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One And Only Kiss Episode 39-40

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💋💋 one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 39 & 40

Theme: Reunion of the Twin

Lennox smiled on seeing Collins.

“What is happening here?” Unknown asked as he approaches where Lennox stood

“Sir, you can’t imagine that this young boy is scaring me with his wolf like structure, he does not know that I have prepared for everything . I know he will convert to wolf today and his pack might come for him”Lennox said and giggled

” So this boy is very dumb, he does not realize that just one spell will make him loose his wolf or whatever has taken over him” Unknown said and sat on the chair

Collins was still panting heavily , but he was more scared because they do not even show any sign of fear

“Dad, he has changed right” Bella’s voice sounded from the room

“Yes my daughter” Lennox replied still smiling

He also took a sit

Bella got to the living rook where Collins was in his wolf like structure

“Sincerely, I thought you are smart Collins, you broke the door of the ancient block and you think we are not prepared for your change at night, sincerely, I just do not know how people think shallowly ” Bella said and sat beside Lennox

The twenty four were wolves broke the door and entered, they saw their Alpha backing Feathers

” They rushed at once at Bella, Bella stretched one single silver knife at them and they all moved back. They knew that even though they had all the strength to pounce on Bella and the two men with her , just a silver knife would do. The werewolves do not want to loose any pack

Collins walked out with Feathers on his back like an Elephant walking towards his comfort zone

“Dad, they are going” Bella said

“Leave them my daughter, they are very dangerous in their wolf like form, they are still under your spell , once you get to school tomorrow, just tell them to follow you” Lennox said .

“I really wish we can cast a spell on all of them” Bella said

“They are in their supernatural form, our spell can never work on them” Lennox said

“I guess I’ve not read that part yet among the scrolls you gave me” Bella said .

“Yeah, the only thing that can scare them away is the silver knife , that was why Unknown advised everyone of us to sleep with a silver knife yesterday” Lennox said

“Now I understand” Bella said and walked back to her room.

She slept off

Josh watched the were wolves walked outside and matched away. He saw the strongest among them backing somebody out. He hope that the person will be Feathers .

It’s morning already, he needs to dress and prepare for school. He didn’t sleep for a whole night because of his friend. He went back home, dressed and went to school


Josh got to school and saw Collins and Feathers talking to themselves beside class 4

“What are they doing there?” Josh thought and walked there swiftly

As soon as they saw Josh, they set their gaze on Josh.

Josh wondered why they suddenly set their gaze on him

“Please, we want to see Bella, she is our master, please bring her here, we are always longing to serve her” Feathers said

Collins nodded cus he understands that they were talking under the influence of Bella’s spell

After the werewolves got to the forest, by 5:0clock am, they all transformed to a normal human being , the spell left Collins in his supernatural form but had effect on him as a normal human being. Feathers also had not being free from spell

Josh knew at once that Bella had casted a spell on them.

Mary and Owen had just arrived to school and departing to their various classes

Mary saw Feathers and Josh and one other guy that he has not recognized .

She walked closer to them

“What is happening here” Mary asked no one in particular

She asked that question when she noticed they all stood like something strange is happening

“Collins and Feathers are under Bella’s spell” Josh said pathetically

He was pained that he didn’t have any power to deliver Feathers and Collins from Bella’s spell

The only gift he has is interpreting dreams and time travelling

Feathers raised his head and saw Mary, Feathers didn’t see Mary, he saw himself

At once, something like a scale of blindness fell from his eyes, his understanding got brightened, he came back to himself and he got free from Bella’s spell

He blinked his eye and rubbed his eye .

