April 17, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 8

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(its all starting again)

(when the rich fall for the poor)
Written by bella writes
Season 2 (episode 8)
💭melanie pov 💭
“Do you feel well enough to talk now” he said bringing me to reality

For a while now have been wrapped in his arms and i never moved or say anything

But when he spoke i realised what i was doing and i moved away from him

He is the king for crying out loud abd francis had asked me to stay away from him

So why then did i let him carry me?, why did i feel so safe in his arms?, i thought as i starred at him

” your still in shock, you need to sit ” he said

“No, i would head to my room now , sorry for having bothered you ” i said

“Its no bother and besides your not well enough to be on your own , let me accompany you” he said

“No,please dont, i would like to be on my own,please” i said as i quickly walked off

I got to the hall and stood there for a while , thinking about what just happened a while ago

That room reminded me of something, what i could remeber mostly was myself naked on the bed with a guy

What kind of life had i lived in the past, why am i suddenly remembering things

I need to talk to francis, yes francis would know about this, he had to know cause he had brought me into this house where i keep remembering things

I went insearch of francis only to be told that he had gone out with the queen

I wondered why he went out with Sarah and not with his uncle or alex

I then asked the maid for a phone which she told me that it could only find in the king study

That meant seeing alex again and i didnt want that

I then went back upstairs feeling tired, i just wanted to sleep a bit

I got there only to get lost, i could not remember the room given to me, so i chose a room and opened the door and then i went in

It was getting dark a bit and it was hard to see the room clearly

But i felt so familiar with the room, i felt that have been in it before

Feeling the pain of the headache, i went to the bed and layed on it

Everything felt so familiar, even the scent on the bed felt so very familiar

Breathing out a sigh, i let sleep take over.

I woke up with a jolt, i was breathing too fast and i was sweating a lot

I had been dreaming, a very bad one, i thought as i turned on the lamp light of the room

I was shocked to find him sitting on one of the chair starring at me

“What are you doing here? This is my room leave” i said

” i should be asking you that, what are you doing in my room” he said as he stood up to turn on the light

Then to my horror i saw that it was his room

” oh my God, i didnt know, i got lost on the way and decided to enter a room, i felt its familiarity and i thought that it was my room, am sorry, i would leave now” i said wanting to leave but he stopped me

” not so soon, tell me why you called out my name in your sleep” he said

” what? You must joking, why would i call your name” i said

” am serious about this melanie, why did you call my name”

“I didnt call your name and you should leave me alone” i said angrily

” you are remembering things right? Things that you choose to keep hidden” he said

” am not hiding anything,what you saw at the maid quaters today is nothing,so just forget about it and leave me alone” i said jerking off my hand

I head out only to hear sarah coming, i quickly locked the door and starred at him

” its your wife, if she sees me here,she will think the worst” i said frighteningly

Immediately he took my hand and walked me into a spacious closet, where he gently pushed me in and got in with me

” why are you ……”

“Shhhh……she musnt see me too in the room” he said and i kept shut

I could hear sarah calling for him outside but he didnt respond

I turned my head to stare at him and instead i saw him starring at me

The cupboard was full of clothes that it was hard for us to stand seprately

He was all over me, he had his body pressed to mine and instead of feeling disgusted, i felt that this kind of scene had happened before

I starred at him again only to see him still starring at me

I had to get out of here, i need to get out of here, i thought pushing him but he held my hand

And did the unthinkable……….he kissed me


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