April 11, 2021


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The Widower Episode 61

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 61💜🖤

Joe walked into the parlour where strippers danced around poles and prostitutes winked at him..

‘You on the wrong side of town boy??’..One of the bikers with tattoos all around his body asked and he shook his head..

‘I’m looking for the one they call Sniper’..He said and the biker smiled..

‘Yeah I’m Sniper now what do you want before I blow your head off’..

‘Well I wanted to know if you know Jack Griffin’..

‘Jack?? Yeah he’s the one I supply my booze too,he’s kind of an addict you see’..Sniper replied and Joe smiled..

So Jack was doing drugs huh??…

Well Maddie won’t be too pleased to hear the news..


‘Mathew stop hitting your sister!!’..Maddie yelled at the six year old who was the bully of the class..

‘She called me a dunderhead Miss Maddie!!”..The little kid replied in tears and she sighed deeply..

‘Anita don’t call your brother a dunderhead next time you hear me?? Anyways where’s Kiki??’..She asked and the confused look on the children’s face took her aback and that was when she realized that Kiki was dead..

‘I heard her father killed her is that true Miss Maddie??’..Mathew asked and she felt shaken a little bit..

‘That…that isn’t…that isn’t…Okay it’s time for recess guys’..She stuttered and the children ran away at the sound of the bell..

She sighed deeply and tucked her hair behind her ear only for her to get a text from Joe..


‘Uhmm Cassy can you please help me cover up?? I have to leave now it’s an emergency’..She said to the kindergarten teacher,grabbed her sweater and headed out the door..


‘I left school so this has gotta be good Joe’…She muttered minutes later as she walked into Joe’s restaurant only for her to be surprised..

‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!’.. Everyone inside the restaurant said at the top of their voice and her mouth dropped..

‘Awww guys!! I even forgot that today is my birthday’..

‘Well someone else also forgot today’s your birthday’..Daniel murmured and she instantly knew who he was referring to..

‘Ohhh stop it Daniel I’m sure he doesn’t even know today’s my birthday’..I faked a chuckle and somehow felt bad..

‘What kind of a boyfriend doesn’t even know his girlfriend’s birthday?? Even Joe is your ex and he knows when your birthday is but your so called boyfriend only cares about doing….’..Daniel held himself and she instantly became suspicious..

‘Doing what?? What’s do you know Daniel??’..

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