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Dreams Episode 14

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 14
Candace Noah
I walked chase down to his car after all the chitchats with my family
Your parents are really fun to be with”. he remarked holding my hands
“Thanks. I smiled”
hope the judges were not too harsh? he asked grinning
The word Judges made me remember Nick and I immediately felt guilty
“ No they weren’t. I sighed
Are you okay? he asked while studying me
I nodded
Then what is with the gloomy face? he asked
“ I am just worried about the reference letter”. I lied
What reference letter? he asked with a confused look
“We were told to bring a reference letter from our previous school”. I explained
So what is the problem with that?
I am just worried about what my principal will write down about me”. I replied
And what do you think he will write? he asked, do you have any bad record?
I shook my head negatively
Then what is it? he was still confused
I am too dull”. I blurted out
Really? he asked laughing and I nodded
What is the name of the school? he asked
“Silver hill high school”. I replied and he nodded
“That won’t be a problem, he assured .I will take care of it
I stared at him wondering how he will do that
“I need to go now. he informed pecking me lightly on my forehead
he opened the door to his car and was about getting in when I called him
what is it? he asked staring at me
Why exactly are you here? I asked and he widened his eyes in surprise
What do you mean? he asked
“I just want to know Chase so please just tell me” I pleaded
Fine! he sighed, I came here because I missed you
Really? I smiled and he nodded
“Thanks Chase, I hugged him as unexpected tears rolled down my eyes
he disengaged from the hug and stared directly at my face
Are you alright Candy? he asked
I nodded
Then why are you crying? he asked
Nothing, I shook my head
Talk to me Candy, did someone hurt you?
I stared at him blankly
how will I tell him I was crying because his brother stole my first kiss
Candy! he called again, what exactly is wrong with you?
“I am sorry Chase”. I apologised
Sorry for what?
“For betraying our friendship”. I replied
“betraying? I still don’t get , how did you betray our friendship?. he said calmly
“I know it might sound stupid but I am feeling all guilty because I really like you. I confessed and he smiled slightly
How did you betray our friendship? he repeated
“Someone stoke my first kiss today”. I replied and he scoffed
What do you mean by that? You mean you stood there and someone from nowhere came to kiss you
I shook my head and tried holding him but he shifted back
Chase! I called sniffing
Who is this someone? he asked coldly
“Your brother Nick”. I replied and he immediately froze……..
Chase Delgado
I stared at her in surprise
What did she just say? Did I hear right
Chase! She called and I scoffed
Are you both dating? I asked and she shook her head
Then why the hell did he kiss you? I yelled
“I don’t know. She sniffed”
What do you mean you don’t know? You stood there and allowed my brother……..
Damn! Why am I even getting angry , we are not even in a relationship?
“Don’t say that Chase. she pleaded. I love you, I really do
Love? I scoffed
“he forced me, he forced…….
“I don’t want to hear anything Candace. I barked and got into my car
I could have taken it lightly if it were to be someone else but it was Nick …
I sighed and drove off……
Candace Noah
I walked into the house dejectedly and my mum immediately hugged me
She must have heard everything
“I love him mum. I said crying in her arms”
“I know baby, she patted my back. You did the right thing by telling him”
“But he is very angry mum . I sobbed
That is because he loves you also”. She smiled
Really? I asked
Sure, he will come around…….
Chase Delgado
I drove headed for home. I was really confused about everything
I planned on asking her out on a date but she ruined everything by telling me about a stupid kiss
Nick, that bastard! Upon all the bitches he has, why did he choose to kiss Candy? Why did he choose to kiss an innocent girl?
I drove into the mansion and parked in the garage
I alighted from the car and walked into the sitting room
I met the bastard seated at the bar drinking
Little brother! he called as soon as he saw me
Why did you do it? I glared at him
Do what? he asked
Quit pretending Nick , why did you do that to Candy? I barked
Oh! You mean the girl with a beautiful voice….. oh! I can see she told you all about the kiss, did she also tell you how I slide my tongue into………
“Shut up. I barked before he could complete his words
If you dare touch candy again, I will destroy you”. I warned
Are you talking to me like that because it a mere girl? he scoffed
“She might be a mere girl to you but to me she is my woman”. I replied
My phone suddenly rang . it was my manager and I received it immediately
What is it? I asked him
“You need to come over to the studio”. he informed
“Alright. I drawled and ended the call
“Don’t dare me Nick”. I repeated before walking out of the house
Nick Delgado
I felt my heart beat in fear when Chase left
What is wrong with me? I wondered, why is my heart beating just because of an ordinary threat?
But the look in his eyes really made me scared
I have never seen him angry like this before
“What was the noise about? my mum asked climbing down the stairs
She has been moody ever since dad and the bitch went on a trip after their wedding
Nothing mum, I lied
How can you say that when I heard the noise clearly? she queried
Fine! I sighed, I was having an argument with Chase
What was the argument all about? She asked
“I wanted a girl that he……….
Girl? She asked cutting in. So you mean you were arguing about a girl when there are lot of things you need to think about ..
Lot of things like what? I drawled
“Your father’s property”.She replied and I laughed
Why are you laughing? She frowned, do you think I am joking
“But mum I have right to most of father’s property since I am his first son. I smirked
“Shut up Nick. She barked, you know nothing
I gave her a curious look
What do you mean mother? What do you intend on doing? I asked
She looked around to make sure no was was listening
“We need to get rid of Chase “
What did you just say mother? I stood up , you mean you want me to get rid of my own younger brother all because of a property we could easier share . Why mother? Just tell me Why?
“Because he is the rightful heir to all Delgado property world wide”. She yelled
What!!! I exclaimed in shock and saw a flicker of fear crossed her face
What do you mean by that? I barked
“I mmeeen hee iis a bastard and I don’t want him to take any of the property”. She stuttered
I stared at her confusedly
What exactly are you saying mother? I asked
“Nothing, she replied and headed upstairs back to her room……

Abeg Chase forgive Candy


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