April 17, 2021


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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 3

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❤(its all starting again)❤
🌹(when a rich fall for the poor )🌹
Written by bella writes🙂🙂🙂
SEASON 2 (episode 3)✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
💭melanie pov 💭
“Francis lets not say a thing to her,its best that i dont go”i said

“For how long will she keep on ruling your life Melanie,she hardly let you go out,if your out,she call you constantly,she treat you like your some sort of baby who cant watch over herself,well that ends now because you are my bride to be and anywhere i go,you come with me”he said

I sighed gently wishing with all my heart that this time mom would let me go with Francis

We got home and found mom in the sitting room

Mom is hardly ever in the sitting room,i wonder why she is sitted there,maybe she is just feeling lonely,afterall the house is so big that if we intend not to see each other for days,it would work

“My francis,what a lovely surprise “she said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek

“Out biking again,seems like i will have to take the bike from you”she said as she starred at my clothes

“Remember you bought it for me,so why complain now”i said feeling annoyed

“I just dont want you driving it all the time,i bought it for you because i felt you needed it and nothing more”she said

“Okay girls,its okay,remember we came here for something else melanie”Francis said

“What is that something else?”my mom said

“Am going back to the States and am taking Melanie there with me”he said

I saw the look of horror on mom face,she starred at francis,thinking it was some kind of joke but when she saw our serious expression ,she changed immediately

“My daughter is not going anywhere “she said

“See i told you right?”i said

“Why cant she go?”Francis said

“She just cant go okay,you can go by yourself ,Melanie isnt going anywhere”she said and went off to her study

“Just forget it francis,mom would never let me go”i said

He walked close to me and held my face

“You will come with me,just trust me okay”he said and gave me a kiss before going after my mom

💭francis pov 💭
Not bothering to knock the door,i went into the study after her

“Get out francis,i dont want to talk to you”i said

“Well i do and i wont leave until i get my answers”i said

For a while have been suspecting melanie mom,i knew she has a secret that she is hiding and i will find out today

” how dare you speak to me like that?”she said

“I will dare speak however i want,you were once a maid before,so am sure youve been talked to in this manner before”i said and i saw her go pale

For years she never told anyone about her past or about melanie past

She had even lied saying she is a rich heiress who just wants to live peacefully with her daughter

But those had all been lies because she was a maid and am sure that there is something she is hiding from everyone most especially melanie and i intend to find out

“Surprised right?your wondering how i know,well i know a lot about you”i said

“You know”she said as she sat on the chair

“Yes i do,and lets just say that am willing to keep shut only if you tell me what you are hiding from melanie”i said

“Am not hiding a thing”she said nervously

“You are and you better start talking”

“And what makes you think that i will tell you,for years now have been holding unto that secret and just because your my daughter fiance you think i will spill the bean,well no”

:”fine then you leave me no choice,i will find out the truth myself and if it concerns melanie,i will make sure sheknows the whole truth and one more thing,am taking melanie with me whether you like it or not”i said walking off

“Melanie must never know the truth?”she said and i stop in my track

“Okay fine ,i lied but i did it to protect my child “she said

“Am listening,start spilling out the bean”i said using the same words dhe used earlier

“Years ago Melanie had met and fell for the wrong guy,he was a prince and she the daughter of the maid”she said

“Wait a moment, you said she fell for a prince,who is this prince ?”

“Alex,alexander grand,he is currently the king “she said

And i felt my knees buckle,melanie had knew my cousin,had even fell for him before she met me

I felt so angry,first his dad took the throne which belonged to my dad abd he did the same to me,taking a seat that i should be the rightful heir to and as if that was not enough he had had Melanie love first

“His parents never approved of their love,most especially his father”

“He did everything possible to pull them apart and he suceeded”

“So melanie and alex had a relationship before,its all in the past now,why do you keep on preventing her from doing things?”

“Thats because they think she is dead,to every one of them melanie is dead”she said frustratedly


“Yes,due to the king determination to keep them apart,melanie and i left but alex found us again and while hevwas talking to her,she had an accident and was taken to the hospital”

“But she didnt die right?”

“Yes she didnt,i planned evrything”she said

“Am curious to know,how you did it,its simple to tell someone that the person he loves is dead but how did you get a body to convince him”i said

“I never did it alone,i got help from the……………”



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