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Dreams Episode 11

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Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 11
Who is she to Chase?

Chase Delgado

I knew she was surprised when I insisted on driving her home..
I never intended to , I didn’t even know what came over me
Just staring at her makes me do things I never thought of doing
I glanced at her and smiled
Why do I feel this way? I wondered
Sir Chase! She called distracting me from my thoughts
I turned to look at her
“Thanks , she appreciated and I smiled
“ it is nothing, you really deserved it
Really? she asked
“Sure. I replied. you really do have a beautiful voice ………
Where exactly do you live? I asked when I got to diamond block
I will alight in front of the big church. She replied
Why? Do you live in a church?I asked and she shook her head
Then why do you want to alight in front of the church? I asked
“Nothing. she replied playing shyly with her hands”
“Just tell me where you stay, I will drive you there “
Fine! I stay behind diamond blocks…….
We soon got to the her house and I parked in front
“So this is the reason why she never wanted me to take her home at first”. I wondered staring at the cottage house
“This is where I stay. she said with her head bowed slightly
“Your house is beautiful. I remarked “
“You don’t need to lie to me sir. She said and I smiled
So when is the next competition? I asked
On Saturday.she replied
Good! I remarked
Will you be present? She asked
“I don’t know. I shrug”. Can I have your phone?
Sure, she replied handing me her phone
I took it from her, typed my number on the phone and dialled it…
My phone immediately rang
“here . I said giving her back her phone
She looked at me and smiled
“Thanks Chase.. erm I mean Sir Chase . she stuttered
“It is Chase. I corrected, and what are you thanking me for?
“For letting me have your number”. She smiled
It is no big deal, I should have done that the first time we met
“Thanks once again for today , she appreciated opening the car doors
“It is nothing dear, I said and she blushed”
Why is she blushing? I wondered
She alighted from the car and closed the car doors gently
“Wish you success in the final round. I wished and drove off…….

Candace Noah
I walked into the house feeling very happy
Did he just call me dear? I thought smiling sheepishly
Who dropped you off? Max asked, he was standing close to the window
“That is none of your business . I retorted”
Really? he scoffed …..hmmmmmmh how will Mum and Dad react if tell them you now see men? he threatened
“I am not seeing any man. I growled “
Then who was that that dropped you?he repeated grinning
“Fine! that was Chase”. I replied
Chase? Which of the Chase? because I am sure it can’t be Delgado
What do you mean? I retorted glaring at him
And why will he drive you home? he asked disbelieving
“Because he is my friend. I replied
“Whatever. he rolled his eyes….. oh lest I forget , Zara came over to the house
“Yes Zara! She brought this over. he informed pointing at a stack of papers on the table
I went over to the table and picked up the papers
They were test papers
I glanced through them and smiled. I passed all of the tests
Oh Zara! I really can’t trade you for anything…………


Nick Delgado

I stared at the man singing in front of me and Sighed
Why is it so hard to find a replacement?
“Stop. I yelled at him and he immediately stopped
What are you singing? I glared at him
“Sir Nick I was was jjjjusst singging what you assked me to”. he stuttered
“ with that croaky voice of yours”.I frowned
But I…………
“Get out. I barked and he immediately scurried out of the room
“But Nick you can’t continue rejecting all of them. My manager who had been watching quietly queried
“None of them are up to my taste . I defended and he sighed
What do you intend doing? he asked , your concert is just in a few weeks
“I will just keep on searching . I drawled
he stared at me for a while and sighed
Why can’t you try using your voice? he asked
Are you trying to taunt me? I asked, how will I sing when I have a croaky voice? How will I sing when I don’t know anything about music?. I yelled
“But you can learn Nick”. he insisted
Learn? I scoffed
Yes you can…………
“Shut that hole you call a mouth”. I barked and he shuddered
What will I do now? I wondered, what will happen to me when the whole world finds out I do lip sync ?
Nick! My manager called distracting me from my thoughts
What is it? I asked staring at him
“Look at this “. he said handing me his phone
I dragged the phone and stared at it
What!! I exclaimed and read out the headline
Really? I scoffed
I stared at the image on the screen and smirked
Who is she? I asked my manager
I think she is among the students trying to get into the school”. he replied
Oh! I exclaimed staring at the image, she was …… beautiful.

Kira Montez

How could Chase embarrass me in front of those commoners? how could he?
he made me feel like a fool and a looser but I can’t still get angry at him because i love him .
Yes, I love Chase. I have always loved him since we were young teenagers but he never took notice of me ….

Why did he help the commoner? I wondered. I felt so jealous of her angelic voice and wanted her out of the competition but chase ruined everything..
Why exactly did it help her? . The Chase I know had never stood up for anyone but he cancelled the competition just because of one girl…..
Who is she to Chase? ………

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