April 14, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 4

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❤(its all starting again)❤
🌹(when the rich fall for the poor)🌹
Written by bella writes☺☺☺
SEASON 2 (episode 4)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
I sat in the plane beside francis,i still cant believe that am on a plane with him heading to the states

I kept on wondering what he said to mom

When i had woken up from my coma and i had gone back home with her

She hardly ever let me do anything or go anywhere

I had been sure that mama wouldnt let me go but Francis managed to convince her

I smiled as i starred at the sleeping guy beside me

I knew i had made the right choice by falling for him,he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and am sure that with him beside me he would always protect

“If you keep on starring at me like that,i would have to kiss you “he said suddenly and i found myself smiling

One thing i like about francis is that he is always alert,ready for anything and anyone

“Then do kiss me,you havent kissed me throughout today”i said

He opened his eyes and starred at me,he gently bent his head and kissed me and as always i felt so happy being kissed by him

His phone rang and he picked it up for a while he spoke into it and then cut the call

“You arent suppose to use your phone on the plane?”i said

” i know but i just had to answer the call,its my cousin guard,he just called to let me know that they would be the one to take us to the palace,that he wouldnt be there”francis said looking a bit angry

“Well its okay if he sent his guards to……”

“Its not okay,cant you see that he thinks low of me,am not worthy enough for him to come and welcome me “he said

“Dont think that way francis”i said gently trying to pacify him

“I swear i will make him regret all of it”

“Francis it doesnt have to result to that,”i said

“His dad took everything from me melanie,i am suppose to be on that throne not him”he said

“What ?”

“My father was the rightful prince to take the throne but due to my uncle greediness,he snatched the throne from him and now his son took over but i wont let that continue,cause my going there now will get me the throne and you will help me”he said starring at me

“Look Francis,i think that its best you calm down and…..”

“No melanie,give me a straight answer,will you help me,i took you with me to encourage me and also to give me your support”he said

“Of course,i will always give you my support”i said gently

“Thats good then,now that i have your support,the rest is left to me”he said smiling a bit

Never have i seen francis this way before,i kept on starring at him and he starred at me,on seeing the look,i gave him,he took my hand and smiled at me gently

“My love i need your support in all of this,please stay with me and fight with me”he said

“But i…..”

“Please my love,dont judge me,just fight with me”he said

“Okay,i will”i said and got rewarded with his kisses

Later that day we walked out of the airport into a hot blazing sun

I felt nostalgic,like have been here before but that is impossible,mom told me i grew up back home and i was hardly allowed to go out

“Is something wrong” francis said beside me

“No,its nothing”i said shaking my head

“Gooday your highness”the man that approached us said as he bowed to us

“Am his highness,royal guard,he has told us to come pick you both and bring you into the palace”he said

“Very well then take us to him”Francis said

I dont know why but i kept feeling somehow, like i was once here before and that this place meant something to me ……….could be wrong or could i be right,i thought as the car sped off

💭alex pov 💭
“This meeting is adjourned,right now,i need to be somewhere”i said to the ministers who were all starring at me

“But your highness,this is very important too”minister greg said

He has always disliked me being the king and have been finding a way to get me off the throne

But i never gave him the chance to

“Sorry everyone but the next meeting i have to be at needs me urgently too,so i would just have to go,till the next meeting”i said gently and then left the room

“Have they arrived”i said as to the head of my escourt as i got into the car

“Yes,right now they are being taken to the palace your majesty”he said

I felt quite nervous,this would be the first time i would be another relative of mine

I wonder how he is going to be like,i thought as the car stopped in front of the palace

I got down and was immediately engulfed by the royal escourts

“Where are they?”i said as i followed my guard

“I left them at the upper balcony your majesty”he said

“Fine then,i will go to them,please james,go get my parents and my wife,its time to introduce them to the family”i said

I hadnt told anyone that i was inviting francis and his fiance

I wanted it to be a surprise for dad,he hadnt been able to apologise to his brother but he could start now by making amend with his nephew,i thought as i got to the balcony

It was her soft voice that i heard first,she was singing a song and there was no denying that i knew that voice from somewhere

She had her back to me and i couldnt help but to admire her slender shape in the gown she wore

“Aaahhhh…….feels good”she said gently

I stood rigid,that voice,that voice sounded just like……..like

She turned at that moment and i knew that it was her

“Melanie”i said gently

She gave me a stare and moved back gently but she miscalculated her step and fell backwards and i quickly ran to her holding her hand

This is the same way i met my Melanie

“Just hold unto me”i said

“Dont let me go”she said as she starred at me

Those were Melanie exact words,i thought as i pulled her up

She was shaking and i found myself pulling her to me

Somehow i felt that she is my melanie but that is not possible,melanie is dead……….


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