April 14, 2021


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The Widower Episode 56

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 56💜🖤

‘Uhhh…Uhhh Sniper is the new partner I’m getting when I resume work at the station’.. Jack stuttered as he hid his anxiety from his girlfriend’s brother who pretty much hated him..

‘Why is a new recruit called Sniper??’.. Daniel’s brows arched and Jack gulped hard.

‘W…well it’s because he was an ex militant and—

‘Sorry but I am not buying your bullcrap of a story,good night Jack and I know you’re hiding something which I am going to find of course and trust me…When my sister finds out about it you’re going to be in so much trouble’..


The next morning Maddie woke up with a frown on her face due to the truck pulling up in her former house..

‘What is going on??’..She asked in a yawn as she rubbed her eyes coming out of the door..

‘I think someone is moving in,morning love’..Jack replied and kissed her right on the cheek,and so close that she thought he smelled funny..

‘Moving in?? Who is it??’..She brushed it aside and poked her head outside only for her to see Joe..

‘Joe?? What the f**k is Joe doing here?!!’..She said at the top of her voice and went out the door to approach her somewhat ex..

‘Joe why are you here??’..She asked Joe crossing her arms very lightly..

‘What do you mean?? isn’t it obvious already? I’m moving in’..He replied with a smile on his face and she frowned…

‘Into my old home?? Is this a joke of some sort Joe??’..

‘No it’s not a joke and I don’t know how it affects you in any way but it’s a normal house and I bought it for me and my girlfriend’..He replied and she blinked…

‘G…g.. girlfriend??’..

‘Yes I have a new girlfriend now’..

‘W…Wow i—

‘You don’t think that you’re the only woman in the world do you Maddie?? The last time I checked if one door closes another would open so if you excuse me I would like to pack into my new home in peace’..He said and returned to his activity..

She was bewildered..


She didn’t even know..


Later that evening she made her famous key lime pie for dinner and right on time Jack walked into the kitchen..

‘Hmmm smells good’..He murmured..

‘I know right??’..She chuckled..

‘Ohhh I wasn’t talking about the pie I was talking about….’..His voice trailed off as the doorbell rang and when he opened it Joe was standing right there with a box of desert of some kind and cake…

‘Joe what are you doing here??’..He asked..

‘Ohhh Maddie invited me for dinner’..Joe replied..

‘She did what?!!’..

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