April 11, 2021


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The Widower Episode 60

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 60💜🖤

12am and Maddie yawned as she walked into the house and thankfully everything was clean like nothing even happened..

‘You should’ve booked a hotel to stay for the night’..Jack said from behind her with a frown on his face..

‘Yeah Joe and I had a great time and he also introduced me to his girlfriend’..She murttered..

‘So you didn’t answer any of my calls or texts only for me to know that you have been spending hours with your ex?!!’..He yelled..

‘Well yes I did spend time with him but we weren’t alone if that’s what you’re implying!! I met his girlfriend and if you trusted me enough you would know that I would never cheat on you but apparently you do not!!’..She yelled back in tears..

‘Madd…Maddie I’m…Maddie I’m sorry’..He pleaded as he followed her into the room..

‘I’m tired okay?! I’m done with your excuses every single time!!’..She screamed and he wrapped her around his arms..

‘I’m sorry,I just don’t want to lose you’..

‘You’re not’..

‘I know’..

‘Mmmh you’re hard aren’t you’..A chuckle escaped her lips as she patted his shoulder which made him smile..

Joe was up to something and it was ruining their relationship bit by bit..

‘Uhmm Jack have you ever thought of therapy??’..She asked and he rolled his eyes…

‘Here we go again,first Mac and now you??’..

‘Well maybe he’s right,there’s something unusual about you and it’s just that you’re—

‘A ticking time bomb.For heaven’s sake why does everyone keep telling me this?? I lost my daughter and it’s devastating which is true but I’m trying to move on and if everyone keeps telling me how mentally unstable I am then maybe i won’t be able to!!’..He protested and she rested both hands on his shoulder..

‘Why don’t you just try and maybe just go to one appointment??’..

‘Why don’t you forget about this topic love?? We’re both too young to be worried about all of this and trust me I’m fine’..He kissed her slowly on the mouth and before she knew it his hands went under her skirt..

‘What are you…Oh my!’..She gasped as he took off her underwear and pushed her hard against the refrigerator..

‘You have been really turned on lately,you okay??’..She moaned as he rammed into her and he smiled..

‘What’s the problem??’..He asked as he pinched her nip*les which made her let out a sharp cry..

He had never been like that before and she definitely knew something was wrong with him…

She had to find his drawer keys..

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