April 17, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 6

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(its all starting again)

(when the rich fall for the poor )
Written by bella writes
Season 2(epispode 6)
💭melanie pov 💭
I stood in the room along with the maid and doctor

The queen was still unconcious and they were trying to revive her

I just stayed behind watching it all and thinking about what she called me

A ghost,she had called me a ghost but why would she call me that

The unconcious queen gently opened her eyes

“What happened”she said holding her head

“You fainted your highness”the doctor said

“The queen is fine ,nothing is wrong rith her”the doctor said to me and gently taking a bow,he walked off

The queen opened her eyes fully and when she saw me ,she sat up

“Easy,you might faint again”i said

“Who are you?”she said

“Am melanie and i…….”

“Your the ghost from the past and Youve come haunt me,please forgive me”she said as she began to cry

just then the door opened and the king along with francis came in

The king went to his wife side while francis stood beside me

“Alex,she is a ghost ,its melanie,its melanie”she said as she hugged the king

“I think its best you leave”he said gently to us

Francis nodded gently and took my hand and then we both left the room

💭alex pov 💭
“Alex dont let the ghost come to me please”

sarah kept on saying and each time i found myself wanting to believe that Melanie is a ghost but each time i remembred holding her dead body and the grave,i wake up back to reality and tell myself softly that melanie is dead

“Melanie is dead sarah ”

“But she is the one there,i saw her there”she said

“That lady over there is not the melanie we know,the melanie we knew died,she is francis fiancee and she came here to support him “i said and she starred at me

“But they look so alike and she is……..she also has the same name” sarah said

“She does have the same name but a different surname,cant you see that this melanie is different,she quite posh,she dresses classy and she is rich,the only way she could have met francis is if she is rich and melanie and her mother was never rich “i said

“Thank God she is not back from the dead”sarah said smiling

And suddenly i felt sick touching ,i stood up and went to stand by the window

“You have to apologise to her,you behaved like a crazy person around her andi dont want anything that would lead to fight between francis,dad and i”i said

“That is simple,if you want me to go and say sorry then i will and dont worry i wont be a problem,its been a while since you held me that way,come and do it again”she said stretching forth her hand

“Get dressed ,we will eating with them”i said as i left the room

Just thinking about melanie today has brought back a lot of memories ,memories i would rather have kept burried

💭melanie pov💭
“I dont get it francis,why did she call me a ghost”i said out loud as i stood by the mirror putting on the rest of the make up for dinner

We were to dine with them this night,francis had been given a room and i had been given a room too

According to their custom and traditions,a single male shouldnt be sleeping with a single female in the same room

“Well to me i think they are trying to use this to get to me” he said as he came to stand behind me


“This is their way of wanting to send me away from the palace,its the queen now but later on,it would be the king”he said

I thought about what he said and couldnt see how that related to them calling me a ghost

“Look Melanie during our stay here,i would want you to stay away from them,dont listen to anything they say,i suspect that this is alex plan,please my love dont go near him or his wufe,just let me handle them”he said and i nodded gently

He gave me a kiss and together we went downstairs

They were all there,the great queen and king and also the current queen and king

I saw the king give me a strange stare before hugging me,i knew there was something behind his stare

The queen was different ,she pulled me into a hug and treated me like their family

We all sat down eating and then the questions began mostly from alex

“Tell us Melanie ,do you still have your parent”he said gently

“Well i do still have a mother but not a father “i said

“How did you and francis meet cause from what i read about him in the news,he is what they call a womanizer,how did you manage to steal his heart”this time sarah asked the question

I was about answering the question when francis began to talk

“Yes i was once known as an womaniser but when i met this charming lady of mine,i knew she was the one destined for me,it was love at first sight,i believe you would know the feeling alex,afterall you married sarah because you love her so much”he said

I saw the smile on sarah face fade away and i saw alex starring at me too

They both dont look happy with what francis said,did it mean that they got married without love

I thought still starring at them……

“You sure are right cuz,i married this lady here because i love her too and am sure that melanie knows too right?”he said starring at me

I starred at him back and saw him starring at me

He had been watching me through tge whole dinner and he had made me join in their conversation

“You are right your majesty,what good would it do if you dont love your partner before marriage”i said and gave him a smile

A smile i knew made him remember something or someone


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