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Only You Episode 47

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πŸ” ONLY YOU πŸ”
( How can I?)

Episode 47.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I walked into my room.
I dropped my bag on the bed and pulled off my shoe.

I fell on the bed and cried hard.
” Am sorry Kayden”

” Am so sorry…am sorry Kayden..” I yelled in tears hitting the bed.

It’s hurt.
It’s all because of mum.
If only she hadn’t left us.
If only she didn’t got married to Kayden’s father.

Mum is behind of all what.
” I hate you mum…I HATE YOU” I yelled as more tears gushed out of my eyes.

I heard my phone ringing.
I opened my bag and brought out my phone.
I checked the caller.
It’s Bryan.

I picked it up.
” Hey Brianna…how are you doing? I heard his voice.

” Br… Bryan” I called as tears rolled out of my eyes.

” Brianna? What’s wrong?

” Am…am…fine”

” Brianna, are you crying? He asked.

I cry out aloud to him to hear.
” Yeah…it’s hurt so much…it’s hurt” I cried.

” What? Are you at home? He asked.

I nodded my head as if he can see me.
” Brianna”

” Yeah”

” I will be right there now” he said and hang up.

I sighed and dropped my phone on the bed.
I pulled off the necklace and stare at his name.

” I just hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me” I cried and kissed the necklace.

🌺Bryan 🌺
I got to the Brianna’s house and came out of the car.
I got to the door and opened in.

I got into the sitting room.
” Brianna… Brianna” I yelled.

No response.

“Brianna” I called climbing the stairs.

I got to her door and knocked on it.
” Brianna” I called.

” Br… Bryan”

I opened the door and saw her on the bed crying.

” Brianna” I called walking to her.

” Bryan” she called and hugged me tightly

” Shuushh…it’s okay” I said patting her back.

“No..it’s not okay…it’s not okay” she cried.

” Can you stop crying and tell me what happened”

Sniffed and removed her head from my shoulder.
I held her cheeks and cleaned the tears on her cheek.

” How many times do I have to tell you that you are very ugly when you cry? I teased.

She looked at me.
” Now give me a smile or am gonna cry to” I pout.

She smiled.
” You look beautiful with a smile” I said.

” Thank you Bryan”

” Now tell me what happened” I said.

” It’s Kayden..he found out” she said.

” Found out what? I asked.

” His step mum is my mum” she said tearily.

My eyes widened.
She nodded her head.

” I couldn’t deny it Bryan… Kayden now know the truth” she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

” How?

” I don’t know Bryan, yesterday when Kayden dropped me at home…it was not too long when I heard the door bell..I opened the door and saw Kayden’s dad standing”

” Kayden’s dad?

” Yeah”

” What does he want?

” I don’t know, he said he is driving by and decided to say hello to his son’s girlfriend. When he left I called Kayden to let him know his father was here but he was not picking my calls. When I try calling him again, he phone is switched off” she said.

I sighed.
” This morning, I decided to go and check up on him if he is fine…when I got there, I Hugged Kayden but he didn’t hugged me back..I walked into the sitting room and saw mum and his Dad”

” I was shocked when I saw her. Kayden showed me and mum and I picture asked me what I know about it. I couldn’t deny it. I saw the hurt in his eyes Bryan”

” Kayden is hurt..he was hurt when he found out the truth but he was hurt the more because I didn’t tell him when I found out the truth…he was hurt the more because I lied to him..I kept the truth away from him” she cried.

I sighed and held her shoulder.
I hugged her tightly.

“He said he can’t do this anymore” she sobbed.

” I told you to tell him Brianna”

” I was afraid he is going to get hurt” she cried.

” But now he is still hurt…if only you have told him earlier”

” Am sorry” she cried.

” I love him so much that I can’t bear to see him hurt”

” I know you love him” I said patting her back.

” It’s okay Brianna… please don’t cry”

” All these is happening because of her, she is behind everything…she caused all of these. I hate her so much” she yelled.

I sighed.
” What kind of a mother is she? If she hadn’t left dad and I..then all of these would not have happened” she cried.

I sighed
I felt sorry for her.
She is really hurt.
I have seen my best friend cry but not this way.
This is the first time am seeing her like this.

The door to her room opened.
” Dad” I called.

She stood up and ran to him.
She hugged him tightly.

He looked at me, I shook my head.
” Kayden found out the truth” I said.

” What?


” How?

” Her mum told him” I said.

” Dad” she cried.

” It’s okay Angel”

” I saw her today… at…at.. Kayden’s place… Kayden hates me so much now” she sobbed.

” No please don’t say that…am sure he still loves you” her dad said.

” No Dad” she said she moved away from her dad.

” No…no…no…” She screemed and sat on the floor.

” He…he…hates me so much”

” Brianna you..

” Please leave my room…I want to be alone…” She said.

I sighed and looked at her Dad.
He nodded his head.
We walked out of her room.
🌺 Kayden 🌺
“You have had enough drink” he said taking the glass cup from me.

” No…I want more”

” No.. alcohol is not good for your health..please let go home” he said holding me.

I sighed and followed him as we walked towards the car.

We got in and he drove off.
Why is all of these happening?

Why did she have to be your mum?

Why are you her daughter?

You know how much I hate her so much..I hate everything about her.

Why is she your mum?
Tears rolled out of my eyes.

” We are at home”

I got out from the car and started walking in.

I got into the sitting room and saw Dad.

I stare at him for while before walking passed him.
” Kayden” I heard him called.

I stopped without turning to look at him.
” Where were you? I was worried about you”

I chuckled and turned.
” Really?

” Yeah”

” Everything happened because of you and your bitch.” I said angrily.

” You both killed my mum and now? You want to take Brianna away from me”

” Do you know how much it hurts? Do you know how I feel? The woman I hate so much is the mother of the person I love so much”

He sighed.
” I have nothing to say to you… looking at you right now I feel like Killing you” I said with gritted teeth.

His eyes widened.

” Leave my house” I said sternly before climbing the stairs.

I got into my room and locked the door.
I rest my back on the door as tears rolled out of my cheek.

” Why?

” Why didn’t you tell me Brianna?

” If only you had told me earlier than this…I might not be this hurt”

” You are Afraid of seeing me in pains…but now am in a deep pain..my heart ache.. it’s hurt to know that you hid the truth from me”

” Why? I yelled, breaking down in tears.
Coined ✍️✍️ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

Hmmmm πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

Is it true that love hurts?

Sorry Brianna and Kayden.

It’s hurt to see the person you love hurt.

Drop your comments.

I love you all.

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