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Dreams Episode 12

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 12
Final competition
Candace Noah
The day of the final competition
I practiced my song one last time after I was done dressing
It was the day of the final competition and I was really nervous..
My phone suddenly rang and I smiled when I saw the caller. it was My Chase , yes that was how I saved his number on my phone
Chase! I called immediately I received it
how are you Candy? he asked
I am really nervous, I replied
You don’t need to be dear, Just give all your best. he advised
Alright! I sighed. Will you be coming to the competition?
“No, I have an interview to go to”.he replied and I immediately felt sad
“But I will make it up to you. he promised
“Alright. I sighed
“I wish you all the best baby. he said and hanged up the call
Baby? Did he just call me baby? I smiled like an idiot
Oh Chase! What are you doing to me….
I headed to the sitting room feeling a little bit better
Good morning! I greeted my parent who were watching a weekend program on the television
Morning baby! My mom responded while walking towards me
“Just be yourself and I am very sure you will make it”. She assured me
Thanks mum, i appreciated
“And don’t forget to greet Chase. Max said while coming out of the kitchen
I glared at him
What does he mean by that? my mom asked
“Nothing Mum. I lied, he is just trying to tease me
Can we go now? my dad asked
“Sure …….
I prayed silently as my dad drove me over to the school…
I prayed to be successful so I can get to sing on the big stage some day…
Are you alright? My dad asked
I looked at him and smiled
Candy! You really need to stop thinking, Just give all your best”. he encouraged taking my hand into his and giving it a gentle squeeze
“I believe you will make it. he assured and I smiled
We soon got to the school and I alighted from the car
“Best of luck Princess”. My dad wished and drove off
I walked into the school compound and was surprised to see all eyes on me
Why are they all staring? I wondered
“She is not even pretty. I heard a girl say
I glared at her and she scoffed
Crazy. I cursed
I headed to the hall ignoring the stares and whispers of everyone
I got to the hall and was surprised to see arranged in a different way
I looked around and noticed Loretta was yet to be around
I went over to the back row and sat down quietly
Candy! I heard someone called my name
I turned to look and smirked when I saw barbie face
Can’t she just let me be?
Candy! She called again while sitting beside me
“Hi. I grunted and she flashed me a smile
How are you today? she grinned
“Fine. I replied
And what of Chase? she asked grinning
I scoffed
Why are you asking me about Chase?
because he is your friend. She replied
Are you taking to me because of ……. I stopped when someone tapped me
I turned to look and smiled at when I saw Loretta
hi candy! She greeted glaring at barbie, what is she doing here?
What do you mean by that? barbie asked, I am Candy’s friend also
“It is alright girls”. I cut in. we have a competition ahead of us and we ought to be practicing and not fighting
“Oh right! barbie signed
I adjusted a little bit so Loretta could sit beside me…
The hall was in a uproar when miss Brenda walked in ushering the celebrities in…
I stared in disbelief as they walked in..
Eddie Jonas, Sara Klan, Kira Montez the witch and …….Nick
Oh my gawd! I exclaimed, is that Nick
Nick! Nick! I screamed loudly
The hall was so noisy that Miss Brenda had to bang on a table several times to get attention
Good morning! She sighed , I can see you all are excited..
This is the final stage in the competition and only five students among you will get admitted into the school .
You are all going to Sing an original song, that means the song you composed on your own. Is that clear?
“Yes. We all chorused
Fine! We will be starting the competition in the next 30 minutes . She informed and left
“Oh candy! this is gonna be tough. Loretta remarked
I nodded staring towards the Judges seat and was surprised to see Nick staring at me …

Chase Delgado

I drove to the media house thinking about only one person, Candy.
I really wanted to see her perform but I had and interview to catch up with
Chase! my manager called distracting me from my thought
What is it? I asked without looking at him
“Who is this girl to you? he asked placing his phone in front of me
I glanced at the pictures and scoffed
Are we really gonna talk about this again?
“Yes Chase , you are now a celebrity and you need to be very cautious about everything you do”
“So did I do anything wrong by holding her hands . I asked
“You shouldn’t have hold her hands . he queried”
Why? I asked
“Can’t you see, everyone thinks she is your girlfriend .he retorted
And what is bad about that? I asked
he gave me a surprised look
Do you like her? he asked and I smiled ………

Candace Noah
Are we going to survive this? Loretta asked after Sara klan condemned a girl for singing on an off key
“I really don’t know”. I shrug
The next to be called to the front was barbie
She walked boldly to the front and sang her song beautifully
Wow! Kira exclaimed while clapping, you really killed the song
“Thanks Kira.barbie grinned”
“She is really good. I remarked
I felt something drop on my pant when I was called up next
Oh my gawd! Did I just pee on my pant?
I walked to the front with my head bowed down, I was really nervous
What is your name? I heard a male voice asked
I looked up to see Nick smiling at me
“Candace Noah. I replied”
Alright, you can go on with your song
I tuned my guitar and started singing, it was a song I composed on the very day I met Chase

I met you only once
But you always in my heart
I thought you will be my love
I thought you felt the same way
I always see you everywhere in my dreams
Like wind and dust

I can’t catch you, I can’t see you
Remember I love you, I love you
I believed it was love, i called it destiny
Remember I love you , I love you
You are living in my eyes
I answer only to you
Hold my when I sway
My love , my love………………
Everyone is in the hall applauded when I was done except Kira who just stared blankly at me
Wow! Eddie Jonas exclaimed., you have a beautiful voice and I am already in love with you
“Thank, I bowed in appreciation
”I was speechless when you started singing. Sara klan remarked . You are the best among all or what do you think Nick?
I turned to look at Nick
He just kept on staring at me
Did I do anything wrong? I wondered
Nick! Sara klan called , what is wrong with you?
Nothing, he sighed
What is your name again? he asked
“Candace Noah “
Good! You are unique Candace. he remarked and I must say your voice is as beautiful as you, you will got my attention
“Thanks, I mumbled ………….

Nick Delgado
I watched the girl walk over to her seat and smiled ..
She was more beautiful than the image on the phone
I really don’t care if Chase is into her or not
I want her, I really do……

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