April 11, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 5

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❤(its all starting again )❤
🌹(when the rich fall for the poor )🌹
Written by bella writes😊😊😊
SEASON 2(episode 5)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭melanie pov 💭
I dont know why but i felt so safe in his arms

It feels like this is not my first time in these stranger arms

What is wrong with me,i dont know who he is and here i am holding unto him like some lost puppy

I gently pulled out of his embrace…

“Are you okay now?”he said

“Yes i am,thanks for saving me”i said starring at him

I saw him looking at me weirdly,he moved towards me and held my cheek

“Melanie”he said again as he used both his hand to frame my cheek

I still dont know how he knew my name,it was him calling my name that got me scared and tripped me

“Whats going on here”on hearing francis voice,i quickly moved away from him

I went straight to him and stood beside him

The stranger turned and gave me one last look before looking at francis

It was then that i saw the resemblance amongst the two men

“Hello francis”the stranger said starring at him

“Alex ,oh sorry i mean your highness”francis said as he wanted to bow but alex stopped him and pulled him into a hug instead

“Its so good to have you home”he said starring at me

I felt shivers running through my body as i starred back at him

I dont know why but i felt that have seen him before,i cant remember when or how but i feel that have seen him somewhere before

He let go of francis and francis pulled me to him

“Meet my fiancée melanie rosemund”francis said

“Melanie……..”he called my name the same way he did before…..

I was about bowing when he stopped me by pulling me to him and hugging me

I dont know why but i suddenly felt my heart beating fast and quickly i pulled out of his arms

“Am glad that you came home francis,its time for you to meet dad”alex said leading francis into the house

The guards and escourts followed us and i found myself starring at the house

Feels like have been here before but that is impossible right,mom made it clear to me that we never left home to travel anywhere,so why am i feeling this way

What terrifies me the most is the king himself,why did my heart beat so fast when i hugged him a while ago,i thought to myself

We got to a room and francis walked towards me

“You would have to wait here love,we three have to talk”he said

“Fine then,i would be waiting”i said

He gave me a kiss and out of the corner of my eyes,i saw him starring at us

Together they went in and i went to stand by the window,thinking about everything that just happened a while ago

If it hadnt been for the king,i would have fallen off the balcony and i would be…….no i shouldnt think about that

Its just me being paranoid as always,have never been here before and have never seen the king before,so i better face what i came here for and that is to support francis

“Who are you?”on hearing a lady voice behind me,i turned only to see a girl starring at me

“This cant be,it cant be”she said as she moved back

“Your highness,your highness”i heard the maid calling her

“What’s wrong”i said moving towards her but she moved back again

“Your a ghost,a….a ghost,dont come bear me,dont!!!!”she yelled and fainted

I quickly went to her holding her “call for help”i said to the maid who were all scared….

Why is everyone behaving this way,i thought as i starred at the unconcious queen in my arms

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