April 17, 2021


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L没st Or Love Episode 13

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馃挧馃拫[Craving for her body]馃挧馃拫

Rated 馃敒


馃挆馃挆Episode 13 馃挆馃挆
馃拫Phoenix Pov 馃拫
Cephar slowly removed his c**k from my p***y after releasing into me.

Leave, he said coldly as he wore his trousers just then Emily entered the bathroom looking surprised to see me naked and Cephar wearing his trousers I guess Cephar’s yelling drew her attention

And what’s going on here! Emily yelled as Cephar kept staring at her

Tell me Phoniex what’s going on here? Emily yelled as tears rolled down my face freely

Here wear it,She said as she gave me her night jacket which I wore

I don’t know what is going here but Phoniex will explain to me for which am sure but for now on I mustn’t see Phoniex with you or around you and am dead serious Cephar, she yelled as she angrily drew me from the bathroom and took me to my room


Tell what’s going on Phoniex? Emily said as I sat down on a couch inside my room

I can’t Emily, Cephar might kill me

No he is not now start talking,she said as I quickly explained things to her

All this have been going on and you didn’t tell Mr anything

Am sorry Emily I was just scared of Cephar that’s all

Its okay no need to cry I promise to help you anyway I can Phoniex I promise

Thank you very much Emily

馃拫馃拫 Emily’s POV 馃拫馃拫

After making sure Phoniex was sleeping peacefully, I went to Cephar’s room,I met him smoking

Cephar what’s wrong with you must sleep with every lady you come across and weaken them with their weakness,I yelled at him

Am sorry Emily, I know that I failed you again but please forgive me

I can’t

Please for me your little cousin

That is naughty and nasty

Am sorry I promise to make it up to you

Make it up hmmmm I love that,I said as an idea popped into my head

Yes Emily I promise ask for anything

Ok fine

Thank you,so what do you want? New cloths? New shoes? He asked as he operated his phone

New heart


Yes make it up to Phoniex and make sure she’s happy with you wholeheartedly


Yes cousin

But I can’t do that

Remember you promised,a promise is a debt and a debt is a sin remember cousin good night,I said as I smiled and left his room leaving with an option. Am so sure that Phoniex van change him for the best

Written by 脛bigail Adeola

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