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One And Only Kiss Episode 37-38

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💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 37 & 38

Theme: Save Feathers


Some minutes before


Mary was driving home with Owen, they were vibing with the music that was buzzing from the media player of the car

“You like the song?” Mary asked

Owen nodded

Mary kept miming the song with that of the artiste

She stopped singing abruptly

“Owen, did I inform you that Feathers came to me, he said some confusing words such as him being my twin, even though I ignored him and made him felt like he did not know what he was saying, but his words kept ringing heavily in my heart. I do not know where he got the information from but I think I need to speak to my dad and ask him some questions” Mary said

“It’s alright” Owen said in sign language

“Just that, is that all you are gonna say?” Mary said and stole few glances at Owen who was not replying anymore . As she drives , she noticed that Owen show little or no concern about what she just said

In as much as he doesn’t have problem with her going to her father. Mary made a left turn and drove towards her house

Owen was enjoying the music that he did not know when they got to Mary’s house

They both entered and Seven welcomed them

They sat

“Welcome, I wasn’t expecting you cus you never informed that you are gonna come” Seven said

“Yeah, true. Dad, something came up” Mary said

“Tell me, I’m all ears” Seven replied

“Dad, am I a twin?” Mary asked

Seven’s hearts felt like running out of his body. He knew that a normal human being wouldn’t have found out his long hidden secrete

For his daughter to ask this , she must have heard it from a spiritual somebody

“Mary , you are a twin” Seven said coldly

“Really, where is my twin?” Mary asked

“Lennox said you will be cursed if I do not give your twin brother to an orphanage or a barren couple” Seven said

Mary sighed

“Dad! Anyways, where can I find him? What’s his name?” Mary asked

“I do not know where he is please, bear with me , his father and mother fought and killed themselves , ever since then, he had being living with a Nanny. i visited him many years ago. His name is Feathers” Seven said

“Is name is what?” Mary asked loudly

“Sorry, Is anything wrong with the name?” Seven asked, surprised at Mary’s outburst

“Feathers was the one that told me that he is my twin brother , that was why I chose to come to you to ask you when his word got stuck to my head” Mary said

Seven wondered how Feathers found out

“So, you are also the father of Feathers” Mary said

Seven nodded and bowed his head

A surge of guilt ran across his whole being when he realized how he had despised his very own son for years. Even after his adopted parents die, Isn’t he suppose to bring in Feathers and take good care of him, yet he still despise him

Mary walked closer to her Father

“Dad, but why would you do that?” Mary said already feeling sorry for his Father

” Lennox said If I do not do , you will be cursed, I do not want you to be cursed like Owen, that was why I made that reckless decision” Seven said

Mary nodded trying hard to understand all that his Father meant

Anyways, seven is his Father, it’s gonna be a great reunion between Feathers and his Father

But one more thing is confusing to her, how did Feathers find out

She must find out how Feathers knew about her Fathers deep secrete


Bella searched every rooms in the house , she couldn’t find Owen and Mary.

She was frustrated and she sank to chair in the living room

That was the time Mary and Owen went to Seven’s house.

She waited for a while and she left without closing the doors

Owen and Mary came in some minutes later and found that the door to the house are opened and the doors to the rooms are widely opened

They got scared and they knew that something strange had happened.

“We can’t sleep here this night” Owen said in sign language

“Yeah, we better go back to Dad’s place” Mary said.

They closed the entrance door only , stepped inside Mary’s car and drove to Seven’s place

Seven was surprised to see them, they explained what they saw in Owen’s house to Seven, there was only one single room left apart from the room that Seven was sleeping.

He ask if they can sleep in the same room to which Mary quickly nodded to.

Owen and Mary lay side by side on the bed silently

Seven went to his room to sleep


Bella went home. She explained all that happened to Lennox.

