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Dreams Episode 13

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 13
He stole my first kiss
Candace Noah
I watched the judges whispered among themselves and sighed
When will they get done with the list? I wondered …
I was really nervous but at the same time eager to hear the results
“What was your song all about? Loretta suddenly asked
I looked at her and smiled
“It is all about love”
“I love it”. She remarked. you are not only a good singer, you are also a good composer
The whole hall became quiet when Sara klan walked to the front holding a white paper…
Oh my gawd! Loretta exclaimed, she is about to announce the winners
I want to commend you all for your performance today and I must admit you all did a great job .but like you all know only 5 among you will get into Delgado music school
She looked at our faces before calling out the names
The newly admitted students of Delgado music school are
Tiffany Moses
Nick Jonas
Candace Noah
Ben Castillo and Loretta Samuels
I leapt up for Joy when I heard my name
Is this for real? I pinched myself to be sure I heard right
“We made it candy, we made it”. Loretta hugged me..
“Yes dear we did . I said as tears rolled down my eyes
This is the beginning of my dreams
We were all instructed to go over to next room
I held Loretta hands as we walked happily to the room
We walked in the room and saw a woman already waiting for us
“Hi”.we greeted as we sat down beside her
Where are the others? She frowned
They will soon be …….the door suddenly flung opened and barbie face and the two boys walked in
Good! She remarked while standing
She waited for them to settle down before she started
“Good afternoon champs! I am Rosy Adams and I am here to tell you more about Delgado music school.
As you all know , this school is known for moulding talented singers like you into celebrities .but let me tell you a fact, not all student here become celebrities
What!!! one of the boys exclaimed
What is it young man? the woman asked
“I am sorry ma for cutting in but I was just surprised”
Surprised about what?
“What you just said , the fact that not all student here becomes celebrities. he replied
And what is so surprising about that”. She retorted , we only try our best . You all need to be focused and determined to succeed , is that clear?
“Yes ma. we chorused”
Good! If you have any questions, signify by raising your hands
“ I have one”. Barbie face announced while raising her hands and the woman nodded
When should we resume to the school?She asked
“On Monday”.the woman replied but you will all be needing a reference letter from your previous school “
Are we gonna be lectured on Music alone? She continued
“No silly. She replied, this is also a school. The only difference here is that we focus more on music
Oh! I exclaimed softly
Is there any other question? She asked and I raised up my hands
“Go on”
When do we get to sing on the big stage? I asked and she smiled
“Your first performance on stage will be a duet with a top celebrity”
Really? I asked in surprise and she nodded
“That is why you all need to be focused because they choose only the best”
“Congratulations once again. She smiled and walked out of the room
“This will be tougher than the competition”. Loretta remarked
Really really touc…. I stopped when a man walked up to us
Good afternoon! he greeted staring at us, who between the both of you is Candace Noah?
I looked at him in surprise
What do you need her for? I asked
Are you the one? he asked ignoring my questions and I nodded
Good! he remarked, my boss wants to have a word with you
Your boss? Who is he?
“Just follow me and you will get to see him”. he replied
Can my friend also come with me ? I asked
“No she can’t .he replied
“Because he wants to see you alone . he smirked
“If she won’t be allowed to go with me , then I am not going with you . I frowned
Fine! he agreed but she will have to wait outside …..
I held Loretta hands tightly as we followed behind the man
Where are we headed to? I wondered as we climbed up the stairs
We soon got to room to the front of a room and the man urged me to go in
I pushed the door to the room opened and walked in
It was a class room and it was so beautiful
I was lost looking around that I forgot the main reason why I was in the room
Candace! a voice called and I shuddered.
I turned to the direction of the voice and gasped in shock when I saw Nick
he was seated on a low chair and had been watching me quietly
“Sir Nnick. I stuttered bowing my head
“Congrats Candace. he smiled standing up
“Thanks sir. I smiled looking up at him
Why do you ask to see me sir? I asked
“Because I like you . he replied without taking his eyes off mine
What do you mean Sir? I was shocked
“Quit pretending, I am sure you know what I mean”. he said moving closer to me
I shifted back a little and he chuckled
Why are you behaving like a kid?
“I really need to go sir. I informed.i turned to go but he caught me by the waist and pulled me closer to him
“I want you candy. he blurted out and before I could say anything he placed his lips on mine and kissed me
I struggled to come out of his grip but he held me more tightly
I hit his chest hard and bit him hard on his lips
“Aarrrrgh”.he grunted as he immediately let go of me
Why did you do that? he asked touching his lips
“Please I really need to go sir”. I pleaded and turned to go
Is it because of Chase? he asked and I stopped
“Is it because of Chase? he repeated yelling
I ran out of the room without replying him.
he just stole my first kiss
Nick Delgado
I watched the girl run out of the room and scoffed
No girl has ever rejected me , but she did
Why? Is it because of Chase?
I touched my lips and smiled , I really loved her guts…
Candace Noah
What the fuck! Loretta exclaimed after I explained all that happened to her
Is he Crazy? Why will be do that? Did he see you as a cheap slut or what?
“Lower your voice. I cautioned
Fine! She sighed. What will you do about it?
“Nothing, I replied”
What do you mean by nothing? She frowned
What do you expect me to do? I asked her
“Report to the school authorities”. She retorted
Really? I Scoffed, what do you think they will do about it? for goodness sake Nick is a Delgado and this school is owned by his father
oooops! I forgot, so what will you do about it?
“I don’t know, I just need to get home first . We will see on Monday
“Alright dear. She gave me a quick hug before leaving
I headed to the taxi park still confused about everything that happened earlier
I flagged down a taxi and got in
“Behind Diamond block”. I called and the driver nodded before driving off
What is wrong with you candy? I beat at my chest as tears rolled down my eyes.
You are in love with Chase so why the hell did you let his brother take your first Kiss.
Are you alright? the driver asked staring at me through the rear mirror
I nodded sniffing
The driver parked in front of my house and I paid him after alighting
I stared in surprise at the white sport car parked in front of the house as I walked in
Did dad have a visitor? I wondered
I pushed the door opened and walked into the house.
I gasped in surprise when I saw Chase seated in the sitting room laughing and chatting with my family . They were so engrossed in what they were chatting about that they took no notice of me
Is this for real?
Chase! I called and they all looked up at me
Congrats Candy! Chase said smiling
I gave him a small smile
How the hell will I tell him his brother stole my first kiss?


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