April 11, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 34

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(She hates him)

Episode 34


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Rissa’s pov
“Mom, dad? What the f***k took you both so long?” I asked leaning on the couch.

Mom’s jaw dropped while dad’s lips twitched. I remember clearly dad banned the use of bad words in the house by there are moments when rules needs to be broken.

“Rissa, what’s the meaning of this?” Mom asked coming close.

“I’m sure Caleb’s son has influenced her with bad traits!” Dad blunted heading for the dinner table.

Mom ignored him and went ahead to check it I was alright.
I hope this works. I’m not sure I know my parents too well.

Oh Gosh! What if dad simply hires a psychologist to talk to me.
No…thats torture.
Why didn’t I think about this before? Well, its too late to turn this ship around.

“What the he.ll are you doing, mom? Do I look sick to you??” I asked sternly.

“Shut up, Rissa! What has gotten into you??” She asked with curiosity written over her face.

“I don’t know why both of you came back? But here’s the thing, I don’t f***king need you” I yelled before storming upstairs.

I’m sure that got them good….


Leah still couldn’t wrap her fingers around the short scene that just played before her eyes.

She thought Rissa was just misbehaving. Well, she barely knows her daughter but what pierced her heart as a mother was when she said she didn’t need them.
Like, how could she be cool with such a statement from her only child??

“Did you hear that, Edward? She said she doesn’t need us!” She chided and started towards him who was sitting comfortably at the table ready for a cup of coffee.

“This is your fault. You bringing in that boy after I objected. He must have told her naughty things….”

“Oh, stop with the blames! Rissa is not a kid. And I already told you that she hates him so much. But she feels like she doesn’t need us. What do you think about that statement?” She asked quite perturbed.

Mr Edward rolled his eyes and picked up the little bell on the table. He rings it with a more pissed off look.

“Where are the maids??” He yelled agitated.

Leah sighed when she realized her husband cared less about what Rissa had said.

The maid, Vivian had arrived pushing the serving cart which contained two mugs of coffee and tea bags. She set down the things on the table and Mr Edward looked a lot calmer.

Soon, Leah noticed someone’s presence and turned around.

“Mykel!” She called excited and eager to introduce him to Edward.

Mykel gulped and removed his hands from his pockets. He ambled towards them fearlessly and stood next to her.

“Honey, remember the little Korean Mykel? The one that’s always holding a toy gun? And Rissa’s childhood friend, well, look how big he is now” She said grinning from ear to ear.

Edward was distracted with stirring the coffee and telling the maid what he needed to make it perfect for him.

He brought the cup close to his lips and was just about to sip when his eyes darted to the figure standing at the other side of the table.

All of a sudden, he choked on his drink and brought the mug down. He quickly wiped his lips with a napkin, his hands shaking as he did so.

“Good morning, sir” Mykel greeted studying him carefully.

Edward was reluctant for some seconds before responding.

“Good morning” He whispered and took his eyes to the table.

He seemed scared to maintain an eye contact, Mykel thought.

“We’ll talk better when it’s time for lunch. We’ll all meet at the garden, dear. You can go now” Leah dismissed him and he nodded.

After a short stare of Mr Edward, he started walking away.
He’s definitely acting in such a strange and dubious manner.

He might just be overwhelmed with how much Mykel looked like his father…
And his suspicions were right as he overheard his next statement.

“He looks so much like Caleb – In almost everything!” He said astonished.

“I know, right? He’s so adorable” Leah chimed in.

“I don’t think I can be comfortable living under the same roof with a boy that looks exactly like my late best friend. It’ll make me miss Caleb even more” Edward stated with a crumpled look.

“Awn, I can imagine how hard It’ll be for you, honey. But I see nothing wrong in Mykel staying here. You’ll be leaving soon for the meeting with other officials” She muttered.

“Yes. The election for the new president for the upper institution is coming up. The most important election ever. If I miss getting the seat this year, I’ll have to wait till next two years” He recalls perturbed.

“I also wanted to remind you that we need to double the guards around the mansion and probably stop the children from going to school to avoid them being hurt during the process” Leah said concerned.

“I won’t go through that stress. Nothing’s gonna happen. I don’t want the election to affect Rissa’s normal life” Edward replied drinking from the mug.

His wife sighed and lowered her head.
Her husband can be stubborn at times.

Rissa’s pov…
I was done getting rid of the hideous make-up from my face and there’s just one thing remaining.
The nose ring.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I wore it.

I tried removing it but it pricked my skin and hurt like hell itself.

Oh my goodness!
I was starting to hyperventilate.
What if the ring never leaves??? What if it stays on my nose forever??!!!

I was starting to freak out. I jerked up from my sit and rushed out of the room.

I needed help!…
I couldn’t remember how fast I ran but the next place I found myself was in Mykel’s room.

He was sitting on his chair next to the window.

“Mykel! The nose ring! It’s not coming out!!!” I cried immediately I got to where he was.

“Relax…It can be removed” He said standing up.

I kept wavering like this was the end of the road for me. What if it needs a surgery to be removed???

He came extremely close to me and slowly touched the ring. I had no idea how he easily pulled it out from my nose without it pricking the life out of the skin.

He was still standing very close to me and I could feel his breath on my skin.
Why isn’t he moving??…
It was just a break – a staring break.

Suddenly, the door creaked open and my heart skipped immediately.
Who’s there?…

What if its her dad?😱😱🙆

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