“I think we need to know who Mary’s twin is” Bella said

“I found out already, Unknown told me after he had conjured a lot of spells” Lennox said

“Who is he?” Mary asked

.”According to what Unknown tells me, he bears Feathers, and we need to take him down immediately” Lennox said

“Feathers! He is in my school, he is my crush, I can’t hurt him” Mary said

“You will have to bring him here. As a matter of fact, I have his address here with me, all you will have to do is cast a spell on him and bring him here, we will not hurt him” Lennox said

“Dad, nothing must happen to Feathers please” Bella pleaded

“Do not worry, we are not evil, we are only trying to protect our temple” Lennox said

Bella nodded.

Lennox handed him the address of Feathers house

It was late already, but Bella had to go. After all , she is doing it for the Temple. The temple is an ancient temple and she can never allow the Temple to crumble.

She must kiss Owen and make sure that Owen can not speak again, that is the only thing that can secure the temple

But many people are beginning to surface , they are people who stands as obstacle in accomplishing her mission, she needs to deal with them first so she can easily kiss Owen and finally secure her Father’s temple

She drove to the address given to her by her Father . she entered Feathers house at 11 :58 pm

Feathers had just finished typed an episode of his story , he was editing it when he noticed someone enter

“Who could that be?” Feathers thought and turned his head towards the entrance

He saw Bella

Bella casted a spell on Feathers and Feathers forgot about himself

He didn’t sleep, he did not faint , he did not fall, but he did not know what he was doing again

Bella signaled for him to come over and he went to meet Bella like a sheep about to be slaughter.

Bella smiled and pecked him at his cheek

“Feathers I’m sorry, but I have to do this” Bella said and held Feathers by her hand , she pulled him to the car and Feathers sat on Bella’s front car sit like like a dummy

Bella drove off


Collins prefers to stay in the forest at night cus that is when he always transform into a werewolf. If he stays in his house, he might ended up harming people and everyone will know that he is a werewolf, he did not want that. So he prefers to come to the forest at night. he came as a human around 11:48pm to the forest. His hair begins grow into wolf-like form, he becomes a creature that resembles a very hairy man with claws and fangs.

He was roaming round the forest at night and everywhere was boring to him, he decided to take a stroll outside the forest. He sat beside a tied road behind a tree, no one could see him but he was peeping behind the tree watching every car that pass.

He was enjoying nice and pleasant views in the street of America

Bella kept driving, her car suddenly loosed energy to move. She parked it and wondered what had happened to the car’s velocity.

Her car was parked right beside where Collins sat enjoying a nice view

Collins saw a lady parked her car.

Bella checked the car parts and was irritated at the car for stopping at this time of the night

“Feathers, come down , come and check if you know what is happening to this car” Bella yelled cus she was frustrated for how the car stopped abruptly

Feathers came out like a dummy to meet Bella

Collins listened very well and he knew at once that the lady was Bella and the guy he called was the Feathers that won the debate with Mary.

That same Feathers and his friend chose to believe Bella over him

“Hope this girl is not planning anything evil for Feathers” Collins thought

Feathers opened the car’s bonnet and was staring at it. He did not know what to do there, after all, he is nor a mechanic. He just had to obey Bella

“Why are you standing staring at it” Bella said angrily and pushed Feathers away from the front bonnet, Feathers fell into the empty but neat gutter beside the road.

Bella closed the front Bonnet angrily and folded her hand thinking so hard of what to do

Feathers came out from the gutter and stood in front of Bella. He lowered his head

Collins knew at once that Feathers can not be so dumb to be pushed away easily and yet stand up and bow his head like a servant does to his master

“This Bella of a witch must have casted an evil spell on Feathers, I need to help him” Collins said

Collins flew from behind the tree and landed angrily before Bella

To be continued

💋💋one and only kiss💋💋

Meenah writes ✍️

Episode 38

Theme: Help has come

Collins roar fiercely at Bella, Bella staggered back and panted heavily in fear of what she saw.

