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The Jerk From Prison Episode 35

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(She hates him)

Episode 35


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Rissa’s pov….
I glanced at the door and It turned out to be the maid. She was holding a mop and a bucket.

“I’m sorry for not announcing myself. I’m here to clean the room” She said still standing at the door.

“Get out” Mykel suddenly said and I turned to see if it was really him speaking.

“What…?” The maid muttered clearly confused too.

“I said you should leave!” He half yelled hoarsely.

The maid was startled and quickly exit the room shutting the door behind her.

I can swear that I’ve never seen him be this strict – being in command like he’s the boss or something.

Gosh! I can hardly believe it. Where has this part of Mykel been all this while? Is this how he really is?…

“Um…I want my nose ring” I said with a low voice putting up my palm for him to place it on it.

“You don’t really have to do all that make-up to look bad. Just your attitude towards them is enough to move your mom in thinking you’ve gone wayward” He said gently and dropped it on my palm.

I was still muzzled with how he spoke so calmly to me. Like he didn’t just order the maid out.

I chewed on my words not knowing the right word to reply him with.

He stepped back and went back to his chair which was right next to the window.
He just sat stiff and I suppose he could be thinking about his late parents..

I let myself out of the room coming up with a new act I would put up during lunch.

(Few hours later)

I spotted mom and dad around the big table at the garden. I guess they’ve served lunch already.

Mykel was there already but he wasn’t eaten. I fixed the free I wore and started going towards them.

I arrived at the table and took a seat right next to Mykel.

“How are your studies going, Rissa?” Dad asked operating his phone.

“I don’t know and I don’t care” I replied rolling my eyes.

“Oh come on, Rissa! What on earth is wrong with you? I’m sure you know better than to insult your parents” Mom said busy with her laptop.

God! What sort of family is this??..
I had lost my appetite already. I wish they never came back.

I glanced at Mykel and caught him picking on his food.

After some minutes, Mom shut down her laptop while dad put his phone away.

“Let’s pray and get this over with. Rissa, you’re leading Grace” Dad said bowing his head.

“I’m not leading grace” I replied and mom gave me a fiery stare.

“I no longer believe in God so….I’m not gonna say the grace” I added folding my arms.

Dad fumed with anger as he stared at me while the look on mom’s face was priceless.

I think this is going well, is it?

*I’ll say the grace* Mykel’s voice came up and we all stared at him, speechless.


“Bless us oh Lord for these thy gifts that we’re about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.” He prayed and started eating.

I shrugged and began eating too.
I wasn’t expecting him to say that. It makes me think he’s not a bad boy after all. I’m sure they have churches in prison.

**(At Night)**

Mykel’s pov…
I couldn’t sleep as I reminisced about how Rissa looked at me after I asked the maid to leave.

Well, I’ve always been cold and strict from the start but when i noticed how Rissa was so sad and alone, I decided to be more of a talker than a snob.

She have taken advantage of that so many times but I overlooked it because if I actually treated her coldly, she would feel worse than she is now.

I don’t know why I feel like she shouldn’t have witnessed that.
Argh!!…I can’t think in this room.

I got out of the bed and left the room completely. I think the balcony is a great place to get some air…

I went to the balcony and met someone standing and holding onto the railings.

There’s no doubt it’s Rissa.

I started going close to her when I heard her sniff. I paused and listened to the sounds.
She’s crying! Why?…

I touched her shoulders and turned her to face me.

“Mykel?!” She called surprised.

I pulled her and she hugged me tightly.
I batted my lashes, stunned.

She wasn’t making any sound but I felt her tears on my shirt which made it wet.

“They don’t care about me” She whispered In a flaccid tone.

“Have you ever told them what your thoughts are?” I whispered back.

“Yes, but they still don’t care” She mumbled.
I remained speechless just patting her hair.

“Mykel?” She called.

“Yes?” I replied staring at the dark skies.

“Can we please stay out here for a while?” She asked tearfully..

**(Somewhere else in that same city)**

A tall and dark man walked into a busy casino with people of different styles and wealth having fun gambling or just getting entertained by strippers.

He tucks his gun properly in his belt and covers it up with the black heavy coat he wore. He approaches the table he had eyes on since he came in.

The table is surrounded by men in white suit and a few girls dressed in exotic evening gowns. There was also a bar tender who was overseeing the game that was going on at the table. Then shows the main personnel at the table, Mr Frosh with his opponent.

The casino is his favorite place among all the exciting stations in the whole world. He’d rather sit with other wealthy men like himself and gamble over millions of dollars.

“Sir” The dark man called and the laughter at the table seized.

They all paused and drew their attention to the man that had just interrupted.

Mr Frosh removes the cigarette in from his mouth and puffs smoke in the air.
He’s eyes was dust red and lips dried from the cigar.

“Vincent. Took you three stupid days to report back to me. What do I call this act, huh??” He glowered glaring immensely at him.

The so-called Vincent, tightens up his jaw and bites hard on his tongue.

“I have a piece of information that might interest you, sir” He stated ignoring his question.
No apology, no explanation at all.

Mr Frosh squinted his eyes and beckoned him to come forward.
Vincent moved fearlessly towards him and whispers to his hearing.

“I found the boy you’re looking for. He goes to a rich school now and guess who he’s staying with?…” He paused to make it more dramatic.

“Your greatest enemy – Edward” He completed and Frosh sighed quite livid.

“I heard Edward’s running for president as well as I am. I have a feeling he’ll win with all the recommendations. Well, back to the boy. We need to get to work! Gather the boys….we have an important meeting tonight” Frosh declared huskily.

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