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Only You Episode 46

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( How can I?)

Episode 46.

🌺 Brianna🌺
I woke up this morning and got up from bed.
I picked up my phone to call Kayden.
I dialed his number.
It’s still switched off.

What’s wrong?
Why is he phone switched off since yesterday?

What’s happening?

I sighed and walked into the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I walked out of the bathroom and got dressed.
Tomorrow is our prom.

I walked out of my room, heading downstairs.
I got down and saw dad serving the breakfast.
” Good morning Dad” I greeted him with peck on his cheek.

” Morning Angel, how was your night?

” It was not fine dad…am worried about Kayden” I said taking a seat.

” Have you try calling him again? He asked.

” Yes dad…I just called him this morning and it’s still the same… switched off”

” You don’t have to worry to much…I know Kayden is fine but why don’t you go to his house to check if everything is fine” he said..

” Okay dad…I will just go to his house once am done with my breakfast”

” That’s good…smiled for me Angel”

I chuckled.
” Eat your breakfast” he said walking away.

He is going to get dressed for work.

I finished my breakfast and washed the dishes.
I walked out of the kitchen and saw dad coming down the stairs.

“I will be leaving for work now” he said kissing my forehead.

” What about your breakfast? I asked.

” I have packed it” he said.

I smiled.
” That’s good”

” I will see you when I get back, take care of yourself” he said walking away.

I smiled climbing up the stairs.
I got into my room and brushed my hair, I took my small hand bag and my phone.

I dropped my phone inside the bag and hang it on my shoulder.

I got to the sitting room and walked out of the house.

I locked the door and started walking to the bus station to get a bus.

I got there and got into the bus, it drove off.

I sighed bringing out my phone from the bag…I dialed Kayden’s number again.
It’s switched off.

I sighed, worriedly and dropped my phone into the bag.

The bus stopped, I got out of the bus and started walking.
It’s just a few minutes walked to Kayden’s Mansion.

I got to his Mansion and saw his driver.
“Good morning” I greeted him.

” Good morning ma’am” he answered.

” Is Kayden in? I asked.

” Yeah” he said nodding his head.

I smiled.
Kayden is fine…maybe he misplaced his phone.

I got to the door and pressed the door bell.
I smiled walking for him to open the door.

I can’t wait to see him.

I was really worried about him.

I pressed the door Bell again.
He opened the door.

I smiled and hugged him tightly.
” I was worried about you” I said.

I noticed he didn’t hugged me back, I broke the hug and look at him.

” What’s wrong? I asked touching his cheek.

He stare at me without saying anything.

” Kayden, is something wrong? Tell me” I said staring at me.

He removed my hand from his cheek and walked away.

I was surprised by his attitude.
What’s is wrong with him?

I followed him.
I got to the sitting room and saw mum and his dad.

My eyes widened in shock.
” What is she doing here?

” What are they doing here?

” Brianna” mum called as tears rolled down her cheek.

I stare at her then Kayden.
I could see the hurts in his eyes.

He found out the truth?

” Kayden I..

” Why didn’t you tell me Brianna? I asked lowly as tears welled up in his eyes.

” I….I..

” Why didn’t you tell me Brianna? He yelled.

I shivered as tears welled up in my eyes.
” Brianna, why didn’t you tell me that Bella is your mum? Why did you keep it away from me? He asked as tears rolled down his cheek.


” Tell me Brianna.” He yelled and smashed a vase on the floor.

My eyes widened in shock as the glass shattered into pieces.

” What can you say about this? He Asked showing a photo of mum and I.

We took the picture on my on birthday when I was seven.


” You can’t deny it Brianna…why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to me? He cried.

Tears rolled down my cheeks.
” I love so much Brianna and I trusted you but you? You didn’t trust at all” he yelled in tears

” That’s is not true…I trust you so much” I said.

” It’s a lie…if you trust me then why didn’t you tell me, she is your mum?

” I didn’t want to hurt you”

” Really?

” Yeah”

” But now? What did you do?

Tears gushed out of my eyes.
” You watched me insult your mother every day”

” Yeah, that is because she deserved it…she deserve it. What kind of mother will leave her own child with her father and run to another man because of money…” I yelled in tears.

” She left me…even when I pleaded with her…she refused to listen to me..even I hate her so much” I said angrily.

“Brianna, I lost my mother because of your mum…I lost the most precious thing in my life because of your own…she killed my mother..and you? You are the daughter of a murderer” he said coldly.

My eyes widened.
” When I got to know the truth, my heart shattered into pieces… I felt hurt and betrayed by you Brianna… I thought you are the only one left for Me but it’s not true I have no one left for me..”

” I have no one” he yelled as tears rolled down from his cheek.

” Am sorrounded by Liars” he said coldly.

Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollable.
My heart ache.
” Am…am sorry Kayden…am sorry I kept all of these away from you…am just scared of you getting hurt…I didn’t want to hurt you” I cried.

” For how long did you intend to hide it away from me? For how long? He yelled.

” Kayden you…

” Don’t you dare touch me” he yelled at his father.

” I love you Brianna but right now? My heart ache a lot..I don’t think I want to see or talk to you…I will prefer if you leave me Alone…I want everyone to leave me alone”

” Kayden…I..

” Please leave Brianna… please” he said not looking me.

I walked to him with tears streaming down my cheeks.
” Kayden ” I called trying to touch him.

” Don’t touch me” he said turning his back at me.

I hugged him from behind and with tears streaming down my cheeks.

” Brianna…I don’t want to hurt you” he said removing my hands from his body.

He turned and held my cheek.
” I love you so much Brianna…but..” he said looking into my eyes.

” I can’t continue with this” he said walking away.

” Kayden… Kayden” I called following him.

He got into the car with his driver.
” Kayden…please” I plead hitting the cat glass.

The driver drove off.

” Kayden…I love you so much…. please…am Sorry” I said breaking down in tears.

I sat down on the floor with tears gushing of my eyes.

I didn’t want to hurt him.
But now?
He is hurt.

I didn’t mean to hide it from him.
Am really sorry Kayden.

I cried.

I felt someone touched my shoulder.

I looked up and saw her.
” Don’t touch me” I yelled standing up.

” It’s all because of you…it’s all because of you that all of these is happening”

” You have succeeded is ruining my happiness…are you happy now? I yelled as tears rolled out of my eyes.

” Brianna, my daughter”

” Am not your daughter, I hate you so much” I said with gritted teeth.

” What kind of a woman are you? What kind of a wife are you? What kind of a mother are you? I yelled.

” A woman who ruins another woman’s happiness. A wife who ruins her husband happiness and left him broken..A mother who ruins her daughter happiness and left her shattered in pains” I said.

” You are not worthy to be called a woman, you are not worthy to be called a wife and you are not worthy to be called a mother” I spat angrily.

She gasped with her eyes widened.

” I hate you so much, Bella Lucas” I said walking away.

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