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Girl In The Hoodie Episode 31

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💃 Girl In The Hoodie 💂
🎸 {Who is she…?} 🎸

🎧 Episode 31 🎧


✓ Holiday ✓

“Dad, my friends are here to meet you” I said to Dad, who was busy operating his phone.

“Your friends?” Dad asked
“Yes Dad, my friends from school” I replied
“Oh! Vicky and Ella??” Dad asked again and I fell on the sofa, frustratedly

“Dad I didn’t say my friends from QUEENSLAND, I mean my friends from ARIEL HIGH” I said agitatedly

“Oops! Sorry dear, I totally forgot about it, so are they waiting for me downstairs or they’re still on their way here?” Dad asked

“They’re already here, in the sitting room downstairs” I replied and went out.

Trust my Dad for that behavior, he will frustrate my life before he understands anything I say.

But he’s the best father ever!

Protective, Caring, Loving and Gentle.

I went downstairs to meet my friends, they’re already gisting about only God knows.

“Hey guys, he’s on his way” I said as I sat with Archie.

“Is that your Mom?” Wisdom asked, pointing at a picture frame of my Mom
“Yeah” I replied

“She seems familiar… Where is she?” Wisdom asked again

“She’s dead… A twerp murdered her and I won’t spare any of his family members, not even one!” I replied coldly

“Oops! Sorry” Wisdom said and my Dad came to join us
“Good afternoon sir” they all greeted

“Afternoon my children, how are you all?” Dad asked
“We’re fine sir”

Dad sat down on a single sofa and stared at them one after the other. He was still looking at them without saying a word when he suddenly jerked up.

“What’s wrong Dad?” I asked
“Who is he?” Dad asked, pointing at Wisdom
“He is also my friend, Wisdom” I replied
“Wisdom what?” Dad asked again

I don’t know why he is suddenly interested in knowing their full names.

“Wisdom Kingsley sir” Wisdom replied, trembling
Dad looked at me in surprise

“Kingsley??” Dad asked confusingly
“Yes sir” Wisdom replied
“Do you know him Dad?” I asked, standing up

“Don’t tell me you forgot everything Christiana?” Dad asked and I looked at Archie, then Monalisa, and Jessica, before staring back at Chris and Wisdom on my right hand side.

“What Dad? I don’t remember anything, what are you talking about Dad?” I asked in total confusion.

“Come on Tiana, don’t tell me you totally forgot about K.K” Dad said and I gasped on hearing the name

“Karen Kingsley???” I asked in full rage

“Yes, your ex boyfriend” Dad said and everyone stared at us in confusion, probably trying to figure out what we’re both talking about.

“Wait wait Dad… Don’t tell me Wisdom here, is somehow related to Karen??” I asked, fearing the answer

“It’s not only somehow, he is related to him by blood, he is the last son of the Kingsley’s family” Dad explained and I fell on the chair dejectedly

“But… Karen never mention to me about his younger brother, he only told me that he is the son of A.K” I said

“You know what Christiana, your ex boyfriend is the eldest son of Anthony Kingsley, and the youngest son is Wisdom Kingsley, who happens to be your friend” Dad said and I stared at Wisdom in fury.

“Is it true Wisdom?” I asked furiously

“I don’t get you, what are you talking about? Mentioning my dad’s name, my brother’s name, my whole family’s biography… I just… I don’t seems to understand” Wisdom replied and I stood up

“Let me tell you Wisdom, your own blood, your brother alongside your Dad murdered my Mom, they both murdered my mother!” I shouted and Archie held me down

“Calm down dear, who is KK, who is AK? Can you please explain to us why they killed your mother and how” Archie said and I sat down dejectedly as I narrated the whole story to them.

“AK was once one of my dad’s employees in his company in Canada, he was a loyal and honest man whom I respected so much. There was a day I met his son, who happens to be Wisdom’s elder brother, Karen. We flow along with each other with time, we started developing feelings for each other and later, he confessed his love for me and I accepted. We became lovers and everyone knows about it, his dad and my dad gave their consent to our relationship and it grew more stronger. But all these was cut short in just two days” I paused as I wiped my tears, and Archie pet me.

“What happened?” Jessica and Monalisa asked at the same time

“My Dad returned from New York City one day with a bag full of money and some important documents, none of us knows about AK’s intensions” I paused again

“What are his intentions?” Wisdom asked
“He was planning to elope with those money and documents” I replied

“What!?” They all exclaimed
“Yes, he told Karen about it but unfortunately my mom heard them”

“What now happened?” Chris asked and I sighed, remembering how they murdered my mum in cold blood.

“They saw her eavesdropping on them and trailed her till she got home, but unfortunately dad and I went out to catch some fun, on our arrival, we met mom lying lifeless on the floor in the sitting room”



“Mom why are you lying on the floor like this, get up” I said as I raised her head, and realized she was shot.

“Mom!!!!!” I shouted and dad fell on the sofa, sadly.

We reported the case to the cops and they came to search our house.

“Lead us to the CCTV room” the cops said and we led them there.

They operated the systems and saw who murdered her.

“KK and AK??” A gasp escaped my lips as I saw them on the system

“I never knew Anthony could do such a thing!” My dad said in annoyance

The cops searched for them but we discovered they had eloped from Canada.




Samyn was soaked in tears as she narrated her ordeals with my family. Archie pulled her in a tight hug as he console her.

“I never knew dad and big bro are bad, now I understand why they said we should leave Canada and come here, then after that, Dad became rich all of a sudden, I never knew he was such a fop!” I said angrily and Monalisa placed her palm on mine.

“It’s okay Wiz, it’s really not your fault, and you shouldn’t address your dad like that, hum?” Monalisa said and I nodded.

“And you?” Mr Hathaway said pointing at Jessica

“Me??” Jessica questioned as she stared at us in confusion

“Yes, who are you?” Mr Hathaway asked
“My name is Jessica… Jessica Gideon” Jessica replied

“Did you by any chance lived in Canada before?” Mr Hathaway asked
“Yes sir” Jessica replied

“Dad what brings these questions up? I really think you should forget about all these and let’s have fun” Jessamyn said

“Hold on Tiana,… And you? I guess you left Canada this year, right?” Mr Hathaway asked again

“Yes, my parents said we have to relocate to this country because my dad got transferred in his place of work to this city” Jessica explained

“Then you’re my daughter” Mr Hathaway said
“Your daughter??” We all asked in total confusion

“Yes… Christiana’s twin sister” Mr Hathaway said and we all stared at Jessica and Jessamyn.

“My twin sister??? How come??” Jessamyn asked.


To be continued…

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