Collins kept breathing fiercely, Feathers remained still, he wasn’t afraid of death neither was he afraid of the werewolf in front of him. He was not just himself.

Collins held Feathers with his fang and pulled him to the forest.

Bella stood still in fear, she reasoned immediately and she remembered when she heard Collins telling Owen that he is a werewolf.

Bella sighed and recovered herself. She stared at the forest and smiled.

“I’m will ensure that I teach this Collins a lesson, more so, I can’t go back home and inform Lennox that Feathers had being taken away from me” Bella thought and abandoned her car, she entered the forest in search of Collins and Feathers.

She has decided not to go back to Lennox until she found Collins and Feathers.

She walked through the forest and search for hours, she couldn’t find them.

She decided to stay beside the pathway that lead to the exit of the forest. She knew that they must pass that place when going out.

5:0 clock am

Collins transformed back to a normal human being, Feathers was still under a spell. Collins held him and hoped that Bella would have gone out of the forest

Bella who had being hunting actively for them saw two people coming towards the exit of the forest, she lay ambush for them until they got to where she hide.

She came out and smirked, looking at Collins furiously

Collins was surprised to see her, he thought she had gone. Collins was ready to defend Feathers no matter what it cost.

“Sefradailis arisun quiqui
Burodat gerus gerus an
Nus fas fat nus fas fat”
Bella casted a spell and a soft wind blew across Collins face, he tried with all his might not to loose himself but he did. Same thing that happened to Feathers happened to him.

Bella smirked

“Am I evil? No, I am not. I’m very sure of that. Lennox had said he would not hurt them, since they are serving as obstacles presently, it is good that they are being dealt with for the main time so I can easily accomplish my mission” Bella thought and tried to encourage herself that what she did is alright.

“Follow me” Bella commanded Feathers and Collins.

They followed Bella inside the car.

Around 4pm, Feathers had invited a mechanic to her car for proper servicing. The car has started functioning

Bella drove to Lennox place

Bella stepped down and informed Collins and Feathers to do the same. They obliged and followed Bella inside

“Dad, this is Feathers, the twin brother of Mary. This other one is Collins, he is a werewolf, he was trying to use his power to protect Feathers” Bella said to Lennox.

“Alright, we gonna keep them inside the temple, the only person to be brought here now is Mary right?” Lennox asked

“Yes dad, once I successfully bring Mary here, then it will be extremely easy for me to kiss Owen” Bella said

Lennox nodded and signaled for Feathers and Collins to follow him to the temple, they obliged. Lennox locked the two of them inside a room he calls ‘Ancient block’.

Bella relaxed and slept for few hours, she dressed and went to school

That day was the happiest day of her life

‘Just to get Mary and I’m done” Bella thought and the thought alone made her happy


Owen and Mary who lay side by side on the bed , they maintained the distance between them from the time they slept till the time they woke

They woke , dressed, inform Seven that are leaving for school, Seven bade them good bye and Mary drove to school with Owen


The labour prefect got to school and he couldn’t find his friend, he waited till it was time for the assembly, he was scared that something might be hindering Feathers from coming.
Feathers is not a type that skips school, he doesn’t joke with school and to top it all, he is the class representative, the class captain.

Josh, who is the labour prefect, he waited till the assembly was over, he still hasn’t seen Feathers .

He knew that Feathers is in a very deep spiritual battle based on the dream he read in his diary.

He wrote a letter of excuse to the secretary to the principal after the assembly demanding for his permission to leave the school premises based on the fact that he couldn’t see his closest friend and he will like to check up on him.

The secretary to the principal gave him an instant permission cus she knows that the Labour prefect is a serious type.

Josh was happy that his permission to leave the school premises was granted. He walked outside the school premises with the letter of permission to leave the school premises in his hand

He took an available cab and went to Feathers house.
Feathers had stopped living with his nanny for some three years ago.

He now lives alone.

