.
“Why did you wear my type of shirt he asked and I rolled my eyes at him.
“Who cares”. I said and one of the maids came to serve me my food.

“We are going to my parent’s place tomorrow, so you have to act your role well so that my parents will not suspect anything okay”?? He said.
“Sure”. I answered nonchalantly and continued muching my food.
“I’m serious”. He said frowning.
“I said okay”. I answered him.
“Table manners please”. I said and continued eating my food. Then his phone rang and he got up and went over to the porch beside the dinning room to pick the call.

πŸ’Ž Alan’s POVπŸ’Ž
πŸ“žHello mumπŸ“ž I said as I received the call
πŸ“ž Hello son. How are you?? Are you already here at Singapore??πŸ“ž She asked
πŸ“žYes I’m fine mom and I’m already here at Singapore πŸ“ž
πŸ“žWith your wife??πŸ“ž She asked sounding eager.
I rolled my eyes on hearing the word wife.
πŸ“žYes mom I brought her. And we are already married πŸ“žI told her.
πŸ“žWhat!! How could you Alan?? Why did you marry her without telling me or your father. We would have organised a wedding πŸ“ž She said sounding hysterical already.
I groaned. Can’t they just leave my life alone??
πŸ“ž We’ve decided not to do the wedding yet. We will do our wedding after the contract with the investorsπŸ“žI said hoping she will stop asking questions.
πŸ“ž Okay sonπŸ“ž she answered. Thank goodness she didn’t ask any more questions.
πŸ“žSo when are we going to see her??πŸ“ž She asked.
πŸ“žVery soon mom. Tomorrow πŸ“žI answered
πŸ“žOkay son. Take care πŸ“ž she said
πŸ“žYeah mom. Extend my greetings to dadπŸ“ž
πŸ“žI will son. ByeπŸ“ž
πŸ“žBye momπŸ“ž I said and ended the call and went back to the dinning only to see that Naomi was nowhere to be found. I called one of the maids.
“Where is my wife”?? I asked
“Oh!! She is upstairs in her room. I guess she is asleep already”. The maid answered, bowing.
“Okay, you can go”. I said waving my hand at her to leave. She bowed and then left and I went inside my office. I had another contract I was working on which was a resort creation and i was almost through with the work. I didn’t tell my dad about it because I wanted to make him proud. I wanted it to be a surprise for him.

I worked till evening and I was so tired. I walked to my room and fell on the bed tiredly and l slept off

I woke up pretty late when I heard the intercom ringing. It’s just like a telephone and the maids use it when my attention is needed downstairs or when I need something. I pressed the receive button.
“Master, dinner is served”.
“Okay”. I replied.
I went to the bathroom and splash water on my face and I dried my face with a small white towel. I came out of the bathroom and walked out of my room and headed straight to the dinning room.

I got there and I saw Naomi giggling with one of the maid. I guess her name was Cara. I can’t remember. I wore a nonchalantly look and drew a seat and sat down.
“I’ll serve him don’t worry”. Naomi said to the maid and began to serve me my food. As she opened the food and placed it in front of me, I perceive the aroma of the food and it smells so nice. As she has finished serving me, I took my spoon and took a spoonful of rice inside my mouth and I moaned. This food is really delicious.
I looked at Naomi and saw her grinning.
“What”?! I asked her, looking confused.
“I guess you love my cooking”. She said and smirked.
“You cooked this”?? I asked looking surprised.
“Of course I did”. She answered and scooped a spoonful of rice inside her mouth.
“You like it”?? She asked grinning
“It doesn’t even taste nice, ewww!!” I said, pretending. I just wanted to get on her nerves. Actually, the food was super delicious but my arrogant self won’t want to admit.
“Jerk”!! She muttered and continued eating.
“I heard that”. I said. I wanted to eat more then she snatched my plate from me.
“What was that for”?? If asked, looking at her in surprise. Yeah, she caught me by surprise.
“You said that the food doesn’t taste good, so I’m taking my food. I’ll eat it alone”. She said and dropped my plate of food beside her and continued eating.
“C’mon, I’m only joking because I’m hungry. I just had to manage it so give it back”. I said and tried to take my food but she slapped my hand away.


