April 11, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 33

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(She hates him)

Episode 33


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Mykel’s pov….
I got on the bed and dropped my head on the pillow. This is not the first time she’s sleeping on the same bed with me but it made me feel awkward and more conscious of her moves.

I noticed she was shifting from me and then finally dropped one of the pillows at the center creating a demarcation.

Why can’t she just go to her room??

“Where’s Pineapple?” She suddenly asked and I pointed towards the couch. She was already fast asleep.

“Do you have a blanket you can use to cover her up from the cold?” She asked again and my eyes glinted.

“I’m not going to use my personal belongings on a dog. It’s not safe” I replied with folded arms.

“Like seriously? You care about yourself more than you care for the poor dog?? I thought you liked her” She blabbed from behind.

“Why don’t you go and get her special blanket from your room?” I bickered.

She stuttered for a while and shook her head.

“You know what? Let’s forget about the blanket. I think she’s fine” She rushed her words and turned to the side.

Wait a minute…
“You’re scared, aren’t you? I told you not to watch the movie, Rissa” I said and she scoffed…

“I’m not scared” She replied with a hint of scorn from her voice.
Oh good. She’s mad already.

“You’re denying it? Fine, I’m going to the guest room to sleep alone” I said and tried getting up from the bed hoping she’d stop me but she didn’t.

I got off completely and headed for the door when I felt a yank by my pants.
So, Rissa can actually hold me back??…

I turned with a smirk but got disappointed when I discovered that it was Pineapple that was biting on my pajamas pulling me back to stay.

The normal me would have knocked her off and leave the room but then, Rissa was still on the bed shaking.

I could feel it from where I stood.
Pineapple seemed to have noticed it too and that’s why she stopped me from leaving.
What a good dog…!

I sighed and retreated back to the bed. I climbed on it and covered myself up with the duvet. The pillow was still in between dividing us.

“Rissa…I know you’re scared and it’s okay to be scared. It’s nothing to hide. If you want, you can come close so I can cuddle you till you sleep, what do you say?” I asked getting a bit nervous.

She still wasn’t looking so I couldn’t tell if she was crying or just listening.

I guess she doesn’t want to be cuddled.
I’m sure if it was a couple of other girls, they would have hugged the life out of me but Rissa’s different, she hates me right from the start.

I turned off the light and removed the pillow that was demarcating us.

I drew inches closer to her and I didn’t think she realized.

“Does your parents travel this much?” I asked making efforts to start up an intriguing conversation.

“Yes” She muttered and faced heavenwards.

I could no longer see her face clearly now since I turned off the main lights.

“I’ve gone through this when I was still in Korea with my parents. They traveled a lot especially dad and I didnt like it one bit. There was eight nannies mom hired to the all the motherly works. It really wasn’t working for me, guess what I did?” I paused to ask.

She sighed.

“You ran away?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t make mom go through such stress. I actually turned bad. I did things mom warned me against. I made them stay home for two months trying to fix me back to the good child I was. Believe me, it was mad fun” I narrated, brimful of smiles.
I can never forget those days when I still had the best life.

“Sounds great. I’ll think about it, but for now…I need to get some sleep. Goodnight” She whispered and soon, there was ultimate silence.

I wonder how long it’ll take Rissa to get over the death of her father, because once I find out that he’s the one who wiped out my parents, I’m taking him down.

(Next Morning)

Mr Edward, Rissa’s father and her mom, Penelope arrived at their mansion after weeks of being away.

“I don’t like this idea of you leaving that boy alone with our daughter for days! He’s from prison, for goodness sake” Mr Edward peeved giving his wife a scalding look.

“I thought we’ve talked about this, Honey. He’s a harmless kid, he haven’t done anything wrong. You should see how neat and smart he is” She replied obviously won over by the little he knows about Mykel.

The Lamborghini stops in front of the building and the driver opens the door for the couple.

The maid had gathered to take in their things from the car.

“Hold on! Isn’t that Rissa’s old car. What in the world! She smashed it” Leah simpered overwhelmed with the bad shape of the once glittering red car.

“Guess she was having loads of fun without us” Mr Edward chimed with a half smile on his lips.

They finally enter the house and the first to welcome them was Pineapple.

“Oh my! How are you, dear?” Leah giggled and rubs her fur.

“Good morning sir, ma’am. What would you like for breakfast?” Vivian, one of the maids asked.

“Just coffee” She replied and off the maid went.

Suddenly, the sound of loud footsteps coming down from the stairs interrupted them and they drifted their attention to it.

Before their very eyes, is their sixteen years old daughter dressed in black and wore a dark make up.

“Rissa???” Her mom called stupefied.

“What happened to your colorful clothes?” Her father asked short of words.

“Honey, did somebody die??” Her mom asked wide-eyed.

Rissa wore a smirk the entire time and her arms folded. She’s definitely ready to give her parents a thousand reasons on why they should stay back.

I’m sure I won’t disappoint😌

Goodnight fam💯
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