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Only You Episode 50 Finale

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( How can I?)

Episode 50.


🌺 Bella 🌺
” Richard” I called.

” What now Bella? What do you want? You have succeeded in ruining my daughter’s happiness” he said.

I sighed as tears rolled down my cheeks.

” Why did you leave? He asked.

” Because I don’t have money? Because am not handsome enough for you? Because I maltreated you? Because I cheated on you? Because am not good enough as a husband for you? Because…

” No…no…no” I cried cutting him off.

” Then why? He yelled.

” Am sorry ”

” What? Your rich husband left you? After finding out that you have a child? He smirked folding his arms.

” Richard I..

” Enough of all these.. like what my Angel said earlier..we don’t need you in our lives..we are living fine ever since you left six years ago” he said.

” You left without considering the love I have for you..you left without considering your own daughter because of what? Money..money” he half yelled.

” You got married to Kayden’s father and made kayden motherless…he lost his mother because of your own foolishness and stupidity” he yelled angrily.

Tears couldn’t stop streaming down my cheeks.

” I have nothing to say to you…I don’t want to ever set my eyes on you.” He said walking away.

” Richard”

He turned.
“One more thing, stay away from my daughter” he said sternly and walked away.

I cried as I watched him walked away.
” Am sorry”


🌺 Shirley 🌺
” Where is Brianna? Bryan asked.

” I don’t know…she was with her dad a while ago” I said

” But I saw her dad with her mum” he said.

” Where is she? I asked.

” Come with me” he said holding my hand.

” Shirley” I heard someone called.

I turned and saw a girl with blonde hair.
” Yeah”

” You are Looking for Brianna? She asked.

” Yeah”

” She is over there with Kayden” she said pointing at a corner.

” Okay thanks” I said.

” Let’s go” Bryan said Walking away.

We got to where she said and saw her on the floor.
I gasped.
” Brianna” I called walking to her.

She didn’t turn.
We walked to her and squat to her level.
” Brianna”

” He…broke up.. with…me..he left me” she said crying on Bryan’s shoulder

” What!

” Yeah… Bryan…he left..” she cried.

” How could he that to you? I asked.

“Bryan… please… please… please talk to him… I..I..”

” Shhhh” I said patting her back

” Bryan… please talk..to him….I.. don’t ..I.. don’t want..him..to leave… Bryan”

I stare at Bryan.
He looks very angry.
” Bryan” I called.

” Take care of Brianna..I will be back” he said Standing up.

” Where are you going? I asked holding Bryan’s hand.

” Kayden” he said walking away.

” Let’s go Brianna” I said pulling her up.

” It’s okay Brianna… please don’t cry” I said patting her back.

🌺 Bryan 🌺
I saw him, he was about opening his car.
” Kayden” I yelled walking towards him.

I got to him and punched his face.
He staggered.

” You bastard” I yelled holding his clothes.

” How could you do that to her? How could you make her cry? I yelled and punched his mouth.

He staggered and punched me back.
” I have nothing to say to you” he yelled.

I stare at him.
” Really? I scoffed.

” Everything that happened is not her fault” I yelled.

” Whose fault? He yelled.

” Her mum”

” So? Her mum ruined my life”

” Don’t you get it? It’s not her fault…it’s her mum not her”

“It’s none of business”

” How could you say that? None of your business? What about the love you have for her? Where is the love? I yelled.

” Is this what you called love? You can’t forgive her? I admit she lied to you but she did it because she was afraid of seeing you get hurt….if you are in her shoe..what could you have done? What will you do? I yelled.

” If you are in my shoe, what will you do? He yelled ruffling his hair.

I sighed.
” I don’t have nothing to do with her again..she should go and meet her mum” I said

” So now you don’t want to have anything to do with her again?

” Yeah…”

I punched his mouth..he fell on the floor.
” You are a bastard”

I was about to pounce on him but someone held me.
” No Bryan… no” it’s Brianna.

” Kayden…are you okay? He ignored her and stood up..

” Kayden I..”

He yanked her hand off and walked away.

I walked to Brianna and hugged her tightly.
” Let’s go” I said.

” Bryan…she cried.

” It’s okay… let’s go Brianna…he will come around” Shirley said.

” When? I want him now… Don’t you get it…I want my Kayden back” she yelled In tears.

Shirley shook her head sadly.
” Let’s go home” I said walking away with her.

” I will get our things” Shirley said walking away.

I got to the car with Brianna beside me.
She couldn’t stop crying.

” Let’s go” Shirley said walking to us.

I opened the door for them.
They got into the back seat.

I got to the driver’s seat and drove off.

🌺 Kayden 🌺
Tears rolled out of my eyes as I stare at my room.

I took my bag and walked out of the room.

I stare at the sitting room.

Everything in this house reminds me of her.
The kitchen.
The couch.
Just everything.

Am really going to miss her badly.
I don’t want to see her get hurt.
So it’s better I just leave her.

I walked out of the house and stare at the building for a while before putting my bags into the boot.

” Do you really have to leave? My driver asked.

” Yeah” I said getting into the car.

” What about Brianna? He asked getting into the car.

I sighed.
” Am sure..she will get over it” I said.

” Kayden…are…

” Please drive” I said.

He stare at me for a while before driving off.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I stare outside through the glass..

” Am sorry Brianna”
🌺 Brianna 🌺
I woke up this morning with my head throbbing badly.

I sighed and got up from bed.

My mind went back to last night.
Tears gathered in my eyes.

I sniffed and walked into the bathroom.

I got out of the bathroom and got dressed.
” I need to talk to Kayden…he can’t just leave me just like that”

He have no right to leave me.

I admit I made mistake but I deserve a second chance.

Everyone deserves another chance.

He’s gonna forgive me whether he like it or not.

He will have too.

I walked out of the room, heading down stay.

” Good morning Dad” I said.

” Brianna” he said and kissed my forehead.

” I will be right back”

” Where are you going?

” To see Kayden” I said walking away.

” Brianna” I heard him called.

I ignored him and got outside the house.

I walked to the bus station and got into the bus.

I got out and started walking to Kayden’s house.
I hastened my steps.

I want to be the first person he will see today.

I got to the house and met the door locked.

I knocked on on it and pressed the door bell..
No response.

Where is he? I thought.

“Brianna” I heard someone called.

I turned and saw his driver.
” You are looking for Kayden? He asked

I nodded my head, walking towards him.
” Am sorry Brianna… Kayden left” he said.

” Left? Where?

” He didn’t tell you?

” Tell me what? I asked impatiently.

” He left the country last night” he said.

My eyes widened in shock.
” Wh..what..

” Yeah Brianna…am sorry”.

” No…no…nooooooooooo” I screemed as tears gushed out of my eyes.
No…he can’t leave me just like that.

He can’t.

” Am sorry Brianna”

” Tell me it’s a lie…you are joking right? I asked.

” He left the country last night…I was the one who dropped him at the airport” he said.

I broke down in tears.





Coined ✍️✍️ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

What’s gonna happen now?

Kayden left the country.

What will happen to Brianna?

Will she be able to get over Kayden?

Will kayden get over her?

But watch out for season 2.

Will Kayden come back to her?

By the time he will come back..will Brianna still love him?

What will happen to Bella?

Will Kayden forgive his Dad?

Will Bella forgive her mum?

I love you all ❤️.

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Lovers of only you.

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