April 17, 2021


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The Widower Episode 58

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 58💜🖤

‘Do you hear that?’..Joe asked with a mischievous smile on his face..

‘Hear what??’..Daniel asked..

‘Hear them arguing,it means our plan is working young man’..He replied and Daniel nodded,and then he remembered something from the previous night before..

‘Do you know anyone called Sniper??’..

‘No why do you ask??’..

‘Well Jack was calling someone who’s name happened to be sniper and from the look of it it seems like Jack really needed something from him—Something that Maddie doesn’t even know about’..He explained and Joe stroked his chin..

‘Hmmmm I’ll find something about it later but right now all you have to do is wreak havoc in this home and our plan will be in accordance’..


The next morning Maddie did her best to avoid Jack as she prepared for work.She came out of the bathroom naked and he was instantly boned..

‘You know you’re not being fair,I said I’m sorry love’..He groaned and walked over..

‘I can’t believe you would accuse my brother of doing something like that’..She snapped and he wrapped his arms around her naked waist and pressed her back so she could feel how hard he was for her..

‘Oh boy’..She gasped and when she realized what he was doing..

‘I’m going to be late for work’..

‘You have all the time in the world’..

‘No seriously I’m going to be late and I have to prep the class for our Plant project’..She wore her underwear and he frowned deeply..

‘Is this how we’re—

‘I have to work Jack,I know you’re still suspended but we still have bills to pay and since my brother is here I have to help one way or the other’..She interrupted him and kissed his cheek..

Even though half of the time he was complaining about how his job sucked he still missed it..

Most especially Mac’s nagging..

‘Okay I’m ready,love you’..Maddie said and quickly walked away..

When he was sure he heard her car zoom off he quickly opened his chest drawer which was locked and brought out the syringe which was filled with hyper active hard drug..

If she found out about what he was doing she will never forgive him..

But it was the only thing that stopped him from remembering the shot he fired at his own daughter…

Mac once suggested that he saw a therapist but he shook it off immediately..

So taking drugs was the only solution he knew..

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