“Ask your maid to get you another food. Since my food doesn’t taste nice”. She said and continued munching her food. I huffed, feeling frustrated. What kind of wife is this??
“Okay fine, the food taste nice. Actually it’s very good so can I have my food now”. I said looking pissed.
“Say please”. She said smirking
What??? Me say please?? I’ve never said please in my life because I always get what I want. But this witch is telling me to say please??? Really??
“I’m waiting”. She said smirking and I groaned.
“Okay, pl……..ea…..se…. Please”. I said and rolled my eyes.
“Good boy”. She said smiling and gave me back my food. This witch!!

After we’ve finished eating our food, we went over to sit in the living room upstairs.
“Let’s watch a movie”. She said beaming with excitement.
“No”. I said tiredly. “I think I’ll pass”. I said and wanted to walk away but she rushed over and stood in front of me.
“You are such a workaholic. C’mon, can’t you take a break. It’s just a movie and it will only take one or two hours”. She said and put her two hands on her tiny waist. Watching a movie is not bad idea right??
“Okay fine. You win. But I’ll choose the movie we are going to watch”. I said and she smiled.
“No probs”. She said and she jumped on the sofa like a little kid and I chuckled.
“We are going to watch a horror movie”. I said and grinned. I loved horror movie. I see horror movie as a comedy but when I looked at her, she was looking horrified and scared.
“What is wrong”?? I asked her, knitting my brows in confusion.
“We are not watching any horror movie”. She fired.
“Why”? I asked feeling pissed already.
“Because it’s in the night and……… it’s dangerous. And it’s not good for your health”. She said and lowered her gaze. I smirked. So she is afraid of horror movie.
“We are going to watch horror movie”. I said adamantly.
“Okay, let’s play a game”. I said and went to the shelf and picked up a coin.
“I’m going to toss the coin. If it shows the head, we will watch any movie you want, but if it shows tail, we are going to watch the movie I choose. Okay”?? I said and she nodded fearfully like a child and I grinned. She looked so afraid.
I tossed the coin and closed it with my hands. When I opened it, it was………………………

A tail!!


I grinned and she turned blue. I didn’t even looked concerned about her reaction and I went over to my collection of movies and I picked out a horror movie. I slotted in the disc and the movie started playing.
“Can I sit with you”? She said in a small voice and I almost laughed but I held myself.
“Sure”. I answered and she came to sit beside me. I went over to off the light and the only light that was on was the light from the TV.

The movie started with a girl running. Her hair and clothes was torn and rough with dirty all over her body. She kept running and she fell. She stood up weakly and started running and she ran into and uncompleted building but unfortunately a monster appeared and stabbed her. Naomi screamed and hugged me tightly. I laughed and she frowned. She looked at the TV and saw that the monster was eating the girl’s body and she screamed in tears, she was almost crying and I laughed again. Seeing her in that state was so funny.

After two hours, the movie finally ended and I smirked. I looked at Naomi who had been holding on to my arm, totally shaken from the horror movie we both watched. I felt her boobs on my arm and I groaned. The bulge under my trousers because stiff and I know that if I don’t leave here immediately, I won’t be able to control myself. I yanked my arm from her and stood up and she also stood up immediatetly.
“W…..here…..are…..you….go….ing?” She asked, stammering.

“I’m going to my room. I’ve got work to do in my room”. I said and I walked upstairs not even allowing her to reply. I guess I had revenge for what she did to me.

She made Alan Roderigo Sanchez to beg for his own food and she has to pay. I smirked and walked inside my room


🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
I layed on my bed, totally shaken from the horror movie I just watched with Alan. Gosh!! He is so wicked. He didn’t even care if I was afraid. He has no feelings. I tossed on my bed. I couldn’t sleep. The thought of that monster kept replaying in my head and I shivered. Suddenly, I became thirsty. And I had to go to the kitchen to take water. Gosh!! How will I do that now?? I gather courage and stood up. I walked out of my room and went inside the kitchen. I was still afraid but I summon courage and took a glass cup and walked up to the dispenser to take water. As I was drinking, I saw a big figure coming towards the kitchen. I became so afraid. My eyes caught the big baseball bat I saw under the table where I stood and I took it. I waited for the figure to come closer. As it came closer, I was getting so scared and I thought I was going to pee on my body. As the figure came very close, I hid at the back of the door and……………


I hit the baseball bat on the figure’s head and it groaned and fell on the floor.
Wait…………..that wasn’t a monster.

“What is wrong with you Naomi??? Have you gone crazy”?? I heard Alan said in pains and groaned.
I covered my mouth. I had hit Alan with the baseball bat. Shit!!!!!


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