April 11, 2021


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The Widower Episode 57

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 57💜🖤

‘Ohh yeah I invited him in for dinner,but Joe you said you were bringing your girlfriend’..Maddie chipped in just in time to break the death stares passed between the two men..

‘She’s on her way,her flight from Kentucky was kind of delayed’.. Joe replied and Jack’s brows went up a notch..

What was he doing in his house??..

And why would Maddie invite him for dinner knowing there’s still a bad spark between all of them?,he thought but forced a smile on his face just for the sake of peace..

‘Joe you’re here?? That’s wonderful!!’..Daniel jumped in on the conversation and Maddie became instantly confused..

‘Since when did you and Joe become best friends??’..She asked as everyone sat on the table..

‘Since I was given a free pass to eat at the restaurant for three months because I saved a worker there from dying’..He replied and her mouth dropped.

‘Why didn’t…why didn’t you tell me??’..

‘Well you were too busy saving Dr Depressed here’..


‘Okay let’s just eat and drop the tension! Please God let’s act like normal people for once!!’..Jack yelled and eveyone took a deep breath..

A triumphant smirk appeared at the corner of Joe’s mouth and that’s when Jack himself lost his own rope of self control holding him back..

‘Maddie can I speak with you for a moment??’..He asked..


‘Inviting Joe to dinner what were you thinking?!!’..Jack yelled softly pointing back at the door..

‘What do you mean what was I thinking?? He has moved on Jack!!’..Maddie replied also on the brink of loosing it..

‘Yeah he moved on to the house next to ours! Don’t you see a pattern here Maddie?? First,he moves next to us and then you invite him over for dinner,his so called girlfriend isn’t here and now your brother is all Green Arrow and John Diggle with him’..Jack replied and she sighed deeply…

‘The only pattern I see here is your insecurity Jack’..

‘My inse…My insecurity?!! What has my insecurity got to do with this?! I’m telling you that there’s a pattern to what’s happening and who knows if your bro—

‘Do not drag my brother into this Jack!! Daniel has been through enough and I have too! He’s just being over protective and that’s how all brothers are towards their sisters so please do not bring my brother into this or else we’ll both say things we regret’..

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