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The Jerk From Prison Episode 28

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(She hates him)

Episode 28


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Mykel’s pov:
I felt thirsty, so I got up from the bed and headed out the room. I still feel drowsy but I badly needed to get my thirst quenched.

The rain had stopped an hour ago leaving us with a cold weather.

I walked past the balcony and saw someone’s figure.
It’s definitely Rissa. She always packs her hair up at night.

I wonder why’s she’s still awake by this time. I approached her and joined her in sitting on the bare floor.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” I asked mutely gazing up at the wide shimmering skies.

“Leave me alone” She replied not sparing me a glance.

“Do you want someone you can cuddle? You’re welcome to join Pineapple and I” I offered and she scoffed.

“I rather sleep out here” She said nonchalantly.
“But I won’t” She added and sprang up to her feet.

I quickly got up too.
She looked so doleful and reserved.

I wish she can open up and tell me what’s bothering her. Most people think that rich kids have nothing to worry about, but I don’t believe that ideology is true.

She’s probably missing her parents.

“I’m going to bed” She disclosed surly before walking away.

I stood stiff for a moment hearing her door slam the noise out of the dead night.

I sighed and went downstairs. I was able to get a glass of water from the water dispenser.
I went back to sleep hoping to finally get the exam over with.

(Next Morning)

Rissa’s pov:
I danced around my bedroom as I got prepared for school. I can’t believe I could do something so unthinkable!
Well, he deserved it.

The maid came earlier stating that Mykel sent her to collect his uniform. I took the bag that I had put In and handed it to her.

I can’t wait to see the look on Mykel’s face when he opens the bag and brings out the uniform that I had designed with paints and colorful crayons.

The whole school would break out in laughter because I’m sure that he has no choice but to wear them to school.
Or would he rather miss the exam??

He definitely has no way out of this. He’s gonna have to look elsewhere for a greener pasture.

I was done putting my things together for the day. I’m more relaxed after I quit the gymnastic team. I’ll no longer be a part of the unfair judgment made by the leaders.

I picked up my bag and phone before stepping out of the room.

I still haven’t worked on my biology project. It’s gonna need more than ten hands to complete.

Where do I hire scientists that’d help me fix the damn thing???

I’ll definitely ask around later. I can’t stress myself like that.

I arrived down the stairs and met someone dressed in blue; standing by the door.

Don’t tell me!…
It’s Mykel!!!

How did he get the uniform fixed? I mean, how did he remove the paints and crayons…??
I spent the whole morning ruining the material and…everything!!

He turned properly and I could see a bouquet of flower in his hand.
Who the he.ll are those for??

“How did you get rid of the paints and stains, Mykel?” I asked feeling a bit bad..

“I have two uniforms” He replied and my jaw dropped.

“Then…why did you ask me to bring in the other one last night? You told me that you needed it badly” I stuttered astonished.

“Oh. I just wanted to keep you busy since you looked bored last night” He pointed out and my face reddened.

He can’t be serious!! How could he set me up like this??

The glass door opened and the doctor walked In.

Most she show up everyday?…

“Good morning, guys” She said with the biggest smile.
“Mykel. You’re going to school? You’ve not fully recovered” She remarked staring at him.

“I’m fine. I have something important to do today. But…I got you flowers” He said and handed it to her.

Where did he even get the money from??

“Aww! How thoughtful. Thank you so much Mykel” She beamed taking the bouquet from him.

As she sniffed the flowers, I prayed she’ll get in contact with the one she’s allergic to..

“Alright. We are getting late. See you when I’m back” He said and grabbed my wrist.

I struggled with him as he pulled ms along.

“Let me go, you womanizer!!” I screamed dangling my wrist.

He chuckled and kept pulling till we had gotten to my car..

“You’re breaking the rules I gave you when you came to this mansion” I chided.

“Really? You were the one clutching onto me tightly yesterday” He remarked and I huffed.

“Let’s get going. The exam would start soon” He hushed and pulled me into the car.
I’m surprised when he enters the same car with me.

“No, Mykel. You have to take your own car” I argued wishing I could push him off the car.

He ignored me and the driver started driving off from where he had parked.

They’re both jerks!

(Few minutes later)

The car was moving in a slow pace and their was brooding silence.

It made me think about Mykel who’s about to officially become a student of my school.

I don’t really want that to happen, do I?

I’d try one more time to delay this exam. He have made a wrong choice by getting into this car with me.

“Wait! Stop the car!!” I screamed and the car screeched to a halt.

“What’s wrong?” He asked quizzically.

“I can’t feel my legs!!” I rasped and he rolled his eyes.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked grumpily.

“I’m serious! Please, take me back home. I can’t deal with this” I cried faking tears.

“Ma’am?” The driver asked turning to look at me.

“I’ll massage it. I think it’ll stop the cramp” Mykel stated and drew closer to me.

“No. I…I just want to get home” I whined like a child…

“We can’t go home now. We are half way there” He retorted and picked up my left leg. He started stretching it and I just gazed into his serious concentrated face.

He’s too kind!

Suddenly, I felt a painful pinch and I flared.

“Ouch!!” I exclaimed.

“There you go. You can feel your legs now. Keep going driver” He said and the car started moving again.

“But Mykel…”

“The exam must have started by now, Rissa. Please…don’t let me miss it” He said despondently.

I sighed and dropped on the seat.
I guess, he won this round too.
But some part of me is pissed about his relationship with the doctor.
I folded my arms…
‘She’s too big for him’.

Mykel’s pov:
I finally got to class and unfortunately, the exam had begun.

I took a seat beside Austin and the teacher dropped the question sheet on my desk. Here goes nothing….

Rissa’s pov:
“Please guys, I need help with the biology project. Its too much for me to handle alone” I pleaded sitting on my chair.

“Alright…we’ll help you. But on one condition” Alex said smirking.

“What’s that?” I asked curiously.

“We want you to make three videos of Mykel doing random things in the house – eating, sleeping and laughing. If you do these three things, we’ll make sure the project fetches you A plus” Zoe said folding her arms.

“So, we got a deal?” Alex asked leaning on Zoe.

I don’t think this would be hard.

“Deal” I replied shaking hands with them.

Such crazy friends I got.

Long episode🤗🤗

What do you think about Rissa’s plans to delay Mykel?😅

Let’s see if making the videos is as easy as it seems.

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