April 11, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 7

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(its all starting again)

(when the rich fall for the poor )
Written by bella writes
Season 2(episode 7)
💭alex pov
I could have swear that i was starring at melanie

It was the same smile,she had the same smile my melanie had

“Love?are you okay”sarah said making me come back to reality

“Uh?what did you say,my mind was somewhere else”i said

“I was just saying that you should tell melanie here how much you love me,afterall you married me because you love me right ?”she said

“Of course i did,why else would i marry you”i said as i tried to focus

“Well if we are talking about marriage ,when are you two planning on getting married”my mom said

Francis took hold of melanie hand and kissed it and suddenly i felt so very angry

“We still arent sure yet but when we have settled down ,we both will start a life together”francis said those last statement starring at me

Did i just see a look of triumph in his eyes or could i be imagining things,i thought as i starred at them

Through the rest of the dinner,i didnt say much,i kept on thinking about melanie

I was glad when it was finally over and everyone went back to their room

I stayed in the study thinking about what had happened since today

Why does this melanie keeps on reminding me about the melanie from the past

She had the same smile, if Melanie was alive, I bet that she would be just like her

And when she smiled a while ago, It made me remember my melanie

Could all this be a coincidence or is it……No no, I musnt believe such rubbish, My melanie died right in my arms and we burried her, That melanie with francis couldnt possibly be her, It just couldnt

The house was quiet when i went back upstairs

I passed through her doorway and i found myself stopping in front of it, I gently pull on the handle and it opened freely

Melanie doesnt lock her room and this melanie doesnt lock her room too, I thought as i went in

It took me sometime to get used to the darkness in the room,and when I could see well, i saw her laying there on the bed Sleeping , She looked so fragile and beautiful, Just how melanie always looked when she was asleep

I gently left the room just as i got into it, Now more than ever i feel that there is something wrong somewhere but what could it be……,I thought as i went back to my room

The next day,i had woken up early as always

I was coming back into the palace with the other escourts when i saw her by the balcony

She stood by it starring up at the sun and i couldnt stop myself from admiring her beauty

As if she knew i was there,she starred down at me

Once our eyes met,she bowed gently and then went back into the room

“Your majesty shall we?”the minister beside me said and together we went in

All through the meeting i kept on thinking about Melanie ,i just dont know why i couldnt get her out of my thoughts

throughout lastnight,i kept on thinking about her,i could hardly get a good sleep

I just have this feeling,this weird feeling but i dont know what name to put on the feeling

All i know is that there is something about her that makes me remember my Melanie and i had to know why,I had to know why before I go mad

I got out of the study just in time to see her going into the maid quaters

I gently followed her,i wanted to see what she would do or how she would react

Secretely i followed her,she waited to check out some things and pictures and i found myself watching every little move she made

Just then i saw her stop for a while,she was starring at the maid quaters,melanie room most especially and she was holding her head

I wanted to go to her but i stopped,i had to see what she would do

💭melanie pov 💭
I stood in the maid quaters feeling a bit sick

Somehow this particularly place made me feel like have been here before

And out of nowhere ,memories began flooding in,maybe its all in my imagination,i thought as i I began to feel a throb in my head

Its quite strong here,the memories,the blurry ones were the ones coming i n

I gently held my head as it came rushing in

“I love him”

“Stay away from him”

“I cant be with him,he is not the one for me”

“Just stay away”

Somehow i felt that that person was me but i could hardly see the person i was talking to

It was all coming in too fast, the last thing i saw were two figures on the bed,making love

I gasped out loud when i saw clearly that the person on the bed was me

The pain in my head stopped and i found myself crying

“Are you okay”i turned on seeing alex beside me

He had a worried look on his face and he was shaking me gently

“Tell me whats wrong Melanie “he said and somehow i could tell that his voice looked like the voice i just heard when i remembered some things from my past

“Talk to me”he said holding my cheeks and i nodded a no

And before i knew it,he had carried me into his arms,i couldnt talk or say anything,all i knew was that i wanted to be in his arms

He got somewhere and put me down gently on the seat

“Now tell me melanie whats wrong?”he said as he pushed some strands of hair away from my face

“I dont know alex,i just need you to hold me”i said without thinking

He stood up and sat beside me on the chair and then he hugged me

I didnt know why but it felt so good in his arms,it felt so right being in his arms……….


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