He tried to remember all that had happened in the past 24 hours , then he realized that he had being spelled by Bella

Gentle tears dropped like a light rain dropping from the sky on his face

Josh moved closer to him and hugged him when he noticed that it’s obvious that his friend his free

“You were spelled by Bella” Josh said still hugging Feathers

Feathers sniffed

“I know ” He replied

They disengaged from the hug

“My understanding got brightened when I saw Mary, I actually wasn’t seeing Mary when I stared at her, I was seeing myself” Feathers said audibly

“Same thing that happened to me on the day Bella spelled me. You are indeed my brother, Seven had confirmed it too. ” Mary said Tears formed in her eyes , she was happy to know that her twin brother is Feathers and everything that happened has confirmed that they are twin

“I Love you brother” Mary said and hugged Feathers

Mary cried and more tears dropped from her eyes

“I Love you more sister” Feathers replied sullenly

Josh cried gently and smiled at the same time, he used his handkerchief to clean the little tears on his eyes

To be continued

💋💋 one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 40

Theme: Let us go to Jeonju Hanok

“Please take me to Bella” Collins said

Feathers and Mary disengaged

They all looked at Collins and felt sorry for him, it’s obvious he was still under a spell.

“How do we help Collins ” Feathers asked no one in particular

Josh sighed and looked at Mary to see if she has a way out

“Collins is a werewolf, there is must be a way out” Josh said and brought out his phone. He dialed his father’s number

“Hello son”Josh Father’s voice sounded

“Hi dad, my friend who happens to be a werewolf is under a spell, did you know what we can do” Josh asked

“Yeah” Josh’s dad responded

“Please tell me dad” Josh pleaded

“Tell him to go back to where he transforms always , let him try to transform like it was night, the spell will leave him” Josh Father said

“Thank you sir” Josh replied and ended the call

“He knows what we can do right?” Mary asked

Josh nodded

“We need to take Collins back to where he transforms” Josh said

“Just that, I know the forest, I have being there before ” Feathers said

“We will have to inform the school authority before we leave” Mary said

Josh left them and hurried to the secretary to the principal’s office

“Sir, please, I wanna go somewhere with my friends ” Josh pleaded

“Name them?” The secretary said

“Feathers, Mary and Collins” Josh replied

The secretary scribbled their names inside a sheet of book

“Josh, I know you are a serious type, please let this be the last time you will take permission in this semester” The secretary said

Josh nodded

The secretary handed the permission letter to leave the school premises to him, it contains the names of his friends as well.

He went out to meet his friends . They all headed out and went to the Forest

“Collins, try to transform” Josh said while Feathers and Mary watched

“I can’t , I can only do that at night” Collins said

“I know you can’t but try, you’re under a spell and for you to be free , all you have to do is just try to transform” Josh said

Collins nodded and took some steps back

He bent like a dog and opened his mouth wide, he let out the wolf ability in him, his bones began to crack like it will break, his neck began to twist like he will die

“It’s very painful” Collins said and stopped

Josh moved closer to him

“Collins, I know it’s painful, but this is the only way for you to be free from the spell of Bella, try , don’t give up” Josh encouraged Collins

Collins nodded.

He roared again and his whole body shook , he wanted the wolf in him to express itself fully but that only happens at night, he tried without giving up for minutes until he fell and lost consciousness

Josh, Feathers and Mary ran towards him

“What happened to him” Mary asked in fear while Feathers and Josh squatted beside him silently observing him

After few seconds, Collins opened his eye and they all welcome him with a smile

He smiled too and recollected how he had being behaving all this while

“You were spelled by Bella” Feathers said

“I know, I’m happy I’m free now, thanks to you all” Collins said

Josh stood up and held Collin’s stretched palm. He pulled Collins up and they all smiled

“Now we know that Bella is our common enemy, if we do not act fast this time, she might play a fast one on us again” Feathers said

“True! Let’s just do the next thing now ” Josh said

“Which is?” Mary asked

“The two of you are blessed with supernatural ability, but you will never be able to use it unless you read the scrolls , and the scrolls you will read is at Asia in Korea at Jeonju Hanok Village ” Josh said

“So we going there ” Feather said

“You have to book the next available flight to Korea, till then you are not going back to school neither are you gonna sleep in your house

