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Only You Episode 49

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( How can I?)

Episode 49.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
Awards were given to best students which I was able to receive.
The principal ended her speech.
” Enjoy your party” He said and walked away from the podium.

Students stood up to meet their parents.

I stood up looking around the hall…I haven’t seen Kayden.
” Brianna” I heard he voice.

I chuckled and turned.
She jumped on me hugging me tightly.

” Am gonna fall Shirley” I said.

” Am done” she said kissing my cheeks.

I chuckled.
” We are done”

” Yeah” she said smiling.

” Where is Kayden? She asked.

” I don’t know..I haven’t seen him” I said.

She chuckled.
“Let’s go..the party is for us now” she said holding my hand.

I chuckled and followed her.
” Dad” I called immediately I saw him standing.

He smiled.
I left Shirley’s hand and ran to him, Hugging him tightly.
” Am super proud of you” he said kissing my forehead.

I smiled.
” Thank you Dad”

” Where is Shirley?

” She was right here” I said turning back but couldn’t she her.

” I guess she left” I chuckled.

I noticed dad staring at something.
I turned and followed his gaze…he is staring at her and she is staring at him.

” Your mum” he muttered.

” Dad” I called holding his hand as we both stare at her.

She started taking her steps slowly towards us.

” Let’s go Dad” I said holding his hand, dragging him out of the hall.

” Wait Brianna.. please” I heard her voice behind us.

I ignored her still walking away with dad.
” Brianna please”

Dad held my hand and stopped.
I looked at him.
” Let’s go Dad…I don’t want to see her neither do I want to talk to her” I said.

He held my cheeks with his two hands.
” Let’s hear what she have to say” he said looking into my eyes.

” Okay Dad”

We stare at her as she walked towards us.
She stood at our front with her gaze on the floor.

” What do you want? I asked.

Dad only stare at her without saying anything.
She looked at us as tears rolled down her cheeks.
” Ri.. Richard” she called.

” Hi Bella” dad said.

” How…how…have you been? She asked cleaning her cheeks.

” I have good with my daughter beside me” he said and kissed my hair.

I smiled.
” It’s so good to see again” she said.

” Yeah…so tell us what you want? We don’t want you back in our lives..am sure Kayden’s dad has sent you packing and that’s why you are here” I said.

” Brianna” she called trying to hold me.

I yanked her hand off.
” What do you want? I asked controlling the tears that welled up in my eyes.

” Am sorry..am sorry for everything…am sorry… Please forgive me” She said, tears rolled down her cheeks.

” Sorry? I scoffed.

” You are Sorry? How can you say you are sorry? What will your sorry do? I half yelled.

” How could you be so heartless? How could you be so wicked to leave your only husband for another man because of money? I yelled.

Dad held my shoulder.
” She is heartless Dad…she is…I hate her so much…I will never forgive her…she ruined my happiness…she ruined Kayden’s happiness” I cried.

” Am sorry…am So sorry” she cried.

” It’s okay Angel… please don’t cry” Dad said cleaning my cheeks.

I hugged him tightly.
“. Am sure your friends are waiting for you…Don’t let her ruin tonight for you..go and have fun with your friends” he said.

I smiled.
” Thank you Dad” I said.

” Bryan will bring you home…I will be at home waiting for you” he said.

” Okay dad…I love so much” I said kissing his cheeks.

He chuckled.
“I love you too Angel” he said.

” Go and meet your friends” he said.

” Okay dad” I said walking away.
” Hey Brianna” I heard someone’s voice.

I turned and saw Mandy.
One of my classmates.
The quiet girl is the class.
” Hey” I said.

” You are beautiful” she said.

” Thank you and you are beautiful”

” Yeah… congratulations to us” she said.

I chuckled.
” Yeah”

” Kayden is looking for you” she said.

” Kayden? Where?

” He asked me to give you this” she said handling an envelope to me

I collected it and stare at it for a while.
” Where is he? I asked.

” Over there” she said pointing at a corner.

” Okay, thank you” I said.

” You are welcome ” she said walking away.
I put the envelope in my small purse.
I started walking to where she said Kayden is.

I saw him standing with his back facing me
I smiled and ran to him.
I hugged him from behind.
” Kayden” I called as tear dropped from my eyes.

He removed my hands from his body and turned to Looked at me.

” I missed you so much kayden..I admit that am wrong but please forgive me” I said.

He stare at me for a while without saying anything.
” Let’s break up” he said.

I looked at him surprised.
” Break… break..up?

” Yeah…I want us to end everything between us” he said.

” No Kayden…tell me you are joking.”
He didn’t say anything.

” You are joking right? I asked holding his hand.

” No, am not joking” he yelled yanking my hands off.

My eyes widened in shock.
” You…you…

” Yes Brianna…I don’t think I can continue with this relationship…I can’t stay with you any longer” he said.

” No…no….no..you can’t do this”

” Am sorry Brianna” he said not looking at me.

” Kayden…I know I lied to you but remember you said you will never leave me..you said you love me so much..you promised never to leave me ”

” I know I did”

” Then where is the promise you made to me? I half yelled as tears rolled down my cheeks.

” Where is the love Kayden? Where is it? I yelled in tears.

” I don’t know Brianna…” He yelled back.

” Kayden”.

” Am sorry Brianna..I thought I could do this but I can’t…I really need a break…I need time for myself alone…the more I see your face the more I remember your mum and the more I remember your mom it’s reminds me of how my only mother died” he said tearily.

” I lost my mum because of your mum”

” Not because of her only because of your dad too” I said.

” Yeah” he said.

I stare at him.
He shut his eyes and opened it.
” Am sorry Brianna…this is my final decision.. my mind is made up…am done with you…take care of yourself” he said.

” Kayden..no… kayden..no..” I cried.

” Am sorry” he said walking away.

I ran to him and held his hand…

” No Kayden”

He looked at my hand and removed it from his hand and walked away

I broke down in tears.
He left.
He broke up with me.
” It’s not my fault” I cried.
” Brianna” I heard someone yelled my name.

Am too weak to stand up as tears couldn’t stop gushing out of my eyes.

Shirley gasped.
” Brianna”

” What’s wrong Brianna? Bryan asked squatting beside me.

” He…he… broke up with me…he left me” I cried on Bryan’s shoulder.

” What! They exclaimed.
Coined ✍️✍️ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

Kayden broke up with Brianna.

It’s so sad.

I love you all ❤️

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