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Dreams Episode 15

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 15
Delgado music school
Candace Noah
I woke up early on a Monday morning .
Chase was still not picking my calls and I was seriously upset
I stretched my hands to pick up my phone for a low stool beside the bed
I dialled Chase number and it was still the same result, it rang but he did not pick
he must really despise me now…..
Max! I called tapping him gently
he stirred in his sleep
Max! I called again gently and he mumbled some words before opening his eyes
Good morning! he greeted rubbing his eyes
Morning! I responded .
Go take your bath, I instructed him
I was expecting him to murmur but he didn’t instead he stood up quietly from the bed and walked into the bathroom
Good boy! I remarked
I stood up from the bed and pulled off my clothes
I pulled my towel from the wardrobe and wrapped it around me.
I sat on the bed and waited quietly for Max to return to the room
Oh Chase! I called as my mind drifted to him
What will he be doing? I sighed
My phone suddenly rang and I jump up hoping it would be Chase
I sighed in disappointment when I saw the caller , it was Zara
“hi Zara. I greeted as soon as I received the call
“How are you candy? she asked “
“I am fine. I sighed
Are you alright? She asked
“Yes, I replied
When will you be coming for the reference letter? She asked
“This morning”.i replied
“Okay then , I will see you in school. She ended the call……
“I am done”. Max announced while returning to the room
I stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom to freshen up
I soon returned to the room when I was done and went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing
I met my mom arranging the sitting room
Good morning! I greeted and she smiled
Did he call you? she asked
I shook my head
“Don’t worry he will . She assured me
But when mum? I asked, he is not even picking my calls
I guess he was really hurt but I am very sure he will come around
Fine! I sighed
I got to school and was surprised to see all eyes on me
Did I do anything wrong? Why are they all staring?
Candy! Zara called while running to meet me
hi Zara! I greeted
Guess what! She screamed , Chase came over to the school this morning
What! Are you sure about that? I asked
Yes, she replied excitedly. he left not quite long
Why was he here? I mean what did he come for? I asked rushingly
“I don’t know what he came for . She shrug, he went directly to the principal office
Why did he…….. I stopped when the bell rang
“Ooops! I need to get to class, I will call you later”. Zara said and ran off to the class
I climbed up the stairs to the principal office
I knocked on the door and waited for his response before I walked in
Good morning sir! I greeted
“Morning Miss Noah. he responded, you are here for the reference letter right ? he asked and I nodded
How did he know? I wondered
He scribbled some words into a paper and signed on it
“Here”. he said handing the paper to me
I took the paper from me and gasp in surprise at what I read
“Candace Noah is a diligent and studious student without any complaints. She believes in working hard and is loved by both teachers and students “
“Is this for real? I stared blankly at the paper
When did I become studious ?I wondered
Are you surprised? the principal asked and I nodded
“You should be ,because what I wrote down there is the direct opposite of you . he scoffed
Then why did write it sir?I asked
“Because your boyfriend donated a huge amount to the school”. he replied
Boyfriend? I asked in surprise
Yes boyfriend. or is Chase Delgado not your boyfriend? he asked
Chase! I called in surprise
I wondered how you were able to make him fall for you”. he drawled. anyways wish you all the best in your new school and don’t forget to thank your boyfriend for the donations”. he smiled
I walked out of the office feeling a lit relieved.
Chase came to the school just because of me, he still thinks of me and maybe he cares for me……..

Chase Delgado

I drove over to my manager”s house after I left candy’s School
That was the lest I could do to make her happy
My phone rang and as expected it was Candy
I allowed it to ring without picking it , I was in no mood to talk to her…….
Candace Noah
Getting to the music school , I alighted from the car and paid the driver
I sling my backpack across my shoulders and walked into the school compound
I sighted Loretta standing in front of a huge building
Loretta ! I called while scurrying towards her
Candy! she called smiling
Are you waiting for someone? I asked when I got closer to her
“I was waiting for you”. She replied, I feel nervous going into the director’s office all alone
Fine! Let us go. I said and we headed to the office together….
We got to Director”s office and walked over to the secretary desk
Good morning ma! I greeted , we are here to see the director
Do you have an appointment with him? She asked without looking at us
“Yes .. I mean No . I stuttered
She looked up at us with a puzzled expression
“We are here for registration. I explained
Oh! You are new students right? She asked and we nodded
“You can go in”. She smiled
I knocked on the door and we waited for his response before we walking in
Good morning sir! we chorus
“Morning! he responded looking up at us
how can I help you? he asked
“We are here for registration? Loretta replied shyly
I looked at her and smiled
Can I see your reference letter? he asked
“here sir. Loretta gave him hers while I opened my backpack to bring out mine
he glanced through Loretta’s letter and scoffed
“I wonder how you will be able to cope in this school with your shy nature”. he drawled
“Take this. he said handing her a form to fill
Can I have yours? he asked looking at me
“here sir”. I gave my reference letter to him
Are you Candy? he asked looking up at him
“Yes sir. I nodded and he smiled
Wow! he exclaimed, your father was right about you
I stared at him in surprise
Are you by chance his boss? I asked and he nodded
Oh sir! please pardon my manners , I never knew…
“It is alright dear. he smiled while handing me a form also
I filled it up with my details and gave it back to him
“Thanks very much sir , I appreciated and he smiled
Where do you know him from? Loretta asked on our way to class
“My dad works for him”. I replied and he was also the one who paved the way for me to get into this school
Oh! she exclaimed
And guess what!
What? she asked
he is Kira’s father”. I replied grinning
Are you for real? she gave me a surprised look and I nodded
how can a ………. she stooped when we heard students screaming
We ran hurriedly to the scene and we got there just in time to see Chase and a man on suit walking in
Chase! Chase! Loretta screamed in delight
“I am so much gonna love this school . She squealed”
My chase! I muttered and smiled ……..

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