,you better sleep in an anonymous hotel till you move to Korean” Josh said

” I will like to follow you guys” Collins said

“No, I won’t follow them either, just the two of them, I’m just gonna give then the address of the place , they will read the scrolls there and uncover how to use their power” Josh said

Collins nodded

“Let’s move now” Feathers said and Mary jumped on Feathers back abruptly

Feathers who was not expecting anything like that staggered to the front like he will fall

He turned at Mary

“A brother that can not piggy back his sister, what kind of brother is that” Mary teased

Feathers chuckled

“A sister that wants to push his brother to the floor just because she wants piggy baking , what kind of sister is that” Feathers teased back

Mary rushed at him and held his wrist

Feathers jerked

“Scared brother”Mary said and they both walked hand in hand out of the place

The got to a junction where everyone will depart

Josh scribbled some words inside a jotter, he tore that very sheet he wrote words in and gave it to Mary

” this is the address of the hut of Power at Asia, please be safe. Collins and I will go to my father now to ask of how we can protect ourselves from the spell of Bella till u come back from Korean. More so, we need to protect Owen” Josh said

“Please do , I do not want anything to happen to Owen and I hope that Bella will not kiss her before we come back” Mary said

“Do not worry, Collins is in Owen’s class, he will protect Owen, we will do everything in our capacity to protect Owen” Josh promised and Collins nodded

“I will miss Owen” Mary said pathetically

“And me? Aren’t u suppose to miss me too” Josh teased

“She won’t , are you her…” Feathers said and paused. He winked at Josh

Josh and Collins giggled

Feathers chuckled

“Her what? complete it now” Mary said like a kid and slap Feathers by his shoulder

“Guys, we are going” Josh said and took some steps away with Collins

“See you guys, thanks” Feathers said

“Thanks” Mary shouted

Feathers and Mary held themselves like brothers and sisters and went to Seven’s place

Seven welcomed them

“Dad, Meet Feathers your son” Mary said

Feathers frowned his face immediately. He disliked Seven for giving him out

Seven moved closer to Feathers

“Son, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for giving you out, I always wish to stay by you every now and then, but I do not want to bring curse on any of u, I know I made a mistake when I was young by foolishly engaging in a spiritual covenant with someone that later betrayed me ” Seven said with a pathetic face

“And even after my adopted parent die, you can’t come for me, I lived as an orphan for may years of my life” Feathers said and bowed his head

Even though he did not like Seven for how he treated him, he still respect him for whatever reason he himself can not place

“Forgive me son, I’m so sorry” Seven pleaded

“Who am I to hold grudge against my biological father, I forgive you father” Feathers said and hugged Seven

Seven received the hug .They disengaged after few seconds

“Sit down my son, I’m happy to have you back, what would you like to eat?” Seven asked

“Dad, you saw us around this time of the day when we are suppose to be in school and you did not ask why we left school” Mary said

“Welcoming my lost son is the right thing for me to do at this time” Seven said and quickly went to the fridge to get some drinks for Feathers

Feathers honourable received it with a bowed head and smiled after he had gulped in the drink

Seven sat looking at Feathers happily .

“Dad, if you won’t ask, I will tell you cus I know you are overwhelmed with your lost son that is back already, dad, you know that Feathers and I had supernatural powers but we will never know how to use unless we visit the hut of power at Asia, in Korea” Mary said

Seven listened to every word of Mary

“What do you want to do now, my supernaturally endowed children?” Seven teased

Mary chuckled

“Dad, we are taking the next available flight and travelling to Jeonju Hanok village in Korean where the hut of power is located” Mary said

“I will miss you, as long as you are going there for the good of it. Good luck” Seven said

Mary was surprised at how her father was easily giving in to all her sayings

“Did he know all this before ?” Mary thought


Mary and Feathers booked the next available flight and traveled to Jeonju Hanok village at Korea to where the hut of power is located.

To be continued

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