Josh noticed that Feathers door wasn’t closed .

He entered his house and searched everywhere , still he couldn’t see Feathers

His heart skipped and fear engulfed him

He gulped in saliva and blinked.

He liked Feathers so much, they had being friend since their first week at Kingston high school.

Josh leaned on the dinning table in Feathers house and thought of what to do.

He remembered that he saw Owen and Mary at the assembly hall.

His mind suddenly drifted to Bella. He did not trust Bella. Nevertheless, Bella came to school

What should he do now. He walked to and fro in Feather’s house.

“The dragon and his daughter. A man and his daughter” That word in Feather’s dream rang in his ears.

He knew at once that the dragon and his daughter must have come for O

“Okay, who is this dragon and who is the daughter” Josh thought

The closest person Josh can suspect is Bella.

“Why should I suspect an innocent girl, but who else would I have suspected? Huh? ” Josh thought and kept thinking

“What if Bella is the daughter and her Father is the dragon?” Josh thought

“No, it can’t be” He thought again

” yes it can , I saw her with my eyes holding a silver knife ready to kill her class mate, yes! I know what to do” Josh thought and went back to school.

All the times the teacher was teaching in class, Josh mind wasn’t there. He was just praying for them to close

The bell for closing time rang

Josh saw Mary carrying her bag pack ready to leave the class

Josh walked to her place

“Mary, hi, You did not ask of Feathers” Josh accused Mary

“I’m sorry, but I have a lot on my mind right now” Mary said

“Will you listen to me , Feathers had being kidnapped by the dragon and his daughter , I’m still searching for him, either you believe it or not, he is your twin brother. And if I may tell you, you are the next target” Josh said and waited for Mary’s reply

Mary arced her brow in surprise

“Yes! Dad confirmed it yesterday, but I’m not ready to tell him yet, that was why I did not even ask of him, who is the dragon, and where could Feathers be ?” Mary questioned

Bella entered

Bella came to the class to cast a spell on Mary so her mission can be almost complete.

“Bella is coming near, just leave , she might want to do something evil” Josh said

Mary quickly slung her bag pack across her shoulder and walked out

Bella saw her going and called Mary. Mary didn’t wait, she walked swiftly outside. Bella ran and caught up with her.

Josh ran towards Bella and pushed her .

Bella staggered .
Mary realized that Owen might still be in danger , she didn’t want anything to happen to Owen. She ran back to Owen’s class. She ordered Owen to follow her to her car, Owen obliged and she drove to Seven’s place with her car.

“You have the gut to make that b***h escape from my venom” Bella said to Josh

Josh realized that he is not safe. He ran away from Bella. Bella smirked .

She entered and drove home.

Josh took a cab and traced her to her house.

Josh lay ambush around Bella’s house till it was mid night.

He was scared to enter Bella’s house cus he knows that they are powerful people

But he had decided to stay around the house till better idea comes to his head .

12:0 clock am

That is the time Collins changes to a werewolf.

Don’t forget that Collins is an alpha. That implies he is the leader of a pack(sets) of were wolf

His pack had waited for him in the forest and they all perceived that something evil has happened to their Alpha(leader)

Twenty four werewolf left the forest at night in search of their leader . They were sniffing and searching Collins with his smell.

The walked towards Bella’s house and his smell became strong

The twenty four werewolf knew at once that they had entrapped their leader there .

They were furious and ready to release their alpha (leader)

Collins had transformed into his werewolf, he angrily opened the door that was locked on him and Feathers.

He carried Feathers on his back and groaned out load as he came out ready to devour Bella and Lennox.

Josh who was outside saw Many werewolf approaching

“This is strange” He thought and find a place beside the house to hide.

Lennox heard the groan of a werewolf.

He came out of his room and saw everywhere scattered

Collins who was backing Feathers appeared to Lennox furiously

The heavy sounds of the werewolf outside the house filled the ear of Lennox

To be continued

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