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The Mafia Lord Episode 11

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The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 11
June PoV
“ what can I do to make you happy?”. Troy asked hugging me
I disengaged from the hug and looked at him.
“ what can I do?”. he asked again wiping my tears
“ I just want to be happy”. I replied
“ do you want to come over to my place and play with Tricia?”. he asked
“ really?”. I asked, can I really do that?
“ sure”. he replied, you made a promise to her
“That will cool”.i said
“ can we go now?”. He asked
“ sure”. I replied and nodded at Sara who was watching us quietly with a surprised look before leaving the room with Troy
He was silent throughout the drive , it was obvious he was lost in thought
“ what are you thinking of?”. I asked
“ nothing”.he replied
“ are you sure”.he asked
Sure”.he nodded flashing me a smile
He parked in front of his mansion and we got down from the car
We Walked Into the mansion and met a guy injecting himself ,he was shirtless as has lot of tattoos on his body
“What is he doing “. I thought
“Andy you can’t do that stuff here”. Troy queried him
he mumbled an apology and glared at me
“ hi”. I greeted
“ hi”.he grunted
“ what is wrong with him?”. I wondered, it was obvious he does not like him
“ you can go over to Tricia”.Troy instructed
“ can you take me to her room?”.I asked
“ sure”. he replied
He climbed up the stairs and I followed behind him
He stopped in front of a room next to his and pushed it opened
“Dad June”. Tricia called standing from the bed. She hugged Troy before hugging me
“ how are you Tricia?”. I asked ruffling her hair
“ I am fine”. She replied. I thought you won’t come, I was very lonely. Thanks for keeping to your promise
“ I will leave you two to have fun”.Troy grunted and turned to leave
“Dad”. Tricia called
He turned to look at her
“ can you take me to the fun park? She asked,I want to ride on the rollar coaster
“ I can’t”. he replied , I don’t have the time
“June, help me plead with my dad”. She pleaded looking at me
I looked at Troy and he scoffed
“Please Troy”.I pleaded, I also love the rollar coaster
“I don’t ……..”
“ pleeeeaaaassse”. I pleaded cutting him short
“ fine”. he replied, meet me downstairs

Troy PoV
“ what are you saying Troy?”.Andy asked, you are going to ride the rollar coaster with your daughter
“ yes”. I replied
“ you know that is too dangerous”. He warned, you have too much enemies and I am sure they are watching your every move. What if they find out you have a little daughter?what if they threaten her life?he asked
“ quit worrying Andy, it is just for today”. I replied
“But why? You have never done that before?”. He asked
“ she asked for it?”. I replied shrugging
“ she always ask for it but you don’t listen to her, is it because of June?”. he asked
“ what are you talking about?”. I asked
“ you doing it because you like her”. He replied
“ hell no, she is just a friend”. I defended
“ I know you well Troy………”
He stopped when he saw June and Tricia heading down the stairs
“ Dad can we go now”.Tricia asked in excitement
“ sure”. I replied
I drove over to the fun park and Tricia kept screaming in excitement
I looked at her and smiled, I have never seen her this happy
“Daddy”. I love you”. She said with her tiny voice
“ I love you too baby”. I replied, this was my first time telling my daughter I loved her
I glanced at June and she was grinning

“Dad Let us go ride together”.Tricia said urging me to join her
“No baby”. I will just watch and June from here”. I replied
“ please June hold her tight”.i pleaded
I watched them as they went over to the smaller roller coaster for a ride
“Troy”. a familiar voice called behind me
I turned and met the gaze of Steph
“Are you stalking me?”. I asked her
“No. She replied, I came over here to relax and I saw you seated here”. She explained. You came here because it them right?”. She asked staring at Tricia and June
“ it is none of your business”. I replied her
“But Troy……,,”
“Just get lost”.i barked
“Daddy let me ride one more time”.Tricia pleaded
“ we have to go now baby”. I replied carrying her
“ why?”. She asked squeezing her face
“It is getting late and i need to take June home”. I explained
“ will you bring me here again?”. She asked
“ I will”. I promised
“ what is wrong?”. I asked June, she looked gloomy
“ nothing”. She replied , can you take me home now?”. She asked
“ sure”. I replied as we all headed to the car ……….

Yakusa pov

“ what do you mean we lost our top client to Troy?”. I asked Carl
“I am sorry”. he apologised, what are we going to do about him?”. he asked
“ nothing”, I replied
“ why can’t we just kill him?”. he asked
I looked at him and laughed
“ why Boss?”. he asked again
“ because I like him”. I replied
“ really?”. he asked, he betrayed you , he betrayed the syndicate and now he is competing with you
“ That is more reason why I like him”. I replied ,
“Yakusa”. he called
“ I will give him one more chance, I will make a deal with him”, I suggested
“ what deal?”. he asked
“he has to choose either to be my friend or enemy”. I replied laughing
June PoV
June will you come over tomorrow?”. Tricia asked on our way home
“ I will”. I replied and smiled when she screamed in excitement
I looked at Troy and met his gaze
“ what?”. I asked him
“ what is wrong with you?”. He asked
“ nothing”. I replied
“Then why are you cold?”. he asked
“ I saw you talking to Steph”. I blurted,are you still together?
He looked at me and laughed
“ how did you see that? I thought you were having fun? Are you Jealous?”. he asked
“I am not just that my heart felt heavy when I saw you with her”. I replied innocently
He looked at me and smiled
“ why are you smiling?”. I asked him
“ because you are so innocent”. he replied
“ how?”. I asked
“ you just confessed your feelings without you knowing”. he replied
“ what feelings?”. I asked
“Never Mind “.he replied parking in front of the hostel
“ I will come over tomorrow”. I said
“ you are always welcomed”. He replied
I got down from the car and waved him good night
He nodded and drove off…..
I walked into my room smiling sheepishly and was surprised to see My parent and Mary …………
“Dad Mum”. I called in surprise,what are you doing here?”. I asked
“ where are you coming from young lady?”. My dad asked ignoring my question
“I went over to see a friend “.I replied boldly
“Which of your friend?”. he asked
“Troy”. I replied boldly and Mary gasped
“June what exactly are you doing to yourself?”. My mom asked, why will you come back from a guy room by this time
“ I am not doing anything bad”.i replied, why do you guys see the worst in your kids?”, i asked
“ we just want the best for you”.My Dad replied calmly
“ I know that and I love you both for that but you should have to trust us please”. I pleaded
“Fine”.he replied, but can you really take care of yourself?”.he asked
“ I can”. I replied, I am and adult
I glanced at Mary and she was smiling
“ fine”. he sighed , i will allow you make your decision but remember you must stay pure till marriage”. He warned
“Thanks Dad”. I replied hugging him
“Can we all stay here for the night?”. He asked
I looked at him in surprise
“ is he really asking me?”. I wondered
“ Sure Dad”. I replied glancing at Sara who was watching us quietly and she flashed me a smile
Wishing you all a merry Christmas ❤️

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