April 14, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 3B

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❤(its all starting again)❤
🌹(when the rich fall for the poor)🌹
Written by bella writes☺☺☺
SEASON 2(epispde 3)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭francis pov 💭
“I got help from the king himself”melanie mother said as she stared at me

“So the king himself had help in destroying his son,tell me how”i said wanting to know more

“He prepared a corpse ,i dont know how he did it but he got a corpse and brought it to the hospital and then we got it buried and Melanie name put on it”she said

“With the money i got from him,i brought my daughter here and since then weve been living in hiding”

“Wow,you and the king planned it quite well and alex fell for it like a fool”he said

“Alex had no option because melanie did really die “she said

“What do you mean by that ?”i said

“For the few minutes that alex was with us at the hospital,Melanie had truly died but as luck would have it my daughter came back but she got into a coma,a coma which had last for two years,she woke up not remebering anything and i had thought of that as an opportunity,i made up so many lies just to cover up everything and it worked until you found out the truth,so francis she must not go back to that place,she would remember everything and i dont want that”

“I had made a vow to the king never to return with melanie and i plan to fufil my promise”she said

I stood by the window thinking about everything

And then an evil thought got into my head,if i want to get alex out of the throne,i have to take melanie back with me

She would be his weakness and distract him and i will use that opportunity and show the world that i am more better than him

That it should have been my father being the king and i the prince

Now that have been invited by my own cousin,i would just have to take Melanie with me

At least melanie wouldnt recognise him but he will and am sure that he would still want her

But she is inlove with me and i certainly wont let her be with him or him with her

But for the mean time,i would use Melanie to distract him and then get the throne

“Please francis,she cant go back to the states”her mother said

“Am sorry but melanie is coming with me”i said

“But she cant go,the king will be furious and would not like it”she said

“Its been seven years,seven years since you left ,no one would recognise her”i said

“But still i cant let her go,she might remember things”

“I promise you that i wont let that happen,”i said

She would be of no use if she remember,so i wouldnt let her remember a thing

“No francis i still cant,i wont let her leave”she said

“Then you leave me with no choice,its either she goes with me or i tell her the whole truth myself,melanie also suspect that you are keeping something hidden,what would she think of you,if i told her the whole truth”i said and i saw her go pale

“You wouldnt dare?”

“Try me,i just dont make threats for nothing”i said

“Fine then,you win,take her with you but if anything happens to her,i swear that i will kill you”she said

“No need to get all bitchy,have assured you that nothing bad would happen to her,her name would be changed and she is no longer the eighteen year old girl they knew so long ago,so my future mother inlaw calm down ,i wont want melanie crying over you”i said

“Just get out,i dont know why my daughter had to meet someone like you out of all the men in the world”she said

“Seems like she is destined to marry a prince afterall and that is me”i said

“Dont tell me that you…….”

“Yes i am a prince also,alex cousin to be precise,my father had suppose to be the one on the throne and i am suppose to be the king now,i should have met melanie first and i tell you ,our love story would have been the perfect one,i wouldnt have let go of melanie and i certainly would have fought for her”

“Now am going back there to meet my cousin and also my uncle taking with me the sweet Melanie “i said

“Not there francis,please dont take her there”

“They had lokked down on her,made her feel worthless and not enough for their lousy son but dont worry,i will make them eat back their word and i will take back my rightful place along with Melanie,that i promise you”i said as i walked off

I got outside to find melanie standing by the balcony

“So?”she said

“She has agreed”i said abd immediately she came to hug me

“thanks francis,i knew you could convince her “she said

“Thats because i love you and i want you with me always”i said

At least until i get to finish my plan,you would be a real asset to me,i thought to myself


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