April 11, 2021


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The Jerk From Prison Episode 32

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(She hates him)

Episode 32


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Rissa’s pov:
“You should see my project! It’s definitely going to get an A plus. And I didn’t even have to waste time taking Mykel’s videos like you both asked” I said with Alex and Zoe on the phone.

“This ain’t fair, Rissa. We had a deal…” Alex mumbled.

I rolled my eyes.
“I thought you both know me so well by now! I can’t possibly do something so humiliating” I chided.

“I guess you have a point” Zoe stated dolefully.

“Alright, I have to go now. We’ll video chat next time” I said looking around the bedroom.

“Bye, Rissa” They chorused and I disconnected the call.

I’m mad happy about tomorrow – Mom and dad are gonna drop by.

I’m sure their visit won’t last…
They’d still run off the next week claiming an emergency meeting was fixed.

I sighed and left the room. It’s not quite messy but I’ll still have the maids clean it up.

I suddenly heard the sound of a piano playing softly from downstairs.
Hold on…that is dad’s piano.
He doesn’t like anyone touching it and I wonder why…

Mykel’s so dead if I find out that he’s the one touching it.

As I sauntered down the stairs, Pineapple showed up and followed me.
I picked her up when I noticed something glittering around her neck.

I checked what it was and it turned out to be my necklace.
The maid must have put it there.
It had my name on it…

We got to the feet of the stairs and I could see his back facing us. His black hair was a bit curly at the ends but it still looked less prison like.

The sound of the piano died down and stopped entirely. He turned and left the seat he was on.

“That piano belongs to my father” I said surly.

He remained mute for a while and took few steps to the glass windows.
It’s a long row of windows and you can see the outside from there.

“My dad is the one who taught your father how to play the piano” He muttered and I folded my lips not knowing what to say.

Well, I thought my dad learnt playing the piano from the best players in the world.

“Rissa….” He called out and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Do you want me to leave?” He asked mutely.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean by ‘leave’?” I asked getting a bit nervous.

“You know what I mean. Do you want me to go somewhere else…? I mean, leaving your house for good?” He asked marching towards me In a slow pace.

For a moment there, I forgot he was moving close.

“Why aren’t you answering?” He asked squinting his eyes.

“I don’t want to answer that and you can’t force me to” I groused and sat on one of the sofas at the living room.

I wanted him gone right from the first day he stepped foot into this mansion.
I wished he would disappear because he’s one of the bad kids that went to prison.

And also, he was a friend from the past. He have lost both his parents while I still have mine – it’s sad and awkward at the same time.

I also thought of relaxing to the idea that he’s acting as my elder brother but it still didn’t comfort me.
Then, watching him date the annoying doctor right In my father’s house….

He should go.

Lucas’s pov
Dating Rissa could be awkward. I mean, I intend to date her for a week and then break up with her.

How dumb is that??….

But I’ve already made a bet with my friends. I can’t go back now. They’d think I’m weak.

So, next week, I’ll ask Rissa to be my girlfriend and I’m sure she’ll accept immediately.

Rissa’s pov
It’s almost time for bed but I don’t feel like sleeping right now.

I met Mykel at the living room with Pineapple right next to him. They seemed to be watching a movie.

He turned his head and saw me coming.
His eyes dimmed immediately and he stared for a long time before looking away.

I know! I’m putting on my favorite pajamas which is starting to get a little too small for me.

It’s exposing a little areas though.
I didn’t mind because I used to be alone at the house but now, he’s here.

I sat on a separate sofa and Pineapple rushed to me.

“Um…Rissa. This movie is for people with strong and brave hearts. There’s a lot of horror scenes in it” He said pausing the movie.

I scoffed and folded my arms.

“Are you trying to say that I’m not strong and brave at heart???” I asked placing my hands on my waist.

“That’s not what I mean….”

“Then, let’s watch the movie together and stop arguing. I’ve watched worse!” I bluffed relaxing on the sofa.

“Hold on….my mom deleted this channel. How did you get it back?” I asked amazed.
She deleted the channel so I won’t watch horror films and get scared.

“I won’t reveal how I did it. Now, are you watching or not?” He asked turning the movie back on.

I held onto Pineapple unsure of what I’m about to get into.

The movie had to do with witches dressed in black, long hats and other creepy stuff.
Even vampires and werewolves were involved.

The scenes became more weird and crazy.
I looked around to realize I had moved into Mykel’s sofa…
I had no idea!…

He sat comfortably watching the movie.

Why isn’t he scared of the transformation??!

I looked away from the TV and snuggled with Pineapple. I had just witnessed a horrible scene that keeps replying in my mind. It felt like I was part of the movie.

“Rissa, are you alright?” Mykek asked touching me.

“Yes, I am but sleepy. Let’s all go to sleep. It’s late already” I replied.

He turned off the TV and I started going up the stairs following him closely.
He entered his room and I followed him in.

“What’s wrong?” He asked shutting his door.

“Nothing, let’s all just share the bed like a big happy family” I said giving him a pleading look.

He chuckled.

Happy family in deed😹😹

I’m sure this has happened to some of us.

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