April 11, 2021


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The Widower Episode 59

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 59💜🖤

Maddie got home from work tired and the moment she opened the door she was flabbergasted beyond repair..

The whole house was a mess judging from all the ripped out napkins and all the broken dishes on the ground..

She started hearing screams and when she ran inside she found Jack beating her brother to a pulp..

‘What the hell??!! Jack leave him alone!!’..She screamed and Daniel faked a very loud cry to make it look authentic..

‘Madd..Maddie he…he…’..Jack stuttered but couldn’t find the words to explain himself..

The truth was that he was still high when Daniel returned from school and started blabbing about how much he was a terrible father..

He held his cool for a very long time until Daniel said he was the reason Kiki died and then all hell inside of him went loose..

‘He’s a monster Maddie!! He’s a monster!’.. Daniel gasped for air and just on cue Joe came in on the scene..

‘What is going on here and oh….Oh wow you’re a mess’..He said acting surprised to see Daniel’s face..

‘What are you doing here??’..Jack asked..

‘Well Maddie invited me to lunch to make up for the disastrous dinner last night’..He replied and Jack sent a haughty look at Maddie’..

‘You know what?? I’m done with this toxic masculinity!!! Joe come with me let’s go somewhere else! And the both of you clean up this mess!!’..She screamed at the top of her voice..


‘You okay??’.. Joe asked as he handed her a takeout pack which was filled with cheese burgers and fries..

‘Okay?? There’s no way I’m okay and I just feel like I’m in a toxic environment!!’..She snapped but he just smiled instead and headed her a milkshake..

‘Well are you sure you’re in a toxic environment or in a toxic relationship??’..

‘What are you now?? A shrink?’..

‘Ohh I’m not a shrink,think of me as a friend and tell me everything that’s going on’..He said and she sighed deeply..

‘Well Jack is like a ticking bomb and I don’t blame him for that because he’s both over Kiki’s death—no one is actually but sometimes he’s always so romantic and loving,and when he’s not that he’s always moody and jumpy’..

‘Well maybe he’s hiding something from you,have you noticed some unusual behavior in him lately??’..Joe asked knowing where he was fully going with the mind games..

‘Hmmm I’m not—

‘Just check his drawers for anything,you don’t have to worry everything is going to be okay’..He cut her off and she rested on his shoulder..

Deep down he knew nothing was going to